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MAIN News Archives for August 2019

08/31 -  Mumps sweeps through U.S. immigration detention facilities, sickening hundreds
08/31 -  Sanders focusing on 'Medicare for All' in South Carolina
08/31 -  Bolton sidelined from Afghanistan policy as his standing with Trump falters
08/31 -  Trump tweets highly sensitive surveillance image of Iran
08/30 -  Biden raises cash in Charlotte, while O’Rourke holds town hall. Here’s what they said
08/30 -  US Forest Service closes Nantahala Gorge during debris removal operations
08/30 -  Trump has told friends that gutting Medicare could be a fun 'second-term project'
08/30 -  Inspector General report reveals charges against James Comey to be mind-numbingly stupid
08/29 -  More indictments to come in Buncombe County corruption case involving Greene
08/29 -  DHHS memo: NC agency knew early about DSS unlawful actions
08/29 -  HPU freshman who plotted to 'shoot up school' to 'kill people' had been planning attack since December, DA says
08/29 -  Mystery of missing votes deepens as Congress investigates Georgia
08/28 -  Shots fired in Asheville neighborhood damages homes, no injuries reported
08/28 -  Insiders sell off an average of $600 million worth of stock every day in August amid recession fears
08/28 -  Trump went to the mat for Putin at the G7 Summit
08/28 -  Gay couples discriminated against by Kim Davis to be paid $225,000
08/27 -  North Carolina woman awarded $3.2M in revenge porn case
08/27 -  The hardest Trump story for the press to cover: His fitness for the job
08/27 -  Sanders jumps ahead of Biden in 2020 poll
08/27 -  The Dow rallied on the news of the president’s alleged call with China, which Beijing says didn't happen
08/26 -  NC Supreme Court should end racial bias in jury selections
08/26 -  Health insurance bill will be law without Cooper's signature
08/26 -  No cushion for the Trump recession: Why this one could be worse than 2008
08/26 -  Trump suggested nuking hurricanes to stop them from hitting US
08/25 -  US fossil fuel subsidies exceed Pentagon spending
08/25 -  Cities are saying ‘no’ to 5g, citing health, aesthetics—and FCC bullying
08/25 -  Crews have freed those trapped by landslides in Nantahala Gorge
08/25 -  Trump says he may begin cutting Social Security and Medicare if he wins in 2020
08/24 -  Trump talks about serving '14 more years' as president
08/24 -  Body found near Swannanoa River in Asheville
08/24 -  The Trump presidency is not just unfolding, it is unraveling
08/24 -  Federal court rules anti-gay county clerk Kim Davis must pay $224,000
08/23 -  Pete Buttigieg unveils $300 billion initiative on opioids, mental health
08/23 -  Two men walk away from plane crash near Mount Mitchell State Park
08/23 -  How anti-Semitic beliefs have taken hold among some evangelical Christians
08/23 -  US has half a million fewer jobs than believed after big government revision
08/22 -  A Republican group is pressuring Mitch McConnell to stop obstructing election security legislation
08/22 -  Trump administration wants to hold migrant children indefinately
08/22 -  Trump's national tax on the nation's psyche
08/22 -  Suspect wanted for setting homeless man on fire arrested; possible witnesses wanted
08/21 -  Who has been removed from NC’s voter rolls?
08/21 -  Asheville Police arrest man believed to have intentionally set another man on fire
08/21 -  Jewish leaders outraged by Trump saying Jews disloyal if they vote for Democrats
08/21 -  Trump cancels Denmark trip after PM says Greenland isn't for sale
08/20 -  Woman accused of abusing elderly patients in South Asheville facility
08/20 -  Trump's baseless election fraud claim zooms from 3 million to 16 million votes
08/20 -  Planned Parenthood rejects abortion "gag order," exits Title X program
08/20 -  DOJ says Christian employers should be allowed to make women wear skirts
08/19 -  Asheville City Council to consider spending $290,000 on ‘pit of despair’ consultant
08/19 -  Tillis and Burr: Show you stand with N.C., not the NRA
08/19 -  Recalling governors is all the rage this year
08/19 -  Trump’s racism is not blundering — it is tactically deliberate
08/18 -  How Stephen Miller controls Trump’s immigration policy
08/18 -  FBI alerted after black Charlotte officials received threats, racist letters
08/18 -  DNA leads to arrest in another Florida rape case from 1980s
08/18 -  West Asheville, River Arts District break-in suspect apprehended
08/17 -  Racist letters mailed to Charlotte leaders
08/17 -  No thanks, we're not for sale, aghast Greenland tells Trump
08/17 -  Family warns parents to be vigilant after woman tries to take boy from Asheville park
08/17 -  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's 70% tax on the super-rich is more popular than Trump's tax cuts, new poll shows
08/16 -  Epstein’s broken hyoid bone doesn’t tell us much
08/16 -  Trump's Green New Deal: President considering buying Greenland
08/16 -  Records: Land taxes went unpaid by Rep. Meadows' business
08/16 -  After ban, Israel approves humanitarian request from Tlaib to visit grandmother in West Bank
08/15 -  Someone should probably step in and stop the economy from tumbling into a recession
08/15 -  NC budget would fund start-up religious college
08/15 -  U.S. Rep. Steve King: If not for rape and incest, 'would there be any population left?'
