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MAIN News Archives for October 2018

10/31 -  After chickenpox outbreak in private school, Buncombe health officials urge vaccinations
10/31 -  Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians to conduct cannabis feasibility study
10/31 -  Report: President Trump barely works at all
10/30 -  How 'Fox and Friends' warps the news for its most powerful viewer
10/30 -  New suspicious package addressed to CNN discovered at Atlanta post office
10/30 -  DeBruhl, candidate for Buncombe County sheriff, arrested on stalking charge
10/30 -  Trump fan convicted in terror plot asks judge to consider Presidential rhetoric
10/28 -  Stop trying to understand what Trump says and look at what his followers do
10/28 -  Trooper involved in crash at notorious Patton Avenue and Leicester Highway intersection
10/28 -  Day before Pittsburgh synagogue attack, new study showed a spike in online, anti-Semitic harassment
10/28 -  Donald Trump suggests Jews might secretly be committing anti-Semitic hate crimes on themselves so he looks bad
10/27 -  How Fox News tried to hide Cesar Sayoc's partisan leanings
10/27 -  BREAKING: Eight dead, others wounded in shooting at Pittsburgh synagogue
10/27 -  Donald Trump's ex-wife once said Trump kept a book of Hitler's speeches by his bed
10/27 -  Bomb-scare suspect Sayoc may have been in Asheville area in 2017
10/26 -  Measles raging in Europe because of anti-vaccine movement
10/26 -  Judge orders Betsy DeVos to begin student loan forgiveness
10/26 -  Bird scooters appear in Asheville, are immediately removed
10/26 -  Former Buncombe County official Creighton agrees to plea deal
10/25 -  Student loan crisis is about to become a catastrophe
10/25 -  Putin trumpets end of US world power, says Trump listens well
10/25 -  Judge temporarily blocks Georgia's 'Signature Match' law
10/25 -  Trump uses unsecured iPhone even though he's been told China, Russia are listening
10/24 -  Sea shells are dissolving in increasingly acidified oceans
10/24 -  Bigotry won't save the GOP this November
10/24 -  Trump's tax cuts were a dud, so he's made up new ones that don't exist
10/24 -  Unsafe dorm to be upgraded to safe condition at UNCA next month
10/23 -  Bible Museum admits some of its Dead Sea Scrolls are fake
10/23 -  US falls behind in 2040 life expectancy rankings
10/23 -  Trump orders postal privatization plans kept secret until after midterm elections
10/23 -  Counterterrorism official contradicts Trump: No sign ISIS or 'Sunni terrorist groups' are in caravan
10/22 -  Libertarian candidate for Buncombe County sherriff arrested on charge of stalking
10/22 -  Charlotte spent millions on low-income housing, but poor people can’t afford it
10/22 -  Injection of fracking wastewater caused Kansas' biggest earthquake
10/22 -  Trump admits cruelty was always the point of family separations
10/21 -  Why Trump supporters will believe anything he says
10/21 -  News deserts are expanding while democracy hangs in the balance
10/21 -  Multiple injuried after floor collapses at clubhouse in Clemson
10/20 -  Politicians say nothing, but US farmers are increasingly terrified by climate change
10/20 -  Western NC elections official out after 'salacious' Facebook post
10/20 -  Early voting turnout is high across NC and in mountains
10/20 -  More women running for office nationally, but WNC candidates not keeping pace
10/17 -  Demise of Sears shows what happens when you take Ayn Rand seriously
10/17 -  Supreme Court enables mass disenfranchisement of Native Americans
10/17 -  The legislature made unconstitutional changes to the NC elections board, judges rule
10/17 -  GOP targets Clinton in ads even though she’s not running for office
10/16 -  NC denied 99 percent of federal recovery funds for Hurricane Matthew damage
10/16 -  Rick Perry’s coal rescue runs aground at White House
10/16 -  Trump touts Saudi King's denial in journalist's disappearance
