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MAIN News Archives for March 2022

03/31 -  Fed’s rate hikes threaten its goal of narrowing racial gaps
03/31 -  'He's an embarrassment': Republicans threaten to primary Cawthorn over controversial antics
03/31 -  DeMarcus Royal faces 6 charges, including attempted murder, in Asheville shooting
03/31 -  Ramada residents leave city’s temporary shelter
03/30 -  Legislative leaders pin Supreme Court elections ruling appeal on obscure legal theory
03/30 -  Putin may be accused of war crimes in Ukraine, but Trump's still asking for his help
03/30 -  Trump discussed ‘burner phones’ several times, John Bolton says
03/30 -  Man who tried hiding in ceiling after break-in faces additional felony charges, police say
03/29 -  US grand strategy after Ukraine
03/29 -  Civilian Army leader led child porn ring, risked US security
03/29 -  Second child dies from injuries in Jackson County shooting incident
03/29 -  Russia says it will 'drastically reduce' attacks around Kyiv
03/28 -  Steve Woodsmall announces intention to run for Congress in NC-11 as an unaffiliated candidate
03/28 -  Russia shifts focus to try to grind Ukraine’s army in east
03/28 -  700 acres scorched as 2 wildfires burn in Swain County from trees falling on power lines
03/28 -  Defending Will Smith’s Oscars violence is wrong
03/27 -  Trump returns to Georgia confronting test of his grip on GOP
03/27 -  Questions abound as Trump raises – and hoards – huge sums of 2024 cash
03/27 -  Crews battle 2 brush fires in Swain County as people evacuate homes
03/27 -  High winds in Brevard cause power outages, downed tree on Main Street
03/25 -  Ginni Thomas urged Trump’s chief of staff to overturn election results
03/25 -  How the pandemic housing market spurred buyer's remorse across America
03/25 -  Eventually, our nuclear luck will run out
03/25 -  EF-2 tornado leaves about a 6-mile swath of damage in Pickens County
03/24 -  Republicans turn Ketanji Brown Jackson hearing into a political circus
03/24 -  Fentanyl overdose becomes leading cause of death for adults age 18 to 45
03/24 -  Twenty identified in major Henderson County "criminal enterprise"
03/24 -  Weaverville sex assault suspect was arrested in Asheville the day before
03/23 -  A month in, Ukraine fights on, makes Moscow pay a high price
03/23 -  ‘We’re going back to a USSR’: long queues return for Russian shoppers as sanctions bite
03/23 -  Shooting incident at Spindale apartment complex leaves three with injuries
03/23 -  Heatwaves at both of Earth’s poles alarm climate scientists
03/22 -  Evictions mount, but Buncombe County court dismisses dozens of them
03/22 -  Russia has kidnapped over 2,000 children from Donbas, says Ukraine
03/22 -  Chatham County Schools hosts webinar about racism after mock 'slave auction'
03/22 -  Ukraine retakes key Kyiv suburb; battle for Mariupol rages
03/21 -  Justice Clarence Thomas has been hospitalized with an infection, Supreme Court says
03/21 -  What are hypersonic missiles and why is Russia using them?
03/21 -  Fire contained after Arden restaurant fire; Sweeten Creek has reopened
03/21 -  Change in NC rent aid programs could force counties to pull from their own budgets
03/20 -  Time to retool census? Some think so after minorities missed
03/20 -  Those on the right who loudly praised Putin have now fallen strangely silent
03/20 -  Why a group from outside NC is spending millions to influence the state's US Senate race
03/20 -  Windy conditions, low humidity causing increased fire danger for parts of the mountains
03/19 -  Lviv, Ukraine, hit with missiles for 1st time since Russian invasion
03/19 -  West Texas fires: crews hope for progress against giant blaze complex
03/19 -  'Madison is wrong': GOP backlash over Cawthorn grows after Zelensky insult
03/19 -  Madison County Jail reopens following electrical fire
03/18 -  SBI investigating Mark Meadows’ voter registration
03/18 -  Ukraine food supply falling apart, U.N. says; Russian missiles strike Lviv
03/18 -  Russia warns United States: we have the might to put you in your place
03/18 -  NC General Assembly takes redistricting fight to U.S. Supreme Court
03/17 -  Why Democrats should impeach Justice Clarence Thomas
03/17 -  Search for survivors after airstrike hits Mariupol theatre sheltering civilians
03/17 -  Koch Industries stays in Russia, backs groups opposing U.S. sanctions
03/17 -  NC fugitive wanted for shooting into occupied building arrested, deputies say
03/16 -  Senate passes bill that would make Daylight Saving Time permanent
03/16 -  Russian troops shoot dead 10 people waiting in line for bread, US embassy says
03/16 -  NC lawmakers question DHHS after report reveals dire conditions at Thomasville nursing home
03/16 -  Rutherford County man confesses to killing 4 people, warrant says
03/15 -  Australia court overturns teenagers’ climate change case
03/15 -  Germany to disarm far-right extremists, restricts gun access
03/15 -  Will Biden’s handling of the Ukraine crisis prove popular with US voters?
