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MAIN News Archives for June 2019

06/30 -  Civitas poll shows evenly divided state with Tillis in trouble
06/30 -  Holmes v. Moore challenge to Voter ID Amendment before NC Supreme Court
06/30 -  Trump administration proposes $7.1 billion funding cut to Education Department
06/30 -  Biden sees support from Democrats slip 10 points after debate
06/29 -  The first Democratic debates show a 'Change or Die' mentality in the 2020 election
06/29 -  Cooper vetoes state budget, calling it 'an astonishing failure'
06/29 -  Protester grabs mic from Kamala Harris during MoveOn forum
06/29 -  Budding NC hemp industry could suffer major setback after change to 2019 Farm Act
06/28 -  Supreme Court says federal judges do not have license to stop gerrymandering
06/28 -  Dan Forest gets money to study drones and ‘vertical takeoff’ aircraft in GOP budget
06/28 -  Body ID'd, no foul play suspected in death of man found in Arden woods
06/28 -  Harris' attacks on Biden's race record throws his campaign into turmoil
06/27 -  NC budget includes $50k raise for former GOP legislator
06/27 -  Hot microphones and too many cooks: an analysis of the first Democratic debate
06/27 -  Renewable energy is now the cheapest option, even without subsidies
06/27 -  AG Stein, local law enforcement give rape kit update
06/27 -  Buncombe County inmate collapses, dies at hospital
06/26 -  Judge: Census-question case must be reopened over "disturbing" documents on racial bias
06/26 -  Buncombe County authorities investigate body found in woods
06/26 -  Same-sex couple in child custody battle after split: Oklahoma Supreme Court issues landmark ruling
06/26 -  Asheville's Flatiron Building to become a hotel after 4-3 Council vote
06/25 -  Why didn’t Trump appoint McCrory? Papers show ‘red flags’
06/24 -  Donald Trump campaign offered actors $50 to cheer for him at presidential announcement
06/24 -  Climate change is a 'health emergency', 74 medical groups say
06/24 -  Trump says “probably not” prepared to lose in 2020, doesn’t believe he lost popular vote
06/24 -  A 10th American has died while vacationing in the Dominican Republic
06/24 -  Confederate flag won't rise at South Carolina Statehouse this July 10
06/23 -  NC budget would quadruple money for anti-abortion group questioned on oversight
06/23 -  The uninhabitable Earth -- with annotations
06/23 -  New tests show 'E. Coli-pocalypse' in weekly French Broad water report
06/23 -  Advice columnist E. Jean Carroll details alleged rape by Trump in 1990s
06/23 -  Is the world due for an influenza pandemic?
06/22 -  Trump responds to accusation of '90s sexual assault
06/22 -  NC Republican lawmaker says Lincoln ‘unjustly invaded’ the South, a ‘sovereign nation’
06/22 -  American tourist attacked in Berlin after telling crowd he was Jewish
06/22 -  12-foot sinkhole opens overnight in Merrimon Avenue parking lot
06/21 -  President Trump slaps tariffs on solar panels in major blow to renewable energy
06/21 -  Culture of racism in the Beaufort County sheriff's department?
06/21 -  Amazon will pay $0 in taxes on $11,200,000,000 in profit for 2018
06/21 -  Trump reportedly orders military to attack Iran before strikes suddenly called off
06/20 -  Sexual assault cases in NC plagued by long lags after arrests made
06/20 -  Trump's supporters find community in cruelty toward those they despise
06/20 -  Paul Krugman: How President Trump’s “populism” hurts working-class Americans
06/20 -  Authorities say Deaverview Apartments fire was no accident
06/19 -  Marshall town board OKs resolution opposing asphalt plant
06/19 -  Elizabeth Warren to introduce bill cancelling up to $50,000 in student debt for most borrowers
06/19 -  Asheville Police searching for suspects after armed robbery in Biltmore Village
06/19 -  Republicans are freaking out over deceased gerrymandering expert's files
06/17 -  Fox news poll shows trump trailing Democrats in hypothetical matchups
06/17 -  Water line repair prompts boil water advisory in West Asheville
06/17 -  It’s time to focus on climate change like civilization depends on it
06/17 -  Trump campaign dumps pollsters after low numbers, reports say
06/16 -  Hendersonville's first Pride Day goes off without a hitch
06/16 -  UN official blasts US abortion laws as ‘gender-based violence against women’
06/16 -  In America, we can’t talk rationally about abortion. How the debate moved to extremes
06/16 -  The article removed from Forbes, “Why white evangelicalism is so cruel”
06/15 -  Environmental injustice: Black children get new school next to Superfund sites
06/15 -  In state health report cards, North Carolina falls below average
06/15 -  Study shows asset forfeiture doesn't fight crime or reduce drug use
06/15 -  Kellyanne Conway broke the law—and is going to get away with it
06/14 -  The rising risk of war in the Middle East
06/14 -  Communities still in the dark on Cape Fear river contamination
06/14 -  ‘Let me make something 100% clear’: FEC chair lays down the law on foreign help
06/14 -  Japan to resume commercial whaling next month after 30 years
06/13 -  Wind power moratorium clears NC Senate
06/13 -  Why are we still pretending 'trickle-down' economics work?
