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MAIN News Archives for November 2019

11/26 -  NYC busing homeless families to Fayetteville? Mayor concerned over report
11/26 -  White House on lockdown after airspace violation in D.C., fighter jets have been scrambled
11/26 -  National Enquirer company chief David Pecker talking with New York prosecutors
11/26 -  Federal judge rules that McGahn must testify, delivering blow to White House
11/25 -  Climate change has finally broken through
11/25 -  Deputies investigating Black Mountain horse death
11/25 -  More than $200K repaid to feds after one county’s foster care errors
11/25 -  Trump regularly 'can't remember what he's said or been told,' White House insider says
11/24 -  KY, LA victories portend well for Cooper in 2020
11/24 -  Giuliani once again says he has insurance if Trump throws him under the bus
11/24 -  Low-wage work is more pervasive than you think, and there aren’t enough “good jobs” to go around
11/24 -  Joe Kennedy III wants to abolish the Electoral College
11/23 -  Far-Right group espousing Islamophobia will hold banquet at Mar-A-Lago
11/23 -  Health officials say 5 cases of whooping cough confirmed in Buncombe County
11/23 -  Lindsey Graham launches Senate investigation into Bidens, Burisma and Ukraine
11/23 -  Wisconsin governor signs bill criminalizing pipeline protesters
11/22 -  Fiona Hill blasts anti-Semitic conspiracy theories against George Soros in testimony
11/22 -  Asheville Citizen-Times awaits layoffs, consolidation after merger deal
11/22 -  Interstate 26 rest area has reopened after two vehicle crash
11/22 -  Millions of Americans think chocolate milk comes from brown cows
11/21 -  Trump reportedly hosted secret dinner with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Peter Thiel
11/21 -  Trump trade war with China has cost 300,000 U.S. jobs, Moody's estimates
11/21 -  Asheville woman wanted on multiple charges, including kidnapping
11/21 -  Ivanka Trump diamonds embroiled in alleged money-laundering scheme
11/20 -  GOP's impeachment antics backfire: Maybe Elise Stefanik just wants to lose
11/20 -  Cooper's veto pen thwarts legislative wrecking crew
11/20 -  Secretive energy startup backed by Bill Gates achieves solar breakthrough
11/20 -  Asheville Citizen-Times awaits layoffs, consolidation after merger deal
11/19 -  Civil rights groups call for Trump to fire Stephen Miller over White nationalism
11/19 -  US billionaires pay lower tax rate than working class for first time in history
11/19 -  The racist origins of the Electoral College
11/19 -  Lack of sustainable jobs drives hunger in southeastern NC
11/18 -  NPR tracked down a fake-news creator in the suburbs. Here's what they learned
11/18 -  The verdict is in on NC's tax cuts; they're not working
11/18 -  Roger Stone found guilty of lying to Congress to protect Trump
11/18 -  Louisiana Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards, keeps seat despite Trump's opposition
11/12 -  Ebola vaccine approved in Europe, in landmark moment for global health
11/12 -  How deregulation kills people
11/12 -  Traffic Alert: Overturned tractor-trailer closes one lane of traffic along I-26 near Long Shoals Road
11/12 -  Racist ex-convict coal baron enters presidential race
11/11 -  NC number two in risky dams where failure could kill
11/11 -  The fusion energy dream is inching toward planet-saving reality
11/11 -  McConnell defends lawsuit to undo pre-existing condition protection
11/11 -  Arctic cold front will bring wind chills in the teens and single digits
11/10 -  Customers frustrated by Asheville 'boil water' advisory
11/10 -  Playing politics overrides paying for quality public schools
11/10 -  John Bolton makes clear he has a lot of relevant information for impeachment inquiry
11/10 -  Trump was always a joke in New York
11/09 -  Ellen Frost, former Buncome County commissioner, requests trial postponement
11/09 -  Don Jr. says fallen troops at Arlington National Cemetery remind him of Trump family’s “sacrifices”
11/09 -  Trump says he might attend Russia May Day parade
11/09 -  Tom Steyer aide offered money for endorsements
11/08 -  What Virginia, Mississippi and Kentucky can tell us about 2020
11/08 -  Jeff Sessions to announce run for Senate — and Trump intends to campaign against him
11/08 -  McConnell steered funds to Russia-linked plant, then denied funds to US miners
11/08 -  Blue Ridge Parkway searching for missing Virginia man
11/07 -  Mission Hospital receives 'C' ranking from safety group
11/07 -  Asheville police still searching for Grove Street shooter
11/07 -  Erdogan to visit White House despite condemnation over Syria
11/07 -  Virginia, now in Democratic hands, will try to push the Equal Rights Amendment over the finish line
11/06 -  More damaging transcripts released: Gordon Sondland now says quid pro quo was clear
11/06 -  Long legislative session fails to produce state budget
11/06 -  Activists call for Asheville to reduce carbon footprint
11/06 -  Democrat Beshear defeats Trump-backed Bevin for Kentucky governor
11/05 -  Oklahoma releases hundreds of inmates in nation's largest commutation
11/05 -  A single anonymous market manipulator caused bitcoin to top $20,000 two years ago
11/05 -  Lake Lure woman accused of West Asheville thefts
11/05 -  The global fertility crash is here
11/04 -  US military sending thousands of troops into Saudi Arabia
11/04 -  After gerrymandering fight, Buncombe residents get final General Assembly districts
11/04 -  Emergency repairs to an aging bridge could close interstate at Jonathan Creek for 5 days starting next week
11/04 -  Salon asks experts how to dodge the flu this year
11/03 -  Here's how Warren finds $20.5 million to pay for Medicare for All
11/03 -  Children were told to ‘build the wall’ at White House Halloween party
11/03 -  Hendersonville Fire Chief announces resignation
11/03 -  Aldi recalls frozen raspberries due to hepatitis A contamination
11/02 -  September was the warmest ever for North America
11/02 -  Beto O'Rourke withdraws from Democratic race – and faces Trump's abuse
11/02 -  Major solar panel project to be subject in upcoming County Board of Commissioners meeting
11/02 -  Trump admin to allow adoption agencies to refuse placement in LGBT homes
11/02 -  UK intelligence officials shaken by Trump administration’s requests for help with counter-impeachment inquiry