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MAIN News Archives for February 2019

02/28 -  NC House member Cody Henson (R: Transylvania) needs to resign
02/28 -  Driver hits woman pushing baby in a stroller in South Asheville
02/28 -  Victorian diseases are making a comeback in UK due to 'austerity politics'
02/28 -  Fordham confirms that Trump team threatened the school if his grades became public
02/28 -  Brexit: what happens the next day if there is no deal?
02/27 -  How climate change is revealing, and threatening, thawing relics
02/27 -  Cohen to say Trump learned of WikiLeaks plan early, committed crimes in office
02/27 -  When is technology too dangerous to release to the public?
02/26 -  BREAKING: Mark Harris bows out of troubled 9th District Congressional race
02/26 -  Judge rules that men-only draft is unconstitutional
02/26 -  Cardinal George Pell, Vatican treasurer, convicted of child sexual assault
02/26 -  New crisis for NC college students -- your student ID may not count for voting
02/26 -  Sen. Tillis says heíll vote to block President Trumpís emergency declaration
02/25 -  Schiff: Democrats will subpoena Mueller if report isn't made public
02/25 -  Bennett College files suit, regains accreditation
02/25 -  Mudslide on US 74 in Jackson County; westbound lanes blocked
02/24 -  Tax the rich? Most Americans think it's a great idea
02/24 -  New 9th District election must prompt other much-needed reforms
02/24 -  No likely survivors in cargo jetliner crash near Houston
02/24 -  The Supreme Court just struck a unanimous blow against policing for profit
02/23 -  Trump demands quick rollout of "6G" wireless tech, which doesnít exist
02/23 -  NJ Senate passes bill that would keep Trump off 2020 ballot unless he releases his tax returns
02/23 -  Rockslide closes I-40 in both directions near NC-Tennessee line
02/23 -  NC judge throws out voter ID and income tax constitutional amendments
02/22 -  NC orders new election in 9th Congressional district after GOP fraud
02/22 -  Constitutional amendment proposed to end gerrymandering in NC
02/22 -  'Sustained and ongoing' disinformation assault targets Dem presidential candidates
02/22 -  How Bernieís 2020 map might change without the #NeverHillary vote
02/22 -  It's time to finally listen to Native journalists
02/21 -  City officials support proposal to revive passenger rail service to Asheville
02/21 -  Millions of Americans flood into Mexico for affordable dentistry
02/21 -  Feds: Coast Guard lieutenant compiled hit list of lawmakers
02/20 -  Disputed NC district's votes were counted early
02/20 -  Are there secret tunnels under Asheville?
02/20 -  Razor blades found under shopping cart handles at North Carolina Walmart
02/20 -  Clarence Thomas declares war on the very idea of a free press
02/19 -  States file lawsuit over national emergency to build border wall
02/19 -  North Carolina GOP lawmakers once again considering anti-abortion legislation
02/19 -  Rift between Trump and Europe is now open and angry
02/19 -  Bernie Sanders announces 2020 presidential run
02/18 -  The point of no return: Climate change nightmares are already here
02/18 -  Search on in Fairview for 'dangerous' man accused in stabbing incident
02/18 -  NC should end life sentences for juveniles
02/18 -  'I Believe Putin:' Andrew McCabe claims Trump listened to Russia more than US intelligence
02/17 -  More than 80% of Americans support almost all of the key ideas in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal
02/17 -  Oregon official: texts show police-extremist collusion
02/17 -  US retail sales suffer steepest drop in nine years
02/17 -  Amazon got exactly what it deserved, and so did New York
02/15 -  FBI: Most Wanted list suspect tracked to North Carolina, is believed killed by officers
02/15 -  Manafort intentionally lied to Special Counsel, judge says
02/15 -  Russians successfully hacked into US voting systems, official says
02/15 -  Wife of White House official claims measles 'keep you healthy & fight cancer'
02/14 -  Maria Ressa, journalist and Duterte critic, arrested in Philippines
02/14 -  One shot, suspect in custody after overnight shooting in Brevard
02/14 -  Diabetics dying in struggle to pay for insulin
