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MAIN News Archives for July 2021

07/31 -  The surge of Covid-19 infections for unvaccinated people is only beginning, experts warn
07/31 -  Candler man facing 57 counts of "very serious crimes against children"
07/31 -  Police report confirms Rep. Cawthorn had handgun at Asheville Regional Airport
07/30 -  Christian summer camp in WNC turns into nationwide superspreader nightmare
07/30 -  Hospital morgues fill as death count climbs in Missouri
07/30 -  DeSantis signs onto Supreme Court brief supporting Mississippi effort to toss out Roe v. Wade
07/29 -  U.S. Senate agrees to move ahead on $550B in new infrastructure spending
07/29 -  Donald Trump has the most Trump reaction to defeat of his endorsed candidate
07/29 -  “They sought to convert us”: Officers’ January 6 testimony reveals the riot’s dark righteousness
07/29 -  Third suspect in Candler homicide investigation taken into custody
07/28 -  Republicans lash out against CDC's revised mask guidelines
07/28 -  Gunman opens fire in broad daylight in New York City, forcing woman pushing baby stroller to flee
07/28 -  Ecuador revokes citizenship of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
07/28 -  Duke University to require masks indoors again, citing Delta variant
07/28 -  Second arrest made in Candler homicide investigation
07/27 -  Blast in Germany industrial park kills one, four others missing
07/27 -  Why does the Wake GOP keep having events at an accused secret peeper’s business?
07/27 -  Crews recover body of man who drowned in French Broad River, officials say
07/27 -  18-year-old arrested in Candler homicide investigation, officials confirm
07/25 -  Acid-shooting whip scorpions are roaming a national park in Texas
07/25 -  Bullets rip into Durham home overnight, woman shot in head
07/25 -  Manhunt for 'very dangerous' man continues; assaulted officer released from hospital
07/25 -  Death of Buncombe County inmate ruled natural by medical examiner, officials say
07/22 -  Deadly coral disease sweeping Caribbean linked to wastewater from ships
07/22 -  Trump called crowd gathered for his speech before Capitol riot 'loving' in March audio recording
07/22 -  ‘It’s too late’: Doctor says dying COVID-19 patients are begging for vaccines
07/22 -  One man killed during police chase in Jackson County
07/21 -  Viruses are landing kids in the ICU this summer, but it's not all Covid
07/21 -  Ted Cruz is blocking diplomats from being confirmed, and it has nothing to do with their qualifications
07/21 -  US life expectancy drops by year and a half due to COVID-19, CDC says
07/21 -  Three businesses cited, fined in deadly wall collapse in Hendersonville
07/20 -  Donald Trump's latest dangerous vaccine pronouncement
07/20 -  Suddenly, Sean Hannity and other Fox Hosts are urging their viewers to get COVID-19 vaccines
07/20 -  Big day for Bezos: Blue Origin safely lands first crewed mission
07/20 -  American Airlines flight from Asheville diverted to Richmond
07/19 -  Microsoft Exchange hack caused by China, US and allies say
07/19 -  Suspect in assault of 11-year-old girl at Wake Forest Walmart due in court Monday
07/19 -  Tragedy on the Tuckasegee: Efforts to get justice for 19 African-American convicts
07/18 -  What the megadrought means to the American West
07/18 -  Europe floods: Merkel shocked by 'surreal' devastation
07/18 -  Trump said he thinks he could have beaten George Washington in an election
07/18 -  Divers pull body of 47-year-old South Carolina man from Lake Hartwell on Saturday
07/16 -  McCarthy puts political hopes above democracy with Trump pilgrimage
07/16 -  Netherlands sees ‘absolutely unprecedented’ surge in COVID cases after reopening nightclubs
07/16 -  Racism does exist. Latest push to ban discussing it is proof
07/16 -  Bogart's Restaurant in Sylva catches fire
07/15 -  15 years on, IDF girds for a potentially devastating war against Hezbollah
07/15 -  NC could limit affirmative action as GOP lawmakers push back against critical race theory
