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MAIN News Archives for June 2020

06/30 -  White House was aware of Russian bounties for US soldiers in 2019
06/30 -  Asheville police officer charged, suspended after use of force investigation
06/30 -  Trump was 'near-sadistic' in phone calls with female world leaders, according to CNN report on classified calls
06/30 -  Joe Biden's campaign staff is one-third people of color
06/27 -  States are focused on reopening - but what about reclosing?
06/27 -  Transylvania County residents, Dollar General reach compromise
06/27 -  Obamacare must 'fall,' Trump administration tells Supreme Court
06/25 -  Bolton manuscript says Trump personally tied Ukraine aid to Biden investigation: Report
06/25 -  Arizona 'overwhelmed' with demand for tests as US system shows strain
06/25 -  Man accused of shooting child in head was released from jail just 3 hours earlier
06/25 -  White House ordered NIH to cancel coronavirus research funding, Fauci says
06/24 -  Underdog wins congressional primary in election under pandemic’s shadow
06/24 -  Appeals Court forces dismissal of Michael Flynn case over judge’s objections
06/24 -  I-26 Connector moving ahead, but money issues loom
06/24 -  How the Republican Party spent decades making itself white
06/23 -  What we do and don't know about the future of Covid-19 vaccines
06/23 -  Cherokee reports first COVID-19 death; masks required started Friday
06/23 -  Coronavirus: NC, Buncombe still deciding whether to move to Phase 3 on June 26
06/23 -  White House’s virus task force will no longer brief public
06/22 -  Racism, lies and empty seats: The embarrassment that was Trump's rally
06/22 -  To cheers and music, workers dismantling 75-foot Confederate monument at NC Capitol
06/22 -  Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump 'pissed' at Trump campaign manager over his rally crowd size predictions, source says
06/22 -  Protesters create 'Defund The Police' mural on downtown Asheville street
06/21 -  NC kept moving hundreds of inmates, despite pandemic risks
06/21 -  Six Trump campaign members in Tulsa test positive for the coronavirus ahead of rally
06/21 -  Sick staff and empty seats: How Trump's triumphant return to the campaign trail went from bad to worse
06/21 -  Buncombe reports sixth COVID-19 outbreak in long-term care facility
06/20 -  Tulsa Trump rally coverage: What the scene was like when gates opened
06/20 -  Construction site fire called suspicious; state agencies join investigation
06/20 -  U.S. Attorney who has investigated Trump associates refuses to resign
06/20 -  Judge denies White House effort to block Bolton book
06/18 -  Why Are COVID Cases Rising in Florida?
06/18 -  What we learned from John Bolton's eye-popping tale of working with Trump
06/18 -  Wanted man charged with murder after stabbing incident in Asheville
06/17 -  The administration's half-trillion-dollar transparency problem
06/17 -  Right now, Trump is trailing Biden by 10 - 16 points in Michigan
06/17 -  Confederate monuments to be moved from downtown Asheville
06/17 -  Aunt Jemima brand to change name, remove image that Quaker says is 'based on a racial stereotype'
06/16 -  Gov. Cooper says mandatory masks under discussion for NC
06/16 -  Video of woman yelling racial slurs in downtown Asheville goes viral
06/16 -  Petitions to abolish KKK, declare it a terrorist organization gain steam
06/16 -  NC’s changing demographics could be bad news for Republicans in November
06/15 -  Man sought after Pisgah View Apartments resident shot, injured
06/15 -  Face masks may be the key determinant of the Covid-19 curve, study suggests
06/15 -  Study finds the most racially prejudiced people tend to think that they are less racist than the average person
06/15 -  Supreme Court rules that workers cannot be fired for being gay or transgender
06/14 -  Tulsa county coronavirus cases rise by over 75 percent in one week ahead of first Trump rally since outbreak
06/14 -  UNCW students upset over 'all lives matter' comment made by chancellor
06/14 -  After blocked downtown roadway incident, Asheville police send out warning
06/14 -  Coronavirus: NC return to stay-at-home order possible as cases surge, health secretary says
06/13 -  More than 1,000 NC officers have lost their certification, but reasons usually not made public
06/13 -  Former Trump adviser John Bolton alleges president committed more impeachable offenses in new book
06/13 -  Fox News runs digitally altered images in coverage of Seattle’s protests, Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone
06/13 -  City plans to hire outside team to investigate Asheville police actions during protests
06/12 -  Days before Trump rally in Tulsa, city’s Whirlpool plant closes for COVID-19 outbreak
06/12 -  Students glad NCSU took action against individuals, racist remarks
06/12 -  Suspects wanted in connection with Asheville homicide found in Connecticut
06/12 -  When Donald Trump tried to stage a coup: Was June 1 the turning point?
