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MAIN News Archives for November 2018

11/30 -  Trump firm reportedly planned to gift 50 million dollar penthouse in Trump Tower Moscow to Putin
11/30 -  Trump threatens to declassify 'devastating' documents about Democrats
11/29 -  Student debt forgiveness is extremely popular among Democrats
11/29 -  Missing Rutherford County teen found alive, suspect arrested
11/29 -  White House denies Haspel prevented from briefing Senate on Khashoggi murder
11/29 -  Farm bankruptcies surpass Great Recession levels in upper Midwest
11/28 -  When will Trump voters realize they’ve been had?
11/28 -  GM just laid off 15k one year after Trump said, in person, that jobs were coming back in Youngstown
11/28 -  Mississippi Senate race: Cindy Hyde-Smith defeats Mike Espy
11/27 -  Court ruling requires Trump Organization to turn over hotel records
11/27 -  Mueller: Paul Manafort violated plea agreement, lied to FBI in interviews
11/27 -  Trump suggests the US should form a state-run, global news network to counter CNN's 'unfair' coverage
11/26 -  Jim Bakker: Buy my pancake mix or your grandkids go to hell
11/26 -  The law says we must let asylum seekers across the border
11/26 -  Asheville police seek missing person last seen near downtown
11/26 -  Is a recession coming?
11/25 -  Ohio Republicans declare motherhood 'necessary,' want to make it mandatory
11/25 -  Mississippi GOP senator sent daughter to 'segregation academy' with almost no minority students
11/25 -  Lobbyist documents reveal health care industry battle against Medicare for all
11/25 -  Undocumented man arrested after leaving NC sanctuary church for appointment at US Immigration office
11/24 -  Transformer fire in Henderson County results in multiple power outages across the county
11/24 -  President Trump says he is thankful for himself this Thanksgiving
11/24 -  A grave climate warning, buried on Black Friday
11/24 -  Associate of Roger Stone in plea talks with Mueller
11/21 -  Bitcoin crashes to lowest this year, losses top 25 per cent in a week
11/21 -  A Saudi prince helped save Trump from bankruptcy twice
11/21 -  Judge blocks Mississippi's 15-week abortion ban as unconstitutional
11/21 -  Why does President Trump get away with lying?
11/20 -  Trump repeately attacks admiral who led Bin Laden raid
11/20 -  Will we survive climate change?
11/20 -  Pompeo gave Saudis plan to shield Crown Prince from Khashoggi fallout: Report
11/20 -  Bears eat 49 chocolate bars left in Asheville student's car
11/19 -  Chickenpox outbreak grows at Asheville private school
11/19 -  Red states are expanding Medicaid; why not NC?
11/18 -  Trump says 'full report' on Khashoggi murder in two days
11/18 -  Climate change creates conditions allowing for disasters like the fires in California
11/18 -  Construction activity in Asheville hits lowest level since 2012-13
11/17 -  It's now cheaper to build a new wind farm than to keep a coal plant running
11/17 -  Matt Whitaker's appointment as AG faces challenge in Supreme Court
11/17 -  Trump's 'very major' new tax cut dies a quiet death
11/17 -  Trump to nominate former coal lobbyist as next EPA administrator
11/16 -  We're watching Trump's Saturday Night Massacre
11/16 -  How fines and fees criminalize poverty
11/16 -  Trump’s latest interview shows a president who’s in way over his head
11/16 -  Bitter battle for Florida Senate seat goes to hand recount
11/15 -  Son arrested after Polk County woman found dead in her home
11/15 -  Republicans abandon the fight to repeal and replace Obama’s health care law
11/15 -  Yes, it was a blue wave
11/14 -  Democrats are poised to wipe out gerrymandering in NC through the courts
11/14 -  Trump, stung by midterms and nervous about Mueller, retreats from traditional presidential duties
11/14 -  Asheville police search for suspect after stolen truck hits van on I-240
11/14 -  NC State beats UNC Asheville 100-49
11/13 -  Midterm fury fuels Trump's assault on constitutional norms
11/13 -  Donald Trump wrote own health letter, says physician Harold Bornstein
11/13 -  Trump, Pence miss Veterans Day observance at Arlington Cemetery
11/12 -  Haywood County man punches bear in nose to survive attack
11/12 -  Acting AG Whitaker once said Jews, atheists, Muslims should not be federal judges
11/12 -  Chief Justice Roberts transfers Kavanaugh misconduct complaints to 10th Circuit Court
11/12 -  Court rules that medical marijuana card holders can't buy firearms
11/08 -  Asheville man accused of stealing more than $1,600 in quarters
11/08 -  NC voters reject constitutional amendments limiting governor’s power; 4 others pass
11/08 -  New acting AG Matt Whitaker said he wanted ‘biblical view of justice’ in federal judiciary
11/08 -  Gunman kills at least twelve at Thousand Oaks bar
11/07 -  First Native American women elected to Congress: Sharice Davids and Deb Haaland
11/07 -  Women and LGBT candidates make history in 2018 midterms
11/07 -  Miller makes history winning Buncombe County sheriff race
11/07 -  Democrats win back the House
11/06 -  Kentucky police ID body found at dumpsite 33 years ago as Spindale woman
11/06 -  Veterans sustain two serious defeats from Trump and the House to VA and health care on eve of election
11/06 -  Chickenpox cases grow at Asheville Waldorf School
11/06 -  Even Fox News stops running Trump caravan ad criticized as racist
11/05 -  Charlotte woman in viral racist rant against two black women faces charges
11/05 -  North Carolina joins Paris agreement, citing historic storms like Florence
11/05 -  South California is being invaded by a goopy, bubbling mess of mud
11/04 -  Mills River tiny home village plans open house event
11/04 -  Russian lawmakers head to US to monitor midterm elections
11/04 -  The Dunning-Kruger effect may help explain Trump's support
11/04 -  How everything became the culture war
11/03 -  Gunman opens fire at Florida yoga studio, kills two before killing self
11/03 -  Buncombe commissioners agree to $3.6 million a year for early childhood education
11/03 -  Michael Cohen says Trump repeatedly used racist language in private
11/03 -  Democrats are trying to claw back power in NC, and Republicans are trying to change the constitution to make sure they can't
11/02 -  Study: South Carolina teachers poorer today than in 2008
11/02 -  Cooper sets global warming goal to cut NC greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent
11/02 -  Report: HB 2 author Dan Bishop funded the extremist-friendly social media site Gab
11/02 -  For Trump supporters, the cruelty is the point
11/01 -  Attacks on Jewish people rising on Instagram and Twitter, researchers say
11/01 -  Trump, top House Republican admit there's no chance of a middle class tax cut this year
11/01 -  Investigation underway after pedestrian struck, injured in West Asheville