07/15 -  UNC trustees meet amid speculation over chancellor's future
07/15 -  Sen. Graham 'will go to war' to defend Chick-fil-A after students start petition
07/14 -  Superspreader 'explosions' continue to plague pandemic efforts
07/14 -  ‘Obstacles in voters’ way’: Three state bills could drastically change North Carolina’s election laws
07/14 -  New book details how Eric Trump ‘flipped out’ on election night
07/14 -  'Yes, there is a gang problem here': Community leader weighs in on violence in Asheville
07/13 -  Prosecuting pandemic-related fraud a daunting tasking for US, NC
07/13 -  Giuliani reportedly drunkenly pushed Trump to 'just say we won' on election night
07/13 -  Taliban fighters execute 22 Afghan commandos as they try to surrender
07/13 -  Asheville homicide victim had been arrested in Westville Pub shooting investigation
07/12 -  Richard Branson just flew to the edge of space. Here’s what it means for space travel
07/12 -  Watchdog groups ask Wake DA to investigate political contributions by former employees of Louis DeJoy
07/12 -  Hepatitis outbreak alarms NC health officials
07/12 -  Trump wins the CPAC straw poll as attendees clamor for him to run again
07/11 -  'Unrecognizable.' Lake Mead, a lifeline for water in Los Angeles and the West, tips toward crisis
07/11 -  Business Billionaire Richard Branson heads for space in his own ship
07/11 -  Colonial Pipeline could face hefty daily fine after leak in North Carolina
07/11 -  Donald Trump reportedly fed up with ‘annoying’ Kimberly Guilfoyle
07/10 -  Gravestones vandalized at Jewish cemetery in Baltimore
07/10 -  Biden fires top official at Social Security Administration after he refuses to resign
07/10 -  Erosion causes water to spill from Macon County dam
07/10 -  What's up with the 2019 Flatiron sale?
07/09 -  Right-wing Twitter imitations don't work — and Trump desperately wants back on real social media
07/09 -  Global coronavirus death toll surpasses 4 million, Johns Hopkins University says
07/09 -  Cooper vetoes bid to cut off federal pandemic jobless benefit
07/09 -  Man facing weapons charges after Westville Pub shooting; investigation ongoing
07/08 -  Five undervaccinated clusters put the entire United States at risk
07/08 -  Biden White House under pressure to ramp up response to escalating ransomware attacks
07/08 -  Trump files suit against Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
07/08 -  Vance Monument removal delay: NC Court of Appeals rejects city's bond request
07/06 -  Pope Francis has surgery for colon diverticulitis
07/06 -  What's behind the push for a fourth stimulus check
07/06 -  America's partisan fireworks will be hard for anyone to put out
07/06 -  Nikole Hannah-Jones chooses Howard over UNC-Chapel Hill
07/05 -  One person dead, three injured in accident on raft ride at Iowa amusement park
07/05 -  West Virginia GOP Governor issues blunt warning to unvaccinated
07/05 -  Search continues after Surfside collapse site demolition
07/05 -  New cyber assault is shaping up as biggest global ransomware attack to date
07/04 -  Medical marijuana bill passes in NC Senate committee
07/04 -  Award of legal fees to media coalition could influence other county and city governments
07/04 -  NC beachgoers rescue child caught in rip current
07/04 -  Cardinal fired by Pope Francis among 10 indicted by Vatican for fraud
07/03 -  Four LGBTQ-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinances take effect in North Carolina
07/03 -  New documents show residents in Florida's collapsed condo feared flaws in original design
07/03 -  Hurricane Elsa moving quickly across Caribbean, NC in path
07/03 -  Massachusetts State Police in standoff with group of armed men on I-95 in Wakefield area
07/02 -  US military leaves Bagram Airfield in major step in Biden's Afghan withdrawal
07/02 -  US Supreme Court rebuffs appeal by florist who spurned gay couple
07/02 -  Trump Organization and CFO Allen Weisselberg charged with 15 counts in alleged tax fraud scheme
07/02 -  J&J Covid-19 vaccine lasts at least 8 months, protects against Delta variant, studies find