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MAIN News Archives for July 2019

07/31 -  Jewish man shot multiple times outside Miami synagogue
07/31 -  Murphy gun store billboard mocks AOC, other congresswomen
07/31 -  Newly released tape reveals Ronald Reagan using racist language: 'Those monkeys from those African countries'
07/31 -  North Carolina GOP operative faces new felony charges that allege ballot fraud
07/30 -  Sports betting is coming to Cherokee Harrah's
07/30 -  Hate crimes increased 226% in places Trump held a campaign rally in 2016, study claims
07/30 -  Gilroy gunman cited white supremacist manifesto on Instagram just before shooting
07/30 -  At least 8 people were killed and almost 50 were injured in 8 mass shootings across the US this weekend
07/29 -  Will climate change be a real force in the 2020 campaign?
07/29 -  At least 3 dead, 15 injured in Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting; gunman also dead
07/29 -  Two-thirds of US voters think a sitting president should face criminal charges
07/29 -  Duke spokesperson says Nantahala Dam spillover stopped after dead fish found
07/27 -  Millions of dollars for water and parks projects going to GOP districts in NC budget
07/27 -  Frank Holleman: Duke Energy would rather fight than do what is right when it comes to coal ash
07/27 -  West Asheville repo goes wrong: Vehicle breaks loose from truck, hits two pedestrians
07/27 -  Mueller affirms Trump asked staff to falsify records
07/26 -  How people of color, younger voters may shape the 2020 election in North Carolina
07/26 -  Man dies after contracting 'brain-eating amoeba' at North Carolina water park
07/26 -  Trump presidential seal altered with Russian twin-headed eagle holding golf clubs
07/25 -  Mueller insists his report did not exonerate Trump on obstruction charges
07/25 -  New data from DEA confirms major opioid problem in some NC counties
07/25 -  Computer scientists say they have strong evidence election was rigged against Clinton in three key states
07/25 -  The cause and consequences of the retail apocalypse
07/21 -  The UK’s dubious role in the new tanker war with Iran
07/21 -  Cone exec roils State Health Plan controversy with blunt email
07/21 -  Troopers: 2 dead in head-on Fairview crash Friday
07/21 -  Trump administration proposes $7.1 billion funding cut to Education Department
07/20 -  Heat warnings across US as climate experts warn of spike in very hot days
07/20 -  Trump lies About Congresswomen of color referring to ‘evil Jews’
07/20 -  Body found under Meadow Road bridge in Asheville
07/20 -  Records detail frenetic effort to bury stories about Trump
07/19 -  Trump: the Pied Piper of racism
07/19 -  Hendersonville Police ask for help in search for larceny suspects
07/19 -  Alan Dershowitz accused of involvement in Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking ring
07/19 -  Can a racially gerrymandered legislature amend the NC constitution?
07/18 -  Americans slashed their charitable deductions by $54 billion after Republican tax-code overhaul
07/18 -  Jeffrey Epstein documents could expose powerful politicians, businessmen
07/18 -  Body found in the Smokies: Authorities ask public for information, share photo
07/18 -  Trump supporters chant 'send her back' as the president attacks Ilhan Omar at rally in North Carolina
07/17 -  Retired Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens dies at 99
07/17 -  US Jewish groups condemn Trump’s racist tweets against Democratic congresswomen
07/17 -  Is Russian money behind Graham's growing defense of Trump?
07/17 -  After denying racism, videos of Meadows vowing to send Obama 'home to Kenya' resurface
07/17 -  Former Buncombe Commissioner Ellen Frost indicted on federal charges
07/16 -  ‘Are you OK with a racist president, Republicans?’ asks Charlotte Observer
07/16 -  Three from Hendersonville arrested, charged after kids & drugs found locked in U-Haul
07/16 -  Who’s behind voting-machine makers? Money of unclear origins
07/16 -  Trump immigration chief caught acting as if he did not know about his own racist tweets
07/15 -  Climate change is everywhere, except television
07/15 -  Jeffrey Epstein is Donald Trump's idea of the perfect man
07/15 -  Earth's ancient life forms are awakening after 40,000 years in the permafrost
07/15 -  Sports betting at two Eastern Band casinos closer to reality
07/14 -  When NC legislators say there isn't money, they mean corporate tax cuts are more important
07/14 -  Fletcher police investigate shooting at Budget Motel
07/14 -  Nancy Pelosi, impeachment, and her place in history
07/14 -  Duke Energy would rather fight than do what is right when it comes to coal ash
07/12 -  There are four presidential candidates of Jewish descent — the most ever. Does it matter?
07/12 -  Warrants identify victim in fatal Asheville shooting; suspect charged with murder
07/12 -  New Orleans faces a never-before-seen problem with Tropical Storm Barry
07/12 -  Hatteras lighthouse may have to move again as Outer Banks shoreline continues shifting
07/12 -  North Asheville sinkhole grows still larger
07/09 -  The 'electability' math just got a lot harder for Biden
07/09 -  Victims speak out after Jeffrey Epstein charged
07/09 -  UNC researcher finds that liberal policies are what the Democrats want and need
07/09 -  Massive document shredding at Cherokee County DSS raises questions
07/08 -  Merrimon sinkhole debris causes concerns for Beaver Lake, bird sanctuary
07/08 -  Poll shows widespread support of LGBTQ policies in North Carolina
07/08 -  There is hard data that shows that a centrist Democrat would be a losing candidate
07/07 -  'There was a very interesting problem': Trump adds mystery to why Pence abruptly canceled trip
07/07 -  One climate crisis disaster happening every week, UN warns
07/07 -  Trump's fake patriotism was sophomoric and insulting - and his voters loved it
07/07 -  Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein arrested and accused of sex trafficking minors, sources say
07/06 -  Clarence Thomas makes it clear: The right is coming for birth control next
07/06 -  State rejects company’s challenge to contract for testing young readers with computers
07/06 -  George Will: Young voters now consider GOP ‘the dumb party’
07/06 -  Americans strongly dislike PC culture
07/05 -  Anchorage, AK shatters all-time heat record
07/05 -  Motorcyclist dies in Great Smoky Mountains on Fourth of July after losing control
07/05 -  The NRA meltdown has the Trump reelection campaign worried
07/05 -  Sinkhole reopens along Merrimon Avenue, crews to begin repairs Friday
07/04 -  The single most reliable indicator of a soon-to-come recession has sounded
07/04 -  Nathaniel Dixon trial juror was aware of killing of witness
07/04 -  Hendersonville police investigate deadly shooting
07/04 -  Trump's Fourth of July is a cheap version of patriotism
07/03 -  Medicaid expansion in NC: Now, not later
07/03 -  Insect apocalypse: German bug watchers sound alarm
07/03 -  Files from dead mapmaker focus of NC redistricting hearing
07/03 -  What is going on with Mike Pence's abrupt return to the White House?
07/01 -  How the climate crisis will change your plate in 2050
07/01 -  Speaker Moore's opposition to Medicaid expansion is prejudiced fantasy
07/01 -  Web site names Asheville #2 spot in the U.S. to run an Airbnb
07/01 -  The hidden consensus: A winning Democratic platform began to emerge in Miami debates