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MAIN News Archives for February 2021

02/26 -  Debunked: Republicans are not beholden to GOP voters
02/26 -  The fight against climate change is weakening
02/26 -  Everything to know about Johnson & Johnson's vaccine, which could be approved today
02/26 -  Ambulance delays at Mission ER raise concerns
02/16 -  Only half of Americans have heard of 'cancel culture'
02/16 -  GOP donor who donated millions for voter fraud investigation wants money back
02/16 -  Three people killed, 50 homes damaged in Brunswick County tornado
02/16 -  Missing: Henderson County authorities search for woman not seen since late January
02/15 -  Seven virus variants found in US carry the same mutation
02/15 -  Here's what's been driving down Covid-19 cases so far
02/15 -  NC GOP to vote on censuring Burr after impeachment vote
02/15 -  How the fossil fuel industry convinced Americans to love gas stoves
02/14 -  Trump voters split from the GOP to launch wannabe ‘Patriot Parties’
02/14 -  57 GOP state and local officials were at the Capitol insurrection
02/14 -  WHO Wuhan mission finds possible signs of wider original outbreak in 2019
02/14 -  January the busiest month in nearly 100 years for an Asheville-area funeral home business
02/13 -  Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt resigns from board amid group's recent scandals
02/13 -  AP sources: GOP leader McConnell will vote to acquit Trump
02/13 -  Senate votes to call witnesses in Trump impeachment trial
02/13 -  I-26 in Polk County reopens after chain-reaction crash
02/10 -  COVID-19 long-haulers struggle to reclaim their lives
02/10 -  Following a string of controversies, Madison Cawthorn meets with his Jewish constituents
02/10 -  Trump impeachment lawyer's terrible opening argument stuns observers
02/10 -  Asheville residents, city council hash out what comes next for hotel moratorium
02/07 -  A $15 minimum wage could cut government spending on welfare programs by up to $30 billion, study finds
02/07 -  UK vaccine gambles paid off, while EU caution slowed it down
02/07 -  The secret history of the shadow campaign that saved the 2020 election
02/07 -  The Covid-19 news is bad, but there's room for optimism
02/01 -  Military stages coup in Myanmar, detains Aung San Suu Kyi
02/01 -  How fast can vaccination against covid-19 make a difference?
02/01 -  Local artist a finalist for Pabst Blue Ribbon can design that would cover 30 million cans
02/01 -  “Stop the Steal” organizer called for "execution” of Trump’s foes