02/14 -  Record 7 million Americans are 3 months behind on car payments, a red flag for the economy
02/14 -  Klobuchar says progressive proposals like 'Medicare-for-All' and Green New Deal are 'aspirations'
02/13 -  Cheri Beasley to become first African American female Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court
02/13 -  'Tennessee Natural Marriage Defense Act' seeks to strip gay marriage rights
02/13 -  Man arrested in bomb threat at North Buncombe Elementary
02/12 -  Fifty tons of chicken sold in North Carolina and South Carolina recalled
02/12 -  Thomas Mills: On yearbooks and purity tests
02/12 -  Russia trolls 'spreading vaccination misinformation' to create discord
02/12 -  Trump supporter 'violently attacks' BBC cameraman at rally after US president whips up anger over media
02/11 -  As state regulators crack down on CBD, business owners try to see through haze
02/11 -  Oakley residents witness high-speed police chase that ends in crash
02/11 -  New Mexico governor pulls National Guard troops from border
02/11 -  Upstate New York yeshiva set on fire, painted with swastikas
02/10 -  Amy Klobuchar and the double standard of a smear campaign
02/10 -  Race, not abortion, was the founding issue of the religious right
02/10 -  ICE agents in North Carolina arrest hundreds of immigrants
02/10 -  The real reason America is scared of Huawei: internet-connected everything
02/09 -  Why AMI and the National Enquirer may be in big trouble
02/09 -  Violent behavior in elementary students becoming more prevalent
02/09 -  Why millions of people are getting hit with a surprise tax bill this year
02/09 -  Republicans in Congress ask Democrats to stop trying to look at Trump's tax returns
02/08 -  Republican state legislator from Brevard served with domestic violence order of protection
02/08 -  Amazon founder Jeff Bezos says National Enquirer publisher tried to extort him
02/08 -  US intelligence agents were reportedly warned not to tell Trump findings that contradict his public comments
02/08 -  GOP leader apologizes for tweeting 'Time for another Kent State'
02/07 -  Seven outrageous false claims made by President Donald Trump during the State of the Union
02/07 -  Opponent says Mark Harris knew about fraud in 9th District election or turned blind eye to it
02/07 -  Klobuchar's reputation for mistreatment of staff has made it hard for her to find a campaign manager
02/07 -  Buncombe County health official says area at high risk for measles outbreak
02/06 -  Donald Trump at State of the Union: If there's going to be legislation, there can't be investigation
02/06 -  Former French Broad Elementary School building in Alexander total loss after fire
02/06 -  Huge new report details "the climate crisis you haven't heard of"
02/05 -  Atlantic Coast Pipeline is over budget, late and even more of an ecological nightmare
02/05 -  Crypto CEO dies with the password to unlock $200+ million of customers' Bitcoin
02/05 -  Overnight fire torches Old French Broad Elementary School
02/05 -  Bear attack did not cause Cades Cove park death, autopsy says
02/04 -  We have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe, warns UN
02/04 -  Pentagon sending another 3,750 troops to Southwest border
02/04 -  Who gets hurt worst by the Electoral College?
02/03 -  Rescue squad saves climbers at Looking Glass Rock
02/03 -  McConnell whines that making it easier to vote is unfair to GOP
02/03 -  Mitch McConnell's ties to Russian oil money
02/03 -  Berger, Moore gave three staffers a twenty percent raise since 2017
02/02 -  After snow collapsed the roof, two Black Mountain businesses prepare to reopen
02/02 -  Miriam Adelson was awarded Medal of Freedom after donating $500k to Trump aides' legal expenses
02/02 -  America is falling out of love with billionaires, and it's about time
02/02 -  Growing measles outbreak in Washington spreading fear among parents
02/02 -  Why it's a mistake to dismiss Ocasio-Cortez as 'radical'
02/01 -  Trump tells his own spy chiefs to go back to school after they contradict him on Russia, North Korea
02/01 -  A War for oil? Bolton pushes privatization of Venezuela's oil
02/01 -  Mark Meadows understands even less than you thought
02/01 -  One person transported to hospital after house fire in Skyland