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MAIN News Archives for March 2020

03/31 -  Peak 'phase' of COVID-19 in WNC may be three weeks away, health officials say
03/31 -  Liberty University student tests positive for COVID-19 after campus reopened by Jerry Falwell Jr.
03/31 -  New Yorkers discover Franklin Graham's extremism
03/31 -  Restrictions are slowing spread of coronavirus, data suggests
03/30 -  A single gesture behind Trump fuels an online conspiracy theory
03/30 -  The coronavirus pandemic has made Trump's psychiatric issues clear
03/30 -  Liberty University now has a COVID 19 problem
03/30 -  A riddle in New England: The web of ties behind Donald Trump’s tweet about a Mashpee tribe bill
03/30 -  Governor Cooper issues stay-at-home order beginning Monday; coronavirus cases increase
03/29 -  How Russia is using authoritarian tech to curb coronavirus
03/29 -  Coping with COVID-19 reveals serious broadband gaps
03/29 -  Crews are battling large fire at Lake Norman State Park
03/29 -  One person struck, killed by vehicle on US-74 in Haywood County; Roadway reopened
03/28 -  The Internet is struggling under Covid-19 traffic
03/28 -  Suspects located after detonated device forces evacuation of Hendersonville UPS Store
03/28 -  Major hospitals in WNC have 113 ventilators between them
03/27 -  British PM Boris Johnson self-isolates after testing positive for coronavirus
03/27 -  City of Myrtle Beach leaders ask most visitors to leave by Sunday at noon
03/27 -  Which governors have handled the coronavirus crisis the best (and worst?)
03/27 -  Asheville organic grocer Earth Fare is returning
03/26 -  First coronavirus deaths in NC are 2 people older than 60
03/26 -  Murdoch family took serious precautions against coronavirus as Fox News downplayed risk to public
03/26 -  COVID-19 impacts Asheville real estate market
03/26 -  Guilford, Buncombe adopt stay-at-home, with other counties following soon
03/25 -  Coronavirus deaths in the US could reach peak in three weeks, epidemiologist says
03/25 -  Pisgah Legal to do Facebook Live presentation on unemployment rights
03/25 -  "Stay home, stay safe" declaration being drafted for Buncombe County
03/25 -  Asheville City Council approves giving mayor additional authority during COVID-19 outbreak
03/24 -  ACT: Coronavirus: what you need to know on March 24
03/24 -  Mission Health apologizes, sends refunds after complaints over billing change
03/24 -  The Trump administration barred a top US disease expert from speaking freely to the public after he warned the coronavirus might be impossible to contain
03/24 -  Texas Lt. Gov.: Grandparents would be willing to die to save the economy
03/23 -  The coronavirus did not escape from a lab. Here's how we know.
03/23 -  NC textile mill ‘heeds call of nation,’ gears up to make 10 million face masks per week
03/23 -  North Carolina GOP chair: Convention still on for Charlotte
03/23 -  Coronavirus pandemic leading to huge drop in air pollution
03/23 -  First Transylvania County resident confirmed positive for novel coronavirus, covid-19
03/22 -  White supremacists discussed using coronavirus as a bioweapon
03/22 -  The real reason Trump started calling the virus “Chinese”
03/22 -  Coronavirus poses greater risk for populations in some NC counties
03/22 -  Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians issues state of emergency; Road closures in place
03/20 -  The economic data is unambiguously awful and will get much worse
03/20 -  Entire Georgia Senate told to self-quarantine after Republican shows up despite coronavirus test
03/20 -  Burr sold stocks, gave dire warning to private group before coronavirus took off in US
03/20 -  Second case of COVID-19 reported in Western North Carolina
03/19 -  Powell’s, Portland’s beloved indie bookstore, will lay off most workers
03/19 -  Native American tribe takes trailblazing steps to fight Covid-19 outbreak
