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MAIN News Archives for May 2019

05/30 -  Is Phil Berger trying to kill off NC's film industry?
05/30 -  US Department of Energy is now referring to fossil fuels as “freedom gas”
05/30 -  Police: 5 detained after shots fired in East Asheville
05/30 -  The movement to skip the Electoral College is picking up steam
05/29 -  ‘Trump may leave us no choice’: NC Democrats moving closer to supporting impeachment
05/29 -  All lanes of I-26 near NC/SC state line open following deadly crash and spill
05/29 -  With climate crisis fueling storms and flooding, US farmers face calamity
05/29 -  Asheville City Council approves Harrah's Cherokee naming rights bid
05/28 -  Benjamin Netanyahu may face a political crisis and second election
05/28 -  Police investigating after body found near Moog building in Asheville
05/28 -  Heat wave before summer even starts grips Deep South
05/28 -  Trump is reportedly not worried about a massive US debt crisis as he'll be out of office by then
05/28 -  Senate GOP vows to quickly quash any impeachment charges
05/26 -  A million people could lose their pensions if Congress doesn’t act
05/26 -  An avalanche of store closings 'bigger than anything we've seen' is sweeping across the US
05/26 -  Are more moderate Democrats more electable?
05/26 -  Survey: 3 percent of Asheville housing is Airbnb, highest found in US
05/25 -  Woman seriously injured in Pisgah View Apartments shooting
05/25 -  Judge rules against North Carolina's 20-week abortion ban
05/25 -  Trump invokes emergency powers to sidestep Congress and sell arms to Saudi Arabia
05/25 -  Trump administration rolls back Obama-era health care protections for transgender people
05/25 -  North Carolina GOP looks to ram through anti-abortion law
05/24 -  Russian documents reveal desire to sow racial discord and violence in the US
05/24 -  The US is the unhappiest it’s ever been
05/24 -  North Carolinians don’t like their senators
05/24 -  Asheville Police investigate shooting at Pisgah View Apartments
05/24 -  Trump has now shifted $1.3 million of campaign-donor money into his business
05/23 -  NC speaker, Senate leader testify at employment bias trial
05/23 -  Georgia district attorneys vow not to enforce 'heartbeat' abortion bill
05/23 -  Harriet Tubman twenty-dollar bill, set for 2020, now won't happen for years
05/23 -  Clapper describes evidence Putin swayed election for Trump election as "staggering"
05/22 -  Earth's oceans could rise over 6 feet by 2100 as polar ice melts, swamping coastal cities such as NYC
05/22 -  Nantahala old-growth trees in jeopardy of being cut down
05/22 -  Report shows immigrant workers have big impact on local economy
05/22 -  Health officials prepare for possible measles cases in Henderson County
05/21 -  DeVos used personal emails for work
05/21 -  Arrest made in fatal Hendersonville hit-and-run
05/21 -  Supreme Court rules in favor of Native American hunting rights
05/21 -  Trump on defense now that Democrats score court win
05/20 -  One hospitalized following shooting at Days Inn in Asheville
05/20 -  The coming generation war in US politics
05/20 -  US has regressed to developing nation status, MIT economist warns
05/20 -  It was 84 degrees near the Arctic Ocean this weekend as carbon dioxide hit its highest level in human history
05/19 -  Toxic chemical contamination detected in Charlotte; NC lawmakers decline to act
05/19 -  NC needs conscience in Congress, not Trump cult followers
05/19 -  The Alabama anti-abortion law is a disaster for Republicans
05/17 -  NC probation officer also leader of Confederate group
05/17 -  Why the anti-abortion movement stopped making exceptions for rape and incest
05/17 -  Authorities call off search for plane reportedly seen going down in Henderson County
05/17 -  Bernie Sanders makes two stops in North Carolina Friday; starting in Asheville
05/16 -  Republicans race to criminalize abortion: They're confident Roe is going down
05/16 -  Should 11-year-old girls have to bear their rapists' babies? Ohio says yes.
05/16 -  Republican Dan Bishop wins NC District 9 GOP primary to face Democrat Dan McCready
05/16 -  Home destroyed in Jupiter fire; no injuries reported
05/13 -  Burr vs. Trump Jr: Subpoena ignites a firestorm in the GOP
05/13 -  Trump aide Kudlow acknowledges U.S. consumers pay for tariffs, not China
05/13 -  CMPD: 2 cars hit by bullets on I-85, including one with 3 children inside
05/13 -  Abortion rates go down when countries make it legal: report
05/12 -  $1M bond for 2 men charged with attempted first-degree murder in Swain County
05/12 -  Nazis call for ‘six million more’ murdered Jews at a Holocaust remembrance event in Arkansas
05/12 -  US declining interest in history presents risk to democracy
05/12 -  NC Republicans reveal their true colors on school vouchers
05/10 -  Two women chain themselves to the Durham jail gate to protest cash bail policy
05/10 -  Are we in a constitutional crisis?
05/10 -  NC man arrested in 1985 killing of Hollywood TV director
05/10 -  Actual Nazis, carrying actual nazi flags, interrupt Holocaust Memorial Event – and no one is talking about it
05/09 -  Mitch McConnell, gravedigger of democracy: Majority leader's shocking power grab
05/09 -  FOP president: The general consensus is Asheville's the last place you want to be chief
05/09 -  White House revokes press passes for dozens of journalists
05/09 -  House Judiciary votes to hold Barr in contempt for defying Mueller report subpoena
05/08 -  NC inmate dies after being found unresponsive in solitary confinement, family says
05/08 -  Joe Biden holds a commanding 21-point lead over the 2020 Democratic field
05/08 -  Trump fixer Cohen says he helped Falwell handle racy photos
05/08 -  Report: Trump suffered $1.17 billion in business losses bbetween 1985 and 1994
05/07 -  Younger voters could change elections in NC
05/07 -  Traffic Alert: Major delays along I-40 East in Buncombe County after multi-vehicle crash
05/07 -  Pompeo: Melting sea ice presents 'new opportunities for trade'
05/07 -  Renewables generated more electricity than coal for the first time in US history
05/06 -  Living and working in the path of Asheville's I-26 Connector
05/06 -  The era of 'centrist' establishment Democrats is over
05/06 -  Climate change has contributed to droughts since 1900—and may get worse
05/06 -  Trump appears to claim he should receive two extra years as president
05/05 -  How Putin laid his traps and ensnared Trump
05/05 -  Trump administration denies special help to Venezuelans seeking asylum
05/05 -  One person dies in Asheville house fire
05/05 -  Ohio gerrymandering ruling could tip the scales
05/03 -  Mozambique 'faces climate debt trap' as Cyclone Kenneth follows Idai
05/03 -  NC's shifting demographics could play a pivotal role in 2020
05/03 -  U.S. farmer income plummets $11.8 billion as Trump trade war drags on
05/03 -  Why the Democratic left keeps losing
05/02 -  Wikileaks' Assange to fight extradition to US
05/02 -  Barr's Mueller report testimony has everyone wondering what happened to him
05/02 -  T.C. Roberson graduate killed in UNCC campus shooting jumped on gunman to save others
05/02 -  Cruise ship in St. Lucia quarantined over confirmed measles case
05/01 -  Mueller frustrated with Barr over portrayal of findings
05/01 -  Trump supporters allegedly recruited gay men to falsely accuse Buttigieg of rape
05/01 -  Asheville's I-26 Connector, 30 years in the making & still not started
05/01 -  UNC Charlotte's 'worst day': Former student kills 2, injures 4 in shooting at North Carolina university