06/11 -  Donald Trump, hydroxychloroquine and the world's largest fund manager: A love story?
06/11 -  US tops 2 million confirmed coronavirus cases
06/11 -  Beware of these inaccurate reports about the George Floyd protests
06/11 -  Asheville police chief plans major overhaul of department
06/10 -  Judge: Conditions in NC prisons during coronavirus epidemic likely unconstitutional
06/10 -  IBM says it will stop developing facial recognition tech due to racial bias
06/10 -  IRS fails to pursue thousands of rich tax cheats, watchdog agency says
06/10 -  City of Asheville votes to remove Confederate monuments
06/09 -  St. Paul man arrested for burning down of Minneapolis police precinct
06/09 -  COVID-19 testing exceeds 500,000 as North Carolina cases continue to rise
06/09 -  Arrest made in Asheville stabbing; victim remains hospitalized
06/08 -  Man drives car at Seattle protesters, shoots bystander
06/08 -  Death row defendants can argue racism infected their cases, NC Supreme Court rules
06/08 -  Suspect in weekend armed robbery arrested in Henderson County
06/08 -  Odds of GOP holding Senate suddenly collapse
06/06 -  Rising hospitalization numbers for Covid-19 in NC have health care workers concerned
06/06 -  Myka Stauffer and the aggressively inspirational world of "adoption influencers"
06/06 -  The billionaire cofounder of Home Depot plans on donating huge portion of his billions to Trump's 2020 campaign
06/06 -  Gov. Cooper vetoes bill that would have allowed NC bars to reopen
06/05 -  America's unemployment rate falls to 13.3% as economy posts surprise job gains
06/05 -  Newsroom breaks into open revolt after NYT publishes editorial calling for military intervention in US
06/05 -  Asheville police chief issues apology for destroyed medic tent
06/05 -  Piers Morgan stops train-wreck interview to inform Rudy Giuliani he sounds "completely barking mad"
06/04 -  Republicans are losing the national narrative
06/04 -  Pope Francis condemns death of George Floyd, sin of racism
06/04 -  Rocky Mount to remove 103-year-old Confederate monument
06/04 -  Asheville police action at protest medic station draws outrage
06/03 -  'We need him to start being bold:' Young voters are craving inspiration from Joe Biden
06/03 -  Police shove, make AP journalists stop covering New York protest
06/03 -  Two men arrested for carrying guns during Asheville protest, police say
06/03 -  Trump says he will move Republican convention out of North Carolina
06/02 -  Buncombe County cases of COVID-19 increase in the broader community
06/02 -  NC Gov. Cooper marches with protesters outside Executive Mansion
06/02 -  Asheville Protests Monday: Tear gas deployed after fireworks thrown, shots fired
06/02 -  Protesters tear-gassed so Trump can walk to church for photo-op
06/01 -  Tanker truck speeds into protesters in Minneapolis
06/01 -  How Republicans became the party of death panels
06/01 -  While Trump shelters in the White House, America cries out for leadership
06/01 -  The aftermath: Updates on Sunday's protest in Asheville