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MAIN News Archives for May 2022

05/31 -  Justice Department investigates police response to school mass shooting in Texas
05/31 -  In big bid to punish Moscow, EU bans most Russia oil imports
05/31 -  Did Joe Manchin block climate action to benefit his financial interests?
05/31 -  Emergency crews report an "explosion" in Black Mountain motel room
05/30 -  Serbia ignores EU sanctions, secures gas deal with Putin
05/30 -  Progressives take aim at Democratic leadership over support for centrist candidates
05/30 -  Three people injured in shooting at hookah lounge in Fayetteville
05/30 -  Man turns himself in, charged with first-degree murder in Asheville shooting death
05/29 -  Boris Johnson to reportedly bring back imperial measurements to mark platinum jubilee
05/29 -  'Multiple' People Wounded In Chattanooga Shooting: Report
05/29 -  Crews search for reported 'person in distress' in French Broad River
05/29 -  Man wanted for retail theft now facing robbery charges, considered 'armed & dangerous'
05/28 -  Worry about stagflation, a flashback to ’70s, begins to grow
05/28 -  Republican primaries offer look into future of Trumpism without Trump
05/28 -  NC hemp bill passes key Senate committee
05/28 -  Could WNC's booming housing market bust? Experts weigh in
05/27 -  NC voter turnout nearly doubles during state primary
05/27 -  The cold logic behind Russia’s crude, nihilistic tactics in Ukraine
05/27 -  'Life-threatening' flash flooding in Haywood county, state of emergency declared
05/27 -  The Southern Baptist moral meltdown
05/26 -  NC Medicaid expansion gets serious attention from Senate GOP
05/26 -  Police face questions over delays in storming Texas school
05/26 -  Russian President Putin holding world to ransom over food - UK's Truss
05/26 -  NC politicians react to calls for gun reform following mass shooting at Texas school
05/25 -  'Recession warning': Sales of new homes plunge in April
05/25 -  What we know so far about the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas
05/25 -  Georgia Gov. Kemp defeats Trump-backed challenger, former Senator Perdue in GOP primary
05/25 -  Massive makeover of I-26 in Buncombe, Henderson counties about halfway finished
05/24 -  Florida trio sentenced to 18 years in prison for $200 million baby formula export scam
05/24 -  The plan to get grain past Russia’s blockade
05/24 -  State budget taking shape behind closed doors
05/24 -  'It's a big puzzle,' Macon County sheriff says of death investigation
05/23 -  ‘Presumptive’ case of monkeypox identified in Florida
05/23 -  Biden says U.S. will defend Taiwan militarily if China invades
05/23 -  We must stop letting Russia define the terms of the Ukraine crisis
05/23 -  Authorities search for suspects in Macon County death investigation
05/21 -  Missile strikes push Russian-speaking Odesa’s allegiance toward Ukraine
05/21 -  COVID-19, shootings: Is mass death now tolerated in America?
05/21 -  ‘Any number of rights could be next’ if Roe v Wade goes, says Buttigieg
05/21 -  Man accused of beating diner owner during home invasion now charged in her death
05/20 -  Elon Musk calls sexual misconduct allegations "utterly untrue" and "wild"
05/20 -  Russia taking "countermeasures" in response to Finland and Sweden joining NATO
05/20 -  Beaten Rep. Madison Cawthorn rants about ‘Dark MAGA’ and ‘gentile politics’
05/20 -  Buncombe commits $3M in ARPA funds to preschool programs
05/19 -  Election denier wins, bad behavior dooms Cawthorn
05/19 -  The banks collapsed in 2008 – and our food system is about to do the same
05/19 -  Missing campaign finance reports in Durham
05/19 -  Medical examiner: Woman found dead in abandoned Asheville Denny's was strangled
05/18 -  Election denier triumphs as primaries test Trump’s grip on Republican party
05/18 -  WNC primary elections 2022 live coverage
05/18 -  Embattled District 11 Rep. Madison Cawthorn concedes; Chuck Edwards takes nomination
05/18 -  Incumbent Manheimer, councilmember Roney to face off in Asheville mayoral race in November
05/17 -  Abbott reaches deal with FDA to reopen baby formula plant linked to shortage
05/17 -  What is ‘great replacement’ theory and how did its racist lies spread in the US?
