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MAIN News Archives for April 2020

04/30 -  UNC-Asheville one of two universities sued by students for tuition
04/30 -  The value of lives saved by social distancing outweighs the costs
04/30 -  Why so many Trump supporters are OK with the President's lies
04/30 -  Being an MD doesn't mean you know anything about epidemiology: the Dunning-Kruger effect
04/29 -  Asheville to apply for FEMA funds to cover COVID-19 expenses
04/29 -  Health care workers stand up to anti-lockdown protesters in North Carolina
04/29 -  Say goodbye to Mitch McConnell’s America
04/29 -  US economy shrank 4.8 percent last quarter as virus struck
04/28 -  Have twenty percent of New Yorkers really had coronavirus?
04/28 -  Will the 11th District get a representative soon?
04/28 -  Local lab owes feds millions after allegedly charging Medicare for unnecessary stool tests
04/28 -  Leader of North Carolina anti-lockdown protests tests positive for COVID-19
04/27 -  Trump goes on angry anti-media Tweetstorm, demands reporters give back "Noble prizes"
04/27 -  "Stupid on multiple levels": Krugman blasts McConnell’s attack on so-called "blue state bailouts"
04/27 -  Local opinions differ on whether mandated masks are necessary for store employees
04/27 -  Trump to sideline Fauci and Birx in coming weeks
04/26 -  Trump's standing in battleground states may be slipping
04/26 -  A model predicts when each state can end social distancing
04/26 -  Coronavirus: what have scientists learned about Covid-19 so far?
04/26 -  New York sees spike in disinfectant exposure cases following Trump’s dangerous treatment musings
04/25 -  Buncombe County chief deputy placed on paid administrative leave
04/25 -  Trump plans to cut daily coronavirus briefings
04/25 -  Why we cannot "reopen" America
04/25 -  GOP states reopening early will push people scared to work off unemployment
04/24 -  Coronavirus shakes the conceit of American exceptionalism
04/24 -  Fetzer courts controversy again with new effort to shape ECU Board of Trustees
04/24 -  Coronavirus: Outcry after Trump suggests injecting disinfectant as treatment
04/24 -  Asheville white supremacists sentenced to 13 years for meth trafficking
04/23 -  Trump doesn't want coronavirus testing: His instinct is always to hide the truth
04/23 -  Expert: "I've never seen a more rigorous chase for any vaccine"
04/23 -  China imposes new lockdowns as coronavirus fears return
04/22 -  Autopsies reveal first confirmed U.S. coronavirus deaths occurred in Bay Area in February
04/22 -  Calls build for fan-less NASCAR in Charlotte May 24
04/22 -  Trump-touted hydroxychloroquine may increase risk of death from Covid-19, study finds
04/22 -  Federal documents indicate that more than 300,000 likely to die if stay-at-home orders lifted
04/21 -  Why oil prices fell below zero
04/21 -  Man charged with murder after Barnardsville stabbing
04/21 -  In new poll, 60 percent support keeping stay-at-home restrictions to fight coronavirus
04/21 -  US monitoring intelligence that North Korean leader is in grave danger after surgery
04/20 -  A second federal prison in NC has coronavirus cases, and U.S. officials aren’t tracking it
04/20 -  Florida’s GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis accused of concealing "crucial information" about COVID-19 crisis
04/20 -  Governors reject Trump claim there’s enough coronavirus testing: "That’s just delusional"
04/20 -  Buncombe County man being held on attempted first-degree murder charge
04/19 -  A tough environment for Republicans in NC
04/19 -  NC GOP chair indicted on wire fraud and bribery charges
04/19 -  Contamination at CDC likely caused delay of early coronavirus testing
04/19 -  Floridians pack beaches as corona cases continue to increase
04/19 -  University of Texas study says peak in COVID-19 deaths is still weeks away
04/18 -  Michigan gov. claims protesters are spreading virus, making it 'more likely' state will continue strict lockdown measures
04/18 -  We can't get a handle on coronavirus without random testing
04/18 -  The US military is charting its own course during pandemic
04/18 -  COVID-19 has Asheville bracing for millions in tax shortfalls
04/17 -  Fox News fights coronavirus misinformation lawsuit: First Amendment protects “false” speech
04/17 -  Senate Republicans snuck $90 billion tax cut for millionaires into coronavirus relief legislation
04/17 -  Covid-19 victim: Virus is like "a bullet shot at you"
04/17 -  It's time to face the reality of an Asheville without tourists
04/16 -  Asheville Municipal Golf Course announces closure of all golf course operations
04/16 -  Our pandemic summer: What reopening may look like
04/16 -  Coronavirus anxiety insomnia is real
04/16 -  Trump threatens to 'adjourn both chambers of Congress' over nominations
04/15 -  Cats are actually nice, scientists find
04/15 -  Constitutional experts: Trump lacks power to ‘open up the states’
04/15 -  No peak yet to COVID-19 in NC as statewide deaths top 100; Officials monitor 'hot spots'
04/15 -  Has New York bent the curve?
