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MAIN News Archives for January 2020

01/28 -  Trump criticises ‘prophets of doom’ in Davos and touts fossil fuels
01/28 -  Brevard Road has reopened after crash; several areas of ice reported
01/28 -  Meadows says Senate Republicans would face "political repercussions" for breaking with Trump during trial
01/28 -  Dirty money and bad science at the MIT Media Lab
01/27 -  How worried should we be about coronavirus?
01/27 -  Woman who authorities say lit small fire at Mission Hospital located & taken into custody
01/27 -  Scores of Republican lawmakers enriched themselves off the Trump tax cuts, report says
01/27 -  NC still risks noncompliance with federal mental health agreement
01/26 -  Responses of Chemours and DHHS to GenX and PFAS pollution falling short
01/26 -  Rutherford County authorities say person died after arriving at jail
01/25 -  Rollback of federal protections could affect NC's drinking water
01/25 -  Not just ‘headaches’: 34 US troops diagnosed with brain injuries
01/25 -  After interview, Pompeo cursed at reporter, yelled: 'Do you think Americans care about Ukraine?'
01/25 -  Unaffiliated status is taking over the WNC political landscape
01/24 -  An explosion at a manufacturing business has shaken northwest Houston
01/24 -  The rise and fall of the Branchhead boys
01/24 -  Crowded field with many impeachment views in District 11
01/24 -  I-40 Eastbound, back-up remains in Haywood County after a crash
01/23 -  Coronavirus: panic and anger in Wuhan as China orders city into lockdown
01/23 -  Pedestrian hit and killed on U.S. 74-A in Reynolds community
01/23 -  OODLES scam leads to guilty plea on federal charges
01/23 -  White House posts video of bishop saying 'demonic spirit' is behind homosexuality during sermon attended by Mike Pence
01/22 -  Trump's defense looks shaky on first day of impeachment trial
01/22 -  LEAF Community Arts marks milestone with new home, new name
01/22 -  One dead after crash in Asheville involving a wrong-way driver
01/22 -  Officials confirm I-40 West crash is a fatality; road remains closed
01/21 -  JP Morgan Chase buys Paris office as it plans move out of London
01/21 -  New polls show three-way race emerging between Sanders, Biden, Warren
01/21 -  Human-to-human coronavirus transmission confirmed in China
01/21 -  Developing: Heavy police presence in Wayesville; roads closed near Long & Francis Streets
01/20 -  People urgently fleeing climate crisis cannot be sent home, UN rules
01/20 -  Can UNC's $2.5 million bad deal be stopped?
01/20 -  Woman, baby found after armed kidnapping; suspect still on the run
01/20 -  Trump's Senate defense: Abuse of power is not impeachable
01/13 -  Why second choice matters so much in Iowa
01/13 -  The origin of a mysterious humming felt across the world has been pinpointed
01/13 -  Plane passenger arrested after attacking authorities, trying to storm cockpit
01/13 -  Overnight shooting now homicide investigation, search for suspect underway in Asheville
01/12 -  Death toll rises to at least 11 from severe storm sweeping through the South
01/12 -  FBI is trying to catch a "bad wig bandit" in North Carolina
01/12 -  Election update: Sanders now leads a wide-open Iowa race
01/11 -  Iran says it 'unintentionally' shot down Ukrainian plane
01/11 -  The GOP's endless war on Democrats
01/11 -  NC GOP legislators make late pitch to keep voter photo ID
01/11 -  Tribe pays ransom as work continues in rebuilding computer network
01/10 -  Soleimani's assassination was a tactical mistake as well as a moral one
01/10 -  Biden is the front-runner, but there is no clear favorite
01/10 -  Armed man upset with ex-girlfriend leads to 3-county incident, MacDill AFB lockdown
01/10 -  Man caught on camera taking merchandise from Asheville store
01/09 -  The latest Democratic nominee polls
01/09 -  Astronomers race to study mysterious fast radio burst detected in a nearby galaxy
01/09 -  Authorities investigate shooting in Candler
01/09 -  How might Iran change the 2020 race?
01/08 -  Boil Water advisory in effect for all Asheville residents
01/08 -  Iran's strikes seem intended to avoid US deaths. Here's why that might be the case
01/08 -  Trump administration quietly goes after disability benefits
01/08 -  Ukrainian airplane crashes near Iran's capital, killing 176
01/07 -  Bolton willing to testify in impeachment trial if subpoenaed
01/07 -  Why we keep sending music to extraterrestrials
01/07 -  Trump rule would exclude climate change in infrastructure planning
01/07 -  State Supreme Court hears Asheville hotel dispute
01/06 -  What decades of primary polls tell us about the 2020 Democratic presidential race
01/06 -  Four taken to area hospitals after plane crashes in Rutherford County
01/06 -  Deceased GOP strategist's daughter makes files public that Republicans wanted sealed
01/05 -  Iraqi parliament votes to expel US troops from country in wake of Soleimani strike
01/05 -  Australia’s pathetic PM reveals much about the right’s effort to deny reality
01/05 -  Woman shot after bullet flies through Asheville apartment wall
01/05 -  Iran oil: New field with 53bn barrels found - Rouhani
01/05 -  Hong Kong activates ‘serious response’ to growing mystery illness
01/04 -  United Methodist Church proposes split over LGBTQ issues
01/04 -  Rockslide closes part of I-40 on Old Fort Mountain
01/04 -  RNC funded roughly 11,000 automated calls to jam up house Democrats' phone lines amid impeachment battle
01/04 -  Weapons makers see stocks surge as Trump moves closer to war with Iran
01/03 -  Duke Energy agrees to settlement for statewide removal of coal ash
01/03 -  Almost 500 million animals may have been killed in Australian bushfires
01/03 -  Pompeo says attack that killed Iran military leader Qasem Soleimani was in response to 'imminent attack'
01/02 -  Climate change investing catches on with millennials who believe it’s pressing — and profitable
01/02 -  Cyber attacks and electronic voting errors threaten 2020 outcome, experts warn
01/02 -  Manhunt underway in Yancey County for escaped suspect
01/02 -  Civil rights ‘hero’ Charles Jones, who led Charlotte lunch counter sit-ins, dies at 82
01/01 -  Smoky Mountains National Park road & tunnel work to close section of park for months
01/01 -  Trump shrugs off Kim Jong Un’s nuclear testing threat: ‘He likes me’