03/15 -  Suspect in deadly shooting spree of DC, NYC homeless people arrested
03/14 -  Early morning house fire kills one person in Macon County
03/14 -  Iran claims missile barrage near US consulate in Iraq
03/14 -  Russia has requested military and economic assistance from China, US officials say
03/14 -  Ukraine invasion may lead to worldwide food crisis, warns UN
03/13 -  Russia faces brain drain as thousands flee abroad
03/13 -  How Ukraine has become the crucible of the new world order
03/13 -  Companies abusing NC COVID immunity law in nursing home deaths, lawyers and families say
03/13 -  Homelessness, safety rank as top downtown concerns
03/12 -  Agenda languishing, Democrats press Biden to go it alone
03/12 -  US officials eye Russian reliance on unsophisticated but brutal heavy weaponry in Ukraine
03/12 -  Kyiv ‘ready to fight’ as Russian forces close in Ukraine capital
03/12 -  Group files another challenge to Rep. Cawthorn's candidacy
03/11 -  Russia widens attack with airstrikes on western Ukraine cities
03/11 -  Traveling Holocaust education exhibit comes to Asheville
03/11 -  Cawthorn: Zelensky is "a thug" and Ukrainian gov't "pushing woke ideologies"
03/11 -  Winter not done yet, weekend snow in the forecast for some
03/10 -  US inflation jumped 7.9% last year, reports labor department
03/10 -  125 Afghan evacuees resettled in Buncombe County
03/10 -  Three killed in wrong-way crash on I-40 in Benson, including pregnant woman
03/10 -  Rep. Cawthorn charged with multiple traffic violations in 5-month span
03/09 -  Giant venomous spiders infiltrated the southeastern US and are expected to spread rapidly, experts say
03/09 -  Clash between Poland and US over MiG-29s reveals tensions in escalating war
03/09 -  Two people shot at Green's Mini-Mart in Asheville
03/09 -  Couple threatened at knifepoint while walking at Asheville's Beaver Lake
03/08 -  ‘They were sent as cannon fodder’: Siberian governor confronted by relatives of Russian unit
03/08 -  Shell says it will stop buying Russian oil, natural gas
03/08 -  AP Source: Biden to ban Russian oil imports over Ukraine war
03/08 -  Board votes to make masks optional in Asheville City Schools
03/07 -  Dow tumbles as West considers cutting off Russian oil
03/07 -  US assures nervous Baltics of NATO protection against Russia
03/07 -  'Massive spikes coast to coast' Locally, gas prices up over 47-cents in the last week
03/07 -  Why did Mark Meadows register to vote at an address where he did not reside?
03/06 -  'How fast could you sell this?' Russian elites scramble to move, sell assets to get ahead of international crackdown
03/06 -  Biden rises to the moment as Ukraine makes battle against autocracy real
03/06 -  Harris to mark 'Bloody Sunday' anniversary in Selma
03/06 -  Political science expert weighs in on challenge to Rep. Cawthorn's candidacy being blocked
03/05 -  ‘Key to white survival’: how Putin has morphed into a far-right savior
03/05 -  Thief steals 15 dozen eggs during latest break-in involving Asheville restaurant
03/05 -  Judge blocks voters' Constitutional challenge against Rep. Cawthorn's candidacy
03/05 -  Five houses evacuated because of brush fire in Candler area
03/04 -  Demoralised Russian soldiers tell of anger at being ‘duped’ into war
03/04 -  Russian arrested in Raleigh could be connected to the stalled military convoy in Ukraine
03/04 -  Big Ivy protections spur big turnout at Buncombe meeting
03/04 -  Former deputy clerk accused of peeping at Buncombe County Courthouse
03/03 -  The west has declared all-out financial war with Russia. What does this mean?
03/03 -  Russians struggle to understand Ukraine war: 'We didn't choose this'
03/03 -  Americans should get ready for $5 a gallon gas, analyst warns
03/03 -  Woman describes moment stolen vehicle crashed into van carrying disabled persons
03/02 -  Russians are bracing for a dramatic shift in their standard of living
03/02 -  UN general assembly votes overwhelmingly to deplore invasion
03/02 -  VP Kamala Harris gives nod to union workers, working class in speech at Durham Tech
03/02 -  New challenges filed against Cawthorn's candidacy after he returns to 11th District run
03/01 -  Why the Chinese internet is cheering Russia’s invasion
03/01 -  Buncombe park turf replacement to cost extra $1.25M
03/01 -  ‘I’m afraid Russia will invade us next’: alarm among Ukraine’s neighbours
03/01 -  NC ABC stores suspend availability of Russian products