04/14 -  Fact check: A list of false claims from Trump's bitter coronavirus briefing
04/14 -  Trump responds to questions about incompetent response to coronavirus with self-pity
04/14 -  Buncombe County reports third COVID-19 related death, warns of changes at retailers
04/14 -  Dan Forest thinks the media is overhyping coronavirus to sell advertising
04/13 -  Emergency order violations could mean charges in Macon County
04/13 -  North Carolina's neglected unemployed need and deserve better, now
04/13 -  Robert Reich: CEOs are ruining America
04/13 -  First came the exponential growth of coronavirus. What happens after it peaks?
04/12 -  What the coronavirus is doing to rural Georgia
04/12 -  High winds & severe weather expected to move through NC starting Easter Sunday
04/12 -  Mark Meadows wants to cut wages for migrant farm workers
04/12 -  How the coronavirus could help Gov. Cooper stay in office
04/10 -  The EU has bungled its response to coronavirus and it might never fully recover
04/10 -  60 infected, two dead after coronavirus outbreak at Orange County nursing home
04/10 -  Judge says most — but not all — of $2.5 million from Silent Sam deal must go back to UNC
04/10 -  Capacity restrictions, cleanliness standards at heart of new NC executive order
04/09 -  Governor orders new rules to help NC medical facilities prepare
04/09 -  Anthony Fauci Names The 2 Things He Hopes Will Change After Coronavirus
04/09 -  Wednesday COVID-19 update: Another 200 plus test positive in North Carolina
04/09 -  Buncombe's stay-home order extended indefinitely
04/08 -  State report suggests social distancing may be needed through May
04/08 -  First responders in NYC suspect "crazy" increase in cardiac deaths linked to coronavirus
04/08 -  The Roberts court will not ensure the Constitution’s most fundamental right
04/08 -  Increased demand at MANNA FoodBank is swift and staggering; How you can help
04/07 -  As coronavirus spreads, NC prisons to stop accepting new inmates
04/07 -  When will coronavirus peak in North Carolina? State projection differs from national study
04/07 -  Trump has ‘financial interest’ in hydroxychloroquine manufacturer: NYT
04/07 -  Waynesville police issue citations related to stay-home order
04/06 -  Western NC tourism leaders react to devastating impact of pandemic
04/06 -  White House meeting erupts after Dr. Fauci knocks Trump's promotion of untested Hydroxychloroquine
04/06 -  23 COVID-19 cases linked to residents & staff at Cherry Springs Village in Hendersonville
04/06 -  Arrests at North Carolina abortion clinic for violating order
04/05 -  NC coronavirus cases continue to soar, as state seeks medical supplies and volunteers
04/05 -  Campaign for Southern Equality aims to help LGBTQ community during the COVID-19 crisis
04/05 -  Coronavirus means 2020 elections could be decided by courts
04/05 -  Sacramento Pentecostal megachurch linked to over 70 coronavirus cases
04/04 -  Boarded-up Asheville businesses show grim reality of pandemic impacts
04/04 -  Behind the right-wing obsession with a miracle cure for coronavirus
04/04 -  Fighting COVID-19 Is Like 'Whack-A-Mole,' Says Writer Who Warned Of A Pandemic
04/04 -  Navajo Nation coronavirus cases increase to 241 with eight deaths
04/03 -  Fact-checking coronavirus briefing: Trump says scarves 'better' than masks, exaggerates Europe travel restriction
04/03 -  Engineer intentionally derails speeding train at Port of Los Angeles near Navy hospital ship aiding virus crisis, feds say
04/03 -  Mission Health seeks second union hearing delay, blames pandemic
04/03 -  People obey Asheville 'stay home' order, bear ignores it
04/01 -  NC state prison worker tests positive for coronavirus
04/01 -  McConnell hits brakes on next economic stimulus package
04/01 -  Suspect dead, officer injured after reported shooting outside Buncombe County courthouse
04/01 -  Trump's alarming message portends tragic days ahead