06/13 -  United States added to list of most dangerous countries for journalists for first time
06/13 -  Pregnant woman dies after being shot at Deaverview Apartments; baby survives
06/13 -  Bring back the golden age of broadcast regulation
06/12 -  Three people seriously injured in crash on Tunnel Road in Asheville
06/12 -  GOP lied about using racial data to gerrymander NC, lawyers claim
06/12 -  Third-world conditions likely if NC doesn’t tackle rural utility crisis
06/12 -  Hendersonville City Council members say they do not support mayor's Pride Day proclamation
06/11 -  There is bipartisan support to stop Trump from selling arms to Saudi Arabia
06/11 -  Analysts project quick governor veto of GOP state budget compromise
06/11 -  America's political mood is now 'the most liberal ever recorded'
06/11 -  Asheville police investigate bodies found in hotel room
06/10 -  Redistricting guru's hard drives could mean legal, political woes for GOP
06/10 -  Is Joe Biden the new Hillary? Democrats must have a real debate to avoid disaster
06/10 -  Lake Lure authorities: Be alert to rising waters, ready to evacuate if necessary
06/10 -  American taxpayers paid over $90 billion more under Trump tax law
06/09 -  Biden leads, with Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg in tight race for second, CNN's Iowa poll shows
06/09 -  Roads reopened in Old Fort after train derails
06/09 -  NC Republicans lied in court to delay fixing their Gerrymandered maps
06/09 -  Trump administration blocks intelligence aide’s warning on ‘catastrophic’ climate change
06/08 -  GOP paid millions to operative who pushed census question aimed to help "whites"
06/08 -  Black Mountain man charged with 5 felonies after spy camera found in business bathroom
06/08 -  Significant rain coming, with possibility of flash flooding
06/08 -  Roy Moore’s lawyer Trenton Garmon arrested on drug charges
06/07 -  BREAKING: Man arrested after threatening to bomb Times Square
06/07 -  Computer scientists say they have strong evidence election was rigged against Clinton in three key states
06/07 -  Economy added just 75,000 jobs in May, amid ongoing trade tensions and global economic slowdown
06/07 -  Joe Biden reverses stance on Hyde Amendment
06/07 -  Food insecurity in Western North Carolina
06/06 -  Asheville man finds Russian trolls to be behind frequent conservative poster on local political web site
06/06 -  Bystanders help rescue man after car crashes into river in Canton
06/06 -  Bernie Sanders confronts Walmart bosses and urges $15 an hour minimum wage
06/06 -  Researcher: Sutton Lake site of numerous coal ash spills
06/06 -  NC House fails to block Cooper’s veto on ‘born alive’ abortion bill
06/06 -  President Donald Trump's poor mental health is grounds for impeachment
06/05 -  A rift has split the conservative movement — and the most dangerous part is certain it has God on its side
06/05 -  Trump is making the same mistake that started the Great Depression
06/05 -  Tillis trails Democratic challenger by 7 points in North Carolina poll
06/05 -  Police: UNC Charlotte shooting suspect planned attack for months
06/04 -  Trump administration budget eliminates funding for tribal college scholarships
06/04 -  As a businessman, Trump was the biggest loser of all
06/04 -  Evidence of multiple unmonitored coal ash spills found in lake near Wilmington
06/04 -  Roundabout in River Arts District opens
06/03 -  Some Boeing 737s may have faulty wing parts, FAA warns
06/03 -  Medicaid expansion could set the agenda for 2020 legislative elections
06/03 -  Younger generations outvoted boomers for first time in midterms
06/03 -  NC only state with law saying once a sexual act begins, you can't withdraw consent
06/02 -  Warrant: UNC-Charlotte shooting suspect might have recorded carnage
06/02 -  Across the globe, climate change is an everyday reality
06/02 -  Hoskin wins Cherokee Nation principal chief race
06/02 -  The next president needs to be a woman
06/01 -  Why are the Democrats so reluctant to impeach Trump?
06/01 -  Trump administration misled court about census question on citizenship
06/01 -  Police: City worker kills 12 in Virginia Beach; suspect dead
06/01 -  Merkel takes aim at Trump in ‘tear down walls’ speech