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MAIN News Archives for December 2019

12/31 -  Militiamen breach US Embassy in Baghdad; Trump blames Iran
12/31 -  Lindsey Graham is suspicious that Rudy Giuliani's "information" is just "Russian propaganda"
12/31 -  Video, witnesses describe violent brawl inside Asheville Mall
12/31 -  Meadows uses sleight-of-hand to choose his successor
12/30 -  Wealth of world's 500 richest people grew 25 percent this year
12/30 -  Trump's plan to criminalize homelessness is taking shape
12/30 -  The biggest business con of 2019: fleecing workers while bosses get rich
12/30 -  Fight prompted Asheville Mall to close early Saturday, police say
12/29 -  Trump completed his takeover of the GOP in 2019
12/29 -  'Lord of the Rings' fan in Woodfin builds an Airbnb straight out of the movies
12/29 -  All 5 passengers safely off of small plane crash near WNC Ag Center
12/29 -  Six nights of Hanukkah, seven anti-Semitic incidents in NYC
12/28 -  There's a Texas-size area of hot sea water off the coast of New Zealand
12/28 -  Sexual assault cases in NC plagued by long lags after arrests made
12/28 -  Christmas traffic stop in Spindale turns up meth, drug paraphernalia
12/28 -  This is what life without retirement savings looks like
12/27 -  Red wolves court battle reignites as governor urges action
12/27 -  2019 in review: Polarised world entering era of climate impacts
12/27 -  Man charged with murder in Spindale shooting
12/27 -  Asheville police investigate shooting on Huffman Road
12/25 -  Fragile Notre Dame Cathedral might not be entirely saved: Rector
12/25 -  Andrew Yang has the most conservative health care plan in the Democratic primary
12/25 -  Michael Bloomberg used prison labor to make campaign calls
12/25 -  GOP senator 'disturbed' by McConnell's move
12/22 -  Leadership failures paved way for misguided Silent Sam deal
12/22 -  Documents show Ukraine aid freeze ordered 91 minutes after Trump-Zelensky call
12/22 -  Trump says he can ignore medical marijuana protections passed by Congress
12/22 -  Local UPS employee charged with multiple crimes related to thefts
12/21 -  Wakanda named on list of free trade partners on website maintained by US government
12/21 -  Flood of fake conservative news sites targets NC
12/21 -  Washington state legislator accused of domestic terrorism
12/21 -  Facebook removes hundreds of fake pro-Trump accounts that used AI-generated profile photos
12/20 -  Trump impeachment sends stock market soaring, despite president's warning it would crash
12/19 -  Asheville High principal on administrative leave after reported sex offense incident
12/19 -  After corruption allegation, former commissioner's name stripped from Buncombe County building
12/19 -  President Trump impeached for abuse of power
12/19 -  Meadows announces he will retire from Congress; not seeking re-election
12/18 -  Judge rules Edward Snowden must surrender earnings from memoir to US government
12/18 -  Coast Guard: Russian spy ship operating in ‘unsafe’ manner off South Carolina, Georgia coast
12/18 -  Experts say several factors play into Asheville's increasing crime rate
12/18 -  One-third of Americans don't believe 6 million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust
12/17 -  Russian media calls Trump a "Moscow agent", jokingly suggesting after election he'll need to "flee country"
12/17 -  In American politics, everyone's a cynic
12/17 -  Congressional map changes spur Democrats to dive into races in Wake, Guilford
12/17 -  Report shows feds spent more than $500 million on charter schools that never opened, no longer exist
12/16 -  Why the Democrats have shifted left over the past 30 years
12/16 -  What happens next with Trump's food benefit cuts
12/16 -  Technological "fixes" aren't making us happier
12/16 -  What if Democrats have already won back enough white working-class voters to win in 2020?
12/15 -  What could North Korea's 'Christmas gift' to the US be?
