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MAIN News Archives for October 2021

10/31 -  ‘It is a game changer’: Waging war on climate change from space
10/31 -  Liberty University faces new scrutiny over handling of sexual assault claims
10/31 -  Plans to push NC lawmakers to fund a 'sound basic education' due Monday in decades-long Leandro case
10/31 -  G20 make commitments on climate neutrality, coal financing
10/30 -  Overturning Roe could mean women seeking abortions have to travel hundreds of miles
10/30 -  It’s clear capitalism isn’t working when US politicians try to bring back child labor
10/30 -  NC redistricting suit challenges lack of race data for maps
10/30 -  6 out of 10 Asheville homicides in 2021 remain unsolved
10/29 -  The world's most powerful Catholics hold lengthy talks as Biden and Pope Francis meet at the Vatican
10/29 -  ‘I thought I was going to die’: Guantánamo prisoner’s torture testimony
10/29 -  Rep. Madison Cawthorn's question about 'the biggest lie' backfires spectacularly
10/29 -  North Carolina senator under investigation again for pandemic stock sales
10/28 -  How chemical companies avoid paying for pollution
10/28 -  Australia branded worst climate performer ahead of UN summit
10/28 -  Covid: Moscow shops and restaurants shut in partial lockdown
10/28 -  Woman found dead inside abandoned Denny's restaurant off Patton Avenue, police say
10/27 -  Climate change: UN emissions gap report a 'thundering wake-up call'
10/27 -  Blue Origin and Sierra Space announce plans for commercial space station
10/27 -  FDA advisory panel authorizes Pfizer's vaccine for children 5-11
10/27 -  Marjorie Taylor Greene is now trying to justify the January 6 riot
10/26 -  John Wayne Gacy victim identified through DNA from tooth
10/26 -  From atmospheric river to tornadoes to nor'easter, extreme weather strikes coast to coast
10/26 -  Is Biden’s entire agenda about to shrink into nothingness?
10/26 -  Proposed NC congressional district maps widely panned
10/26 -  Rolling Stone article: Cawthorn among lawmakers who helped plan Jan. 6 riot
10/25 -  Facebook has known it has a human trafficking problem for years. It still hasn't fully fixed it
10/25 -  Trump has weekend freakout over 'horrible' Fox News ads
10/25 -  America’s anti-abortion movement has a secret dirty weapon: gerrymandering
10/25 -  Jan. 6 protest organizers say they participated in ‘dozens’ of planning meetings with members of Congress
10/24 -  Another dangerous election bill from NC Republicans
10/24 -  One more voting rights filibuster will soon cause a final showdown in the Senate
10/24 -  Violent night in Raleigh as multiple shootings reported around city
10/24 -  US west coast braces for ‘atmospheric river’ as huge storm brews
10/23 -  Climate change will bring global tension, US intelligence report says
10/23 -  Trump social network given 30 days to stop breaking software license
10/23 -  ‘We need him to deliver’: Biden faces wrath of disappointed supporters
10/23 -  Buncombe County's slave deeds project spawns statewide database with over 50,000 names
10/22 -  House votes to hold Trump ally Steve Bannon in criminal contempt for defying subpoena
10/22 -  Northern states see uptick in COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations as weather gets colder
10/22 -  Pfizer says Covid vaccine more than 90% effective in kids
10/22 -  2 charged after Candler kidnapping
10/21 -  Manchin denies media report he could leave Democrats
10/21 -  Five military veterans advising Sen. Sinema resign, calling her one of the 'principal obstacles to progress'
10/21 -  Backlog of cargo ships at southern California ports reaches an all-time high
10/21 -  Investigation underway after 1 person was injured in a Henderson County shooting
10/20 -  ACLU sues Oklahoma over law prohibiting critical race theory topics from being taught in schools
10/20 -  Scrutiny grows of Joe Manchin’s steady stream of support from oil, gas and coal
10/20 -  Pat McCrory courts ethical controversy yet again with stock holdings
10/20 -  Man found in Swannanoa River was killed, Asheville police say
10/19 -  Texas lawmakers pass new congressional maps bolstering GOP
10/19 -  Biden urges Supreme Court to block Texas’ near-total abortion ban
10/19 -  University of North Carolina can continue to consider race as a factor in admissions process, judge rules
10/19 -  Body found in Asheville's Swannanoa River identified by police
10/18 -  Former Secretary of State Colin Powell dies from Covid complications
10/18 -  Capitol attack panel’s message to Steve Bannon: we won’t forget about you
10/18 -  Sinclair Broadcast Group says systems impacted by cyberattack
10/18 -  ‘This is our last chance’: Biden urged to act as climate agenda hangs by a thread
10/17 -  1 dead, 1 injured after overnight shooting at Fayetteville restaurant
10/17 -  J&J vaccine 'very likely' should have been 2 doses from the start: Fauci
10/17 -  What does Steve Bannon have to hide?