05/17 -  Trump asks NC voters to give Madison Cawthorn a 'second chance'
05/17 -  Commissioners considering plan that would conserve 20% of Buncombe County's acreage
05/16 -  Buffalo shooting suspect planned to continue rampage down street, police say
05/16 -  Elon Musk's 'hold' on Twitter deal triggers securities fraud concerns
05/16 -  Scrutiny of Republicans who embrace ‘great replacement theory’ after Buffalo massacre
05/16 -  Macon County road reopened after overnight landslide closes it for most of day
05/15 -  Fights over school boards share ballot with North Carolina's Senate primary
05/15 -  10 dead in Buffalo supermarket attack police call hate crime
05/15 -  Finland formally confirms intention to join Nato
05/15 -  Hundreds take stance for abortion rights in 'Bans Off Our Bodies' rally in Hendersonville
05/14 -  Russia takes losses in failed river crossing, officials say
05/14 -  The Supreme Court and the end of the Democratic century
05/14 -  Why fake accounts have become a sticking point in Elon Musk's Twitter acquisition
05/14 -  Record high gas prices impacting WNC tourism areas; businesses seeing drop in customers
05/13 -  Ukraine says Russia strikes hit schools as first war crime trial gets underway in Kyiv
05/13 -  Alito’s draft opinion overturning Roe is still the only one circulated inside Supreme Court
05/13 -  Senator Rand Paul single-handedly holds up $40bn US aid for Ukraine
05/13 -  SRO on leave after physical altercation with elementary school student
05/12 -  North Carolina is 2nd safest state from COVID despite recent upsurge, study says
05/12 -  Why Finland, Sweden joining NATO will be big deal
05/12 -  Finland's leaders say they are in favor of seeking NATO membership
05/12 -  Data shows 21% increase in homelessness in Asheville as city contracts consultant
05/11 -  Running Twitter may be much harder than Elon Musk thinks
05/11 -  Democrats to force vote next week on Roe v. Wade decision
05/11 -  Dump truck driver, school bus driver pinned in Charlotte crash, 15 children on board
05/11 -  Employees found "asleep" and in possession of narcotics at Yancey assisted living facility
05/10 -  Is there a culture of racism at Duke University?
05/10 -  Climate limit of 1.5C close to being broken, scientists warn
05/10 -  Fuel leaks, faulty stop signs: How the pandemic has impacted NC's school buses
05/10 -  Unaffiliated voters account for almost half of Republican ballots cast so far in NC 11
05/09 -  Former defense secretary Mark Esper: President Trump suggested shooting protesters, missile strikes in Mexico
05/09 -  Putin blames the West for Ukraine war in ‘Victory Day’ speech
05/09 -  Why are gas prices still going up?
05/09 -  The fall and rise and fall of Madison Cawthorn
05/08 -  Climate change is drying up biggest reservoir in US
05/08 -  Odesa hit by missiles as Ukraine claims it has sunk second Russian ship
05/08 -  Russia's grave miscalculation: Ukrainians would collaborate
05/08 -  Man shot, killed by Raleigh police after throwing Molotov cocktails at officers, vehicles outside station
05/07 -  Ukraine braces for escalated attacks ahead of Russia’s V-Day
05/07 -  Samuel Alito: the abrasive justice taking abortion rights back to the 17th century
05/07 -  U.S. Rep. Madison Cawthorn gave cousin $141K in campaign and taxpayer funds, records show
05/07 -  Storms bring hail, downed trees and power outages to WNC
05/06 -  Reproductive justice groups frustrated by Democrats' modified bill to codify Roe
05/06 -  US added 428,000 jobs in April despite surging inflation
05/06 -  Ending Roe v Wade could badly backfire on Republicans during elections this year
05/06 -  Republicans and Democrats take shots at Rep. Cawthorn over latest video
05/05 -  Millions in Asheville ARPA funding may go to create shelter space
05/05 -  The Ohio primary shows that Trump still has a tight hold on the Republican party
05/05 -  Cawthorn responds to leaked video showing him simulating sex act
05/05 -  Asheville urges NC Supreme Court to not hear appeal of Vance Monument case
05/04 -  AP evidence points to 600 dead in Mariupol theater airstrike
05/04 -  Statue of Native American ballerina destroyed and sold to recycling center
05/04 -  As Feinstein declines, Democrats struggle to manage an open secret
05/04 -  Pro-choice protest draws 100+ demonstrators to Asheville's Prichard Park
05/03 -  By saying nothing as the world burns, the Met Gala shows we’re still living in a gilded age
05/03 -  Supreme Court abortion bombshell suggests a staggering change in American life
05/03 -  Ukrainian fighters: Russian forces storming Mariupol plant
05/03 -  Possible overturning of Roe sends abortion fight to states
05/02 -  Conservatives don’t want true democracy, and ‘nice’ Republicans are no exception
05/02 -  Germany, India sign $10.5B green development deal
05/02 -  "Serious threat" cancels classes for one Western North Carolina school on Monday
05/02 -  Israel lashes out at Russia over Lavrov's Nazism remarks
05/01 -  Man who died outside Supreme Court raises complicated questions, calls attention to 'climate grief'
05/01 -  Pelosi leads delegation to Kyiv and Poland; vows US support
05/01 -  JD Vance Senate run is test of Trump influence on Republican party
05/01 -  Salary increases drive Buncombe County budget growth