10/16 -  Proposed budget bill would have devastating effects on millions' Social Security benefits
10/14 -  Six shot at Spartanburg Cook Out restaurant
10/14 -  Nader: Democrats could still blow it
10/14 -  Trump praises Robert E. Lee during Ohio rally
10/13 -  FBI's Wray confirms White House limited Kavanaugh probe
10/13 -  Second major coal company closes during Trump administration
10/13 -  The Brett Effect: Kavanaugh and the craft beer industry
10/13 -  Trump family may owe 400 million USD unpaid tax bill
10/12 -  McConnell urges Democrats not to investigate Trump after midterms
10/12 -  More than 7.5 inches of rain soaks Old Fort in McDowell County
10/12 -  Texas purges thousands of voters to help Ted Cruz win re-election
10/11 -  Wreck along I-40 in McDowell County causes traffic delays
10/11 -  Chief Justice Roberts transfers Kavanaugh misconduct complaints to 10th Circuit
10/11 -  Soyuz rocket launch failure forces emergency landing for US-Russian Space Station crew
10/11 -  Trump, no longer ratings gold, loses his prime-time spot on Fox News
10/10 -  Restaurant worker shot during overnight robbery in Brevard
10/10 -  Republicans are advising Kavanaugh to sue his accusers
10/10 -  Trump owns a shrinking Republican party
10/10 -  New York's attorney general says Trump Foundation bankrolled political campaign, pursues lawsuit
10/09 -  As midterms approach, Republicans flee their anti-Obamacare past
10/09 -  Trump apologizes to Kavanaugh on 'behalf of our nation,' says judge 'proven innocent'
10/09 -  US budget deficit swells to 898 billion USD, topping forecast
10/08 -  Private jet crashes at Greenville SC airport; two reported dead
10/08 -  Citizens’ report shines light on NC role in CIA torture program
10/08 -  The real origins of the Religious Right are in segregation
10/08 -  Why you should vote against all six NC constitutional amendments on Election Day
10/07 -  European diplomats reportedly consider Trump a 'laughing stock' who is 'obsessed with Obama'
10/07 -  Asheville police investigating hit and run at Habitat for Humanity ReStore
10/07 -  Trump administration demands Facebook info on anti-Trump activists
10/07 -  The sad story of Lindsey Graham's transformation
10/07 -  Alleged political sign theft results in misdemeanor charge for UNCA professor
10/06 -  1.3M USD Banksy artwork "self-destructs" at auction
10/06 -  Federal court rules North Carolina cannot ban trans people from restrooms
10/06 -  Voters were promised a sales tax would be for A-B Tech projects alone. That didn't happen.
10/06 -  80,000 Americans died of influenza last year
10/05 -  Climate scientists are struggling to find the right words for very bad news
10/05 -  Kavanaugh shouldn’t be confirmed, retired Supreme Court Justice Stevens says
10/05 -  At least 14 Mars Hill University students infected with hand, foot and mouth disease
10/05 -  Mitch McConnell, the man who broke America
10/04 -  Asheville, one of worst cities for crashes, looks for fixes
10/04 -  Seven officers shot, one fatally, serving warrant in Florence, SC
10/04 -  Clinton would now beat Trump by a landslide, poll says
10/04 -  Cruelty as bonding mechanism: Understanding the Trump phenomenon
10/03 -  Mike Pence becomes first vice-president to speak at anti-gay summit
10/03 -  Why stink bugs are taking over the eastern United States
10/03 -  Trump mocks Christine Blasey Ford’s Senate testimony
10/03 -  Trump got $413 million from his dad, largely from tax dodges
10/02 -  Raw sewage flowing at Asheville apartment complex
10/02 -  Trump is repeating Hoover's mistake by relying on targeted protectionist tariffs
10/02 -  Harvard says Kavanaugh wont be teaching his Supreme Court class in January
10/01 -  Authorities identify body of woman discovered in abandoned Macon county campground
10/01 -  Report ranks NC as having some of the worst infrastructure in the nation
10/01 -  DeVos loses suit brought by states over student loans
10/01 -  Trump thrilled by Kavanaugh's angry and defiant statements