03/19 -  Younger adults make up big portion of coronavirus hospitalizations in US
03/19 -  State, local agencies leave many coronavirus testing questions unanswered
03/18 -  Two drive-through COVID-19 test sites open in Buncombe County
03/18 -  Duke University Hospital has tents set up for potential coronavirus patients
03/18 -  'Don't believe the numbers you see': Johns Hopkins professor says up to 500,000 Americans have coronavirus
03/18 -  Sanders to 'assess' his campaign after more primary losses
03/17 -  German foreign minister rules out exclusive access to coronavirus vaccine, without mentioning Trump
03/17 -  Police urge shoppers not to call 911 about line-cutting as California queues grow
03/17 -  UNC epidemiologist: NC could have thousands of coronavirus cases by April
03/17 -  Trump's Mar-a-Lago club closed for deep cleaning after coronavirus cases confirmed among visitors
03/16 -  Government official: Coronavirus vaccine trial starts Monday
03/16 -  'Depraved': Trump reportedly offered German firm 'large sum' for exclusive rights to coronavirus vaccine
03/16 -  Approximately 20,000 gallons of wastewater spills into Hendersonville creek
03/16 -  Ohio, Illinois, Massachusetts close bars and restaurants amid coronavirus fears
03/15 -  Mexico braces for coronavirus lasting 'all year', tightens curbs
03/15 -  Cracks near mudslide location delay Nantahala Gorge opening
03/15 -  GOP delays coronavirus bill in part over complaints that it doesn't bar federal funds for abortion
03/15 -  Judge blocks Trump rule that would have kicked 700,000 off food stamps during a pandemic
03/14 -  NC courts setting 30-day pauses on most proceedings
03/14 -  Deputies charge Macon County man after they say he shot woman in vacant home
03/14 -  NIH's Fauci wishes Trump hadn't disbanded global health unit
03/14 -  Coronavirus in North Carolina: Daily status updates
03/13 -  'Tip of an iceberg': Evidence in NC bribery case hints at more intrigue
03/13 -  Asheville restaurant industry braces for potential economic impact of COVID-19
03/13 -  Trump reportedly rejected aggressive coronavirus testing in hopes it would help his re-election
03/13 -  Trump administration blocks states from using Medicaid to respond to coronavirus crisis
03/11 -  Despite earlier promises, Trump says 'we'll be cutting' entitlements
03/11 -  FDA and FTC gives Jim Bakker 48 hours to remove fake coronavirus cures from his website
03/11 -  Coronavirus is revealing the depths of Trump's incompetence
03/11 -  One person injured, another arrested after Hendersonville shooting
03/09 -  "Presumptive" coronavirus case in Spartanburg County
03/09 -  Four Transylvania County teens separated from hiking group rescued
03/09 -  HCA rejects complaints about staffing and services as nurses seek union
03/09 -  Leaked Stephen Miller emails to Breitbart directed race, anti-immigrant news coverage
03/08 -  ECU needs a chancellor who cares more for eastern NC than catering to politicians
03/08 -  Tillis: Government shouldn't require restaurant hand-washing
03/08 -  Coronavirus outbreak continues to spread
03/08 -  Victim identified in Pinners Cove Rd. shooting
03/08 -  Trump claims he had no idea people die of influenza despite his grandfather dying from the virus
03/06 -  Are NC hospitals ready for coronavirus patients?
03/06 -  HCA responds to AG about nurses certified for sexual assault examinations
03/04 -  Trump says Buttigieg and Klobuchar 'should be impeached'
03/04 -  Want to save NC's rural hospitals? Expand Medicaid now
03/04 -  The Supreme Court's upcoming abortion decision could reshape American law
03/04 -  Super Tuesday WNC vote roundup
03/02 -  Churchgoers in Selma turn their backs on Bloomberg during service
03/02 -  As coronavirus spreads, travelers take precautions at Asheville Regional Airport
03/02 -  How DuPont may avoid paying to clean up a toxic 'forever chemical'
03/02 -  Coronavirus kills second person in US