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MAIN News Archives for March 2019

03/31 -  Alex Jones, under oath, testifies ‘psychosis’ made him a Sandy Hook hoaxer
03/31 -  The stunning history of William Barr’s crusade to bury evidence to protect Republican presidents
03/31 -  2020 Democratic hopefuls tackle monopoly power, rural issues in Iowa forum
03/31 -  Achievement gap grows between black and white students in Asheville City Schools
03/28 -  All 28 EU member states reject Israel sovereignty over the Golan Heights
03/28 -  NC abortion law is unconstitutional, federal court rules
03/28 -  Town of Lake Lure seeks aid to fund urgent dam repairs
03/28 -  The history of lynching in WNC
03/27 -  I-240 near West Asheville back open after person trapped, tractor-trailer overturned
03/27 -  2.6 magnitude earthquake recorded in Jackson County
03/27 -  Is the Trump-Russia political drama over? Not at all: Bill Barr's ending fell flat
03/27 -  Pete Buttigieg: 2020 Democratic candidate surges to third place in new poll
03/26 -  Are sealed indictments Mueller's backstop?
03/26 -  Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder, appears to have 'been charged' in federal court
03/26 -  Hendersonville man arrested after overnight chase in Brevard
03/26 -  Trump just blamed union dues, which are paid by workers not companies, for GM’s layoffs
03/26 -  The US federal deficit soared to $310 billion to start fiscal year 2019, up 77% from the year before
03/25 -  Mueller report doesn't find Russian collusion, but can't 'exonerate' on obstruction
03/25 -  ADHD drugs can lead to psychosis in some according to new study
03/25 -  NC convicts fewer than 1 in 4 sexual assault defendants
03/25 -  Cloud of cancer-causing chemicals hangs over the Houston Channel
03/24 -  Blue Ridge Parkway bridge over I-26 to be replaced
03/24 -  More evidence that the UNC Board of Governor's is doing Phil Berger's bidding
03/24 -  Rescuers save 400 from stranded cruise ship; tales of awful conditions
03/24 -  Native Americans win important case in Supreme Court with vote from Neil Gorsuch
03/23 -  Parkland survivor kills herself after year of anguish
03/23 -  Hate crimes increased 226% in places Trump held a campaign rally in 2016, study claims
03/23 -  Proposed bills would ease restrictions for WNC distilleries, bars
03/23 -  Nobody likes Trump, but he could still beat a centrist Democrat in 2020
03/23 -  Trump sent by God to save Israel, Pompeo says
03/23 -  Haitian PM: Arrested Americans are mercenaries targeting government, planning coup
03/22 -  Trump provokes global anger by recognising Israel's claim to Golan Heights
03/22 -  Another Buncombe County fire department has been served federal documents
03/22 -  New strain of canine distemper virus arrives in North America
03/22 -  AP: Political Map-Making Helped Stem GOP Losses In 2018
03/21 -  Three injured in fiery crash on I-26 in Asheville
03/21 -  Murdock responds to CNN's investigation into his criminal past
03/21 -  Drinking very hot drinks almost doubles risk of cancer, new study says
03/21 -  Two 'giant waves of water' are rolling through the Great Plains
03/20 -  UNCA grants honorary degree to local man accused of sexual predation
03/20 -  Elizabeth Warren says its time for the Electoral College to go
03/20 -  Sexual assault cases hinge on evidence gathered by police, nurses
03/20 -  Amazon will pay $0 in taxes on $11,200,000,000 in profit for 2018
03/20 -  Politician who opposed mandatory chickenpox vaccine has been hospitalized after getting chickenpox
03/19 -  Trump claims the "fake news media" is trying to blame him for mass shooting in New Zealand
03/19 -  The legalization of marijuana can no longer be ignored by Democrats
03/19 -  Proposed Missouri law would force every adult resident to buy an AR-15
03/19 -  Man accused of starting fire in Pack Library also charged with resisting arrest
03/18 -  The college admissions con game has many victims: "The level of accommodation is obscene"
03/18 -  10 residents of First Step Farm in Candler rehoused after fire
03/18 -  The grisly murder case that could turn half of Oklahoma back into tribal lands
03/18 -  Trump threatens Saturday Night Live with investigation for mocking him
03/17 -  Who "belongs" at elite universities? The raging hypocrisy of higher ed gatekeeping
03/17 -  Lawmakers propose adopting Daylight Saving Time year-round in North Carolina
03/17 -  New Zealand mosque attacker flashes 'white power' sign in court
03/17 -  Washington Senate passes bill that would keep Trump off 2020 ballot unless he releases tax returns
03/15 -  Laser pointed at military cargo plane near Charlotte-Douglas, officials say
03/15 -  Iconic forests in western US face tipping point from climate change, study finds
03/15 -  Southern Poverty Law Center fires co-founder Morris Dees for alleged misconduct
03/15 -  New Zealand mosque shootings leave 49 dead
03/14 -  Will the masses finally see Fox News for what it is?