12/15 -  Children, seniors across NC face high rate of food insecurity
12/15 -  NJ killers’ real target: Jewish school 3 feet from market where 50 children studied
12/15 -  Man accused of stealing $88K from Charlotte bank vault, posting photos on social media
12/14 -  Barr is trying to erase the truth
12/14 -  Biden and the political realignment
12/14 -  Is Donald Trump a supporter of Israel? Sure, and he's also an anti-Semite
12/14 -  Buncombe's chief assistant district attorney died of accidental overdose
12/13 -  Trump's sister, a federal appeals judge, resigns amid ethics inquiry
12/13 -  Officials: Horse attacks in the Carolinas were boars, not stabbings
12/13 -  Trump-owned businesses received millions from Trump’s campaign
12/13 -  What could the US afford if it raised billionaires' taxes? We do the math
12/13 -  The strange death of Social-Democratic England
12/11 -  National civil rights group to sue over Silent Sam settlement
12/11 -  ‘Abuse of power is not a crime’: Trump’s former attorney general defines his credo
12/11 -  Henderson County sheriff has no plans to change his stance on ICE
12/11 -  Why do so many regular Democratic primary voters live in a bubble?
12/10 -  Fox Nation commercial celebrates an "all-American Christmas" that only features white people
12/10 -  Silver Alert issued for missing elderly Asheville man
12/10 -  Trump’s pick to lead homelessness council thinks free food is ‘enabling’
12/10 -  GOP introduces plan to massively cut Social Security
12/09 -  Trump accused of ‘dipping into a deep well of anti-Semitic tropes’ during speech to Jewish voters
12/09 -  Russia banned from 2020 Olympics and 2022 World Cup over doping scandal
12/09 -  Police investigating fatal shooting in Hendersonville
12/09 -  Mark Meadows claims Trump did not ask Ukraine to investigate rivals
12/08 -  Why did UNC give millions to a neoconfederate hate group?
12/08 -  WNC local, retired colonel Moe Davis to run for congress in North Carolina's 11th district
12/08 -  Pentagon concerned Russia cultivating sympathy among US troops
12/08 -  Under Sanders, income and jobs would soar, economist says
12/07 -  Climate change: Oceans running out of oxygen as temperatures rise
12/07 -  Pelosi on impeachment: From no-go to no choice
12/07 -  Trump complains about light bulbs making him look orange and people flushing toilets 15 times in rambling monologue
12/07 -  Police: 3 in custody following multiple-vehicle wreck on I-26
12/06 -  Macon County authorities release more information in deadly shooting
12/06 -  Asheville Police confirm incident at Mission as a false report, still under investigation
12/06 -  China's schoolkids beat American students in all academic categories
12/06 -  France national strike grinds country to halt but government refuses to back down
12/05 -  Climate models have accurately predicted global heating, study finds
12/05 -  Man who allegedly broke into ex's home, attacks man, has died from his injuries
12/05 -  Trump cancels NATO press conference after video shows world leaders mocking him
12/05 -  Three county commissioners leave GOP in Transylvania county
12/04 -  AG Barr says those who do not 'show respect' to police may not get police protection
12/04 -  Will Republicans be able to wipe Trump's crimes from the history books?
12/04 -  Arrest made in connection with body found in Rutherford County church
12/04 -  Complex construction causing water runoff concern in West Asheville
12/03 -  Tucker will not challenge Tillis in GOP primary in 2020
12/03 -  What does congressional map ruling mean for Buncombe County?
12/03 -  Brother Wolf faces backlash for euthanizing dog
12/03 -  It's official: Asheville won't be split by gerrymandered congressional districts
12/02 -  Teen charged in Virginia slaying is arrested in Buncombe County
12/02 -  Over Thanksgiving, UNC gave white nationalists $2.5m to settle a non-existant lawsuit
12/02 -  10 shot in early morning shooting near New Orleans' French Quarter
12/02 -  Nearly 5,000 dead in huge measles outbreak in Congo