10/17 -  Group of 17 US missionaries and family members kidnapped in Haiti
10/15 -  Bill Clinton in hospital for non-COVID-19-related infection
10/15 -  ‘Heavy casualties’ as explosion hits Shia mosque in Afghanistan
10/15 -  Southern Baptist leader resigns amid abuse review division
10/15 -  Asheville man gets 24 years in prison in sex assault case
10/14 -  Peak oil is coming, but that won't save the world
10/14 -  Norway bow and arrow attack ‘appears to be act of terror’
10/14 -  Fauci says 'few religions' prohibit vaccinations
10/14 -  Multiple agencies, bomb squad respond to Macon County residence; 4 detained
10/13 -  Russia’s population undergoes largest ever peacetime decline, analysis shows
10/13 -  Florida fines key county $3.5 million for mandating COVID-19 vaccines
10/13 -  Man wanted for Asheville burglary turns himself in, police say
10/13 -  Mission Health investigated by North Carolina Department of Labor, findings expected this week
10/12 -  NC health director delivers new data that shows masks significantly reduced COVID-19 clusters in schools
10/12 -  Progressives are now heavyweights in the Democratic party
10/12 -  25% of all critical infrastructure in the US is at risk of failure due to flooding, new report finds
10/12 -  Two accused of kidnapping, killing teen whose body was found in Swannanoa River
10/11 -  Virginia's gubernatorial election is more important than ever as a national barometer
10/11 -  NC school boards alarmed by aggressive anti-mask parents
10/11 -  UNC-Chapel Hill cancels classes on Tuesday after suicide investigations
10/11 -  Investigation underway after body found below Blue Ridge Parkway overlook
10/10 -  Taiwan won't be forced to bow to China, President Tsai says during National Day celebrations
10/10 -  Biden administration delivers brusque message to Pakistan
10/10 -  Black Mountain pastor schemes to initiate relationship with teen, warrants say
10/10 -  The Supreme Court v. Reality
10/09 -  America is running out of everything
10/09 -  Stop calling Joe Manchin ‘moderate’ – he’s just a greedy reactionary
10/09 -  OSHA investigating Mission Health after nurses union files official complaint
10/09 -  North Korea says it fired new 'hypersonic missile'
10/08 -  About those strange posts on Facebook
10/08 -  The political system favors Republicans; Democrats have a right to change it
10/08 -  Major disappointment: America added way fewer jobs than expected in April
10/08 -  NC senator calls for Lt. Gov. Robinson's resignation over homophobic comments
10/07 -  Donald Trump justifies Capitol riot, says election was the 'real insurrection'
10/07 -  NC charter school under fire for teacher's racist comments
10/07 -  Pfizer seeks FDA authorization of COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11
10/07 -  Judge orders Texas to suspend new law banning most abortions
10/06 -  Three people found dead at Dunn motel with 1-year-old after possible overdose
10/06 -  Trashing the planet and hiding the money isn’t a perversion of capitalism; it is capitalism
10/06 -  County agrees to settle with woman separated from family as a child
10/06 -  One person killed in I-40 crash in Buncombe County
10/05 -  Missing couple found shot to death inside newspaper office, North Carolina cops say
10/05 -  Criminal inquiry into Trump’s Georgia election interference gathers steam
10/05 -  Agreement reached on major NC energy bill
10/05 -  Body of missing Asheville teen found in Swannanoa River
10/04 -  Russia test-fires new hypersonic missile from submarine
10/04 -  Pandora papers: biggest ever leak of offshore data exposes financial secrets of rich and powerful
10/04 -  Local animal sanctuary hit by flooding from TS Fred denied FEMA funding
10/04 -  Trump demands Pulitzer board rescind awards for Russia interference reporting
10/02 -  Senator Feinstein introduces bill requiring vaccine or negative COVID-19 for domestic flights
10/02 -  Why progressives didn't cave in biggest intra-party fight of the Biden era
10/02 -  ‘A perfect storm’: supply chain crisis could blow world economy off course
10/02 -  Henderson County Sheriff's Office tribute patrol car vandalized
10/01 -  Dissension at the Supreme Court as justices take their anger public
10/01 -  Infowars’ Alex Jones liable for damages in Sandy Hook lawsuits, judge rules
10/01 -  80 UNC Health workers quit over COVID-19 vaccine mandate
10/01 -  Couple injured in black bear attack near Folk Art Center along Blue Ridge Parkway