03/14 -  Federal authorities to be on site investigating Transylvania County plane crash Thursday
03/14 -  Trump proposes to end student loan forgiveness program
03/14 -  Beto O’Rourke announces 2020 Democratic presidential bid
03/13 -  The Democratic civil war is over before it began - but will journalists listen?
03/13 -  Where did Boeing go wrong?
03/13 -  Chance of no-deal Brexit has 'significantly increased', says EU
03/12 -  Facts alone won't convince people to vaccinate their children
03/12 -  Tillis is more vulnerable than history suggests
03/12 -  Three North American river otters kidnapped from North Carolina sanctuary
03/12 -  States with stricter gun control regulations have fewer mass shootings: study
03/11 -  Climate change first became news 30 years ago. Why haven't we fixed it?
03/11 -  Are driverless cars a viable alternative to light rail? Probably not
03/11 -  Growing number of countries ground Boeing Max 8 airliners
03/11 -  One person shot in the head at Asheville apartment complex
03/10 -  Suspect makes off $33K in equipment in South Asheville Verizon robbery
03/10 -  Seventy-five percent of Republicans say White Americans are discriminated against
03/10 -  More severe strain of flu causing more illnesses, CDC says
03/10 -  McConnell suggests voting-rights proposal is ‘socialist’
03/09 -  Rain more than an inconvenience: it's threatening the local hemp crop
03/09 -  US income inequality increases to pre-Great Depression levels
03/09 -  Russian-style kleptocracy is infiltrating the US
03/09 -  Unvaccinated Oregon boy contracted tetanus, racked up $800k in medical bills
03/07 -  Rand Paul condemns mandatory vaccines amid measles outbreak
03/07 -  Criminal summons issued for NC legislator accused of cyberstalking
03/07 -  New bill that would let NC teachers bring guns to school clears first hurdle
03/07 -  Diverting of AB-Tech tax funds went further than first revealed
03/06 -  Uber 'not liable' for self-driving death
03/06 -  Missing Winston-Salem woman found dead in car in creek
03/06 -  Did Donald Trump’s EPA prevent NASA from doing cancer research in Texas following Hurricane Harvey?
03/06 -  The climate change paper so depressing it sends people to therapy
03/05 -  How Mitch McConnell lost control
03/05 -  Trump threatens universities with "campus free speech" executive order
03/05 -  Graham County cemetery vandalism suspect arrested, charged
03/05 -  Congress on verge of rejecting Trump's border emergency
03/04 -  Why does Mark Meadows represent liberal Asheville?
03/04 -  McCready starts in a strong position
03/04 -  Animal attacks, kills North Carolina high school teacher
03/04 -  Searches to resume after tornado kills 23 in Alabama
03/03 -  Silent Sam’s future is ‘a very public conversation,' UNC leader says. But it hasn’t been so far
03/03 -  The neo-Nazi plot against America is much bigger than we realize
03/03 -  Judge orders pro-Confederacy group to disband or pay $3M
03/03 -  Commentary: DNC betrayed Bernie Sanders and the rest of America
03/01 -  GOP operative indicted over massive NC election fraud; Mitch McConnell blames Democrats
03/01 -  NC needs to clear backlog of untested sexual assault kits
03/01 -  Elevated pollutants in rivers suspected in many parts of NC
03/01 -  Benjamin Netanyahu: Israel PM faces corruption charges