08/14 -  Crews on scene of massive warehouse fire in Marion
08/14 -  Minimum wage doesn't cover the rent anywhere in the US
08/14 -  First came a mysterious explosion, then the Russian denials
08/14 -  Trump official revises Statue of Liberty poem to defend migrant rule change
08/13 -  How to spot the toxic algae that's killing dogs in the Southeast
08/13 -  Revoking consent bill dies again in NC
08/13 -  Trump sold nuclear tech to Saudis in secret after Khashoggi killing
08/13 -  “We’re not gonna be a part of the resistance”: How Trump aggravates the Times’s long-running identity crisis
08/12 -  Gunman with rifle kills two people on Houston freeway in rush hour traffic – then escapes
08/12 -  NC Walmart evacuated after police say they followed man with gun inside
08/12 -  McConnell is finally running scared
08/12 -  The librarian who saved Timbuktu’s cultural treasures from al Qaeda
08/11 -  NC wants to collect some of the $1 billion it gave in tax breaks for solar farms
08/11 -  NC revises new health care plan for state workers after pressure from hospitals
08/11 -  Senate Republicans are quietly advancing a radical gun plan
08/11 -  Trump pushes conspiracy theory that Clinton was involved in Epstein death
08/10 -  BREAKING: Jeffrey Epstein, accused of sex trafficking, dies by suicide
08/10 -  Trump's DOJ hid shocking report on growing terror threat from white supremacists
08/10 -  Buncombe Register of Deeds warns of fake invoice scam
08/10 -  Reports say White House has drafted an order putting the FCC in charge of monitoring social media
08/10 -  Armed Trump supporter detained with gun and knife outside immigrant centre in El Paso
08/09 -  Buncombe County authorities identify body found behind Candler home; investigation ongoing
08/09 -  Grinning Trump gives thumbs-up with baby whose parents were shot dead in El Paso terror attack
08/09 -  Man wearing body armor, carrying tactical weapons arrested at Walmart in Springfield, MO
08/09 -  Why do some people think mass shootings are staged every time?
08/08 -  Will the El Paso shooting change how politicians talk about white extremism?
08/08 -  Police investigate shooting at Leicester Highway convenience store
08/08 -  Why so many House Republicans are retiring
08/08 -  House Judiciary Committee slaps Don McGahn with lawsuit to enforce subpoena
08/07 -  Carolinas near bottom of the list when it comes to healthcare in the U.S., study says
08/07 -  The new anxiety of not feeling safe from gun violence anywhere
08/07 -  How the NRA rewrote the Second Amendment
08/07 -  GOP politicians are much more resistant to gun control than GOP voters are
08/06 -  Disturbing report shows how many environmental activists are killed each week
08/06 -  Man finds his own stolen truck in Asheville
08/06 -  Greenland's ice wasn't supposed to melt like last week until 2070
08/06 -  Once again, China is showing Trump that trade wars are not “good, and easy to win”
08/05 -  Robbery investigation at Etowah Dollar General
08/05 -  Bernie Sanders dominates among individual donors: But will that translate into votes?
08/05 -  US in the midst of a white nationalist terrorism crisis
08/05 -  7 wounded in mass shooting near Chicago playground
08/04 -  McConnell received $3.5M In campaign donations from Russian oligarch-linked firm
08/04 -  Texas Walmart shooting suspect ‘wrote hate-filled racist manifesto’ before massacre
08/04 -  Nine, killed, 26 injured in shooting in Dayton, Ohio
08/03 -  In Reed Street fatal shooting, victim said he'd caught two break-in suspects
08/03 -  'Our task was to set Americans against their own government': New details emerge about Russia's trolling operation
08/03 -  An insider's perspective on Tulsi Gabbard and her guru
08/03 -  Governor Cooper ends funding of conversion therapy on minors
08/02 -  Julian Castro made the best case for impeachment yet
08/02 -  Autopsy scheduled for Friday on body found behind Candler home
08/02 -  Judge blocks New York from turning over Trump's tax information to Democrats
08/02 -  Conclusion of partisan gerrymandering trial ‘key first step’ to getting fair maps
08/01 -  NYC Official: No Evidence Trump Gave $10K to 9/11 Fund
08/01 -  I-26 widening project slated to start in September
08/01 -  Incredibly, GOP senators are demanding billions more in tax cuts for the rich
08/01 -  What Biden meant to say in his bungled debate closing statement