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MAIN News Archives for January 2023

01/31 -  Tesla gets Justice Department subpoena for self-driving cars
01/31 -  Paul Pelosi attack: rightwing pundits backtrack after release of police video
01/31 -  Trump sues journalist Bob Woodward
01/31 -  Gunshot, search for explosives startle Forest City community
01/30 -  Boris Johnson says Putin said he could hit him with missile
01/30 -  Queen of clean Marie Kondo says she has ‘kind of given up’ on tidying at home
01/30 -  Young bull rider dies in Stokes County rodeo accident
01/30 -  Gas prices rise for the 5th straight week with no sign of stopping
01/29 -  Drone attack on Iranian weapons factory was phenomenal success - sources
01/29 -  Tears, blunders and chaos: inside Elon Musk’s Twitter
01/29 -  Nearly 30,000 gallons of animal waste from farm released into creek in Bladen County
01/29 -  Man wanted for armed robbery of gas station taken into custody, officials say
01/27 -  US expands sanctions on Russia’s ‘brutal’ Wagner Group
01/27 -  Revealed: Trump secretly donated $1m to discredited Arizona election ‘audit’
01/27 -  Abortion in NC: Democrats propose putting Roe vs. Wade ruling into state law
01/27 -  Will there be any help for businesses hurt by Asheville water outage?
01/26 -  Despite concerns, US to send 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine
01/26 -  Ukraine downed 47 out of 55 Russian missiles, says top general
01/26 -  Smartphone shipments – including iPhones – plunge at record level, report says
01/26 -  Asheville mayor denies claim she rejected help from state amid water crisis
01/25 -  NRA sues over Illinois ban on semiautomatic weapons
01/25 -  Germany confirms it will provide Ukraine with Leopard 2 tanks
01/25 -  Nuclear mishap: Field hides remnants of atomic bombs dropped on NC 62 years ago today
01/25 -  Curbing gun violence: Buncombe County plans $2.5 million for community-based approach
01/24 -  7 killed in Half Moon Bay as California mourns earlier mass shooting
01/24 -  Colombia reports 215 human rights defenders murdered in 2022
01/24 -  Ukraine deputy minister sacked for alleged theft of $400,000
01/24 -  Year-end stats for Buncombe show double-digit declines in some major crime categories
01/23 -  Russia, Estonia expel ambassadors amid ‘destroyed’ relations
01/23 -  Monterey Park shooting suspect, 72, found dead of self-inflicted gunshot
01/23 -  Minister: Germany won't block Poland giving Ukraine tanks
01/23 -  Jury rejects woman's allegations that high-ranking Asheville police officer trafficked her
01/22 -  Why Germany is struggling to stomach the idea of sending tanks to Ukraine
01/22 -  LA mass shooting suspect kills 10 near Lunar New Year fest
01/22 -  ‘I hope this triggers outrage’: surprise Brett Kavanaugh documentary premieres at Sundance
01/22 -  Gas station owners asking for help identifying suspect in west Asheville business break-in
01/21 -  Russia's Wagner chief writes to White House over new U.S. sanctions
01/21 -  German caution on Ukraine arms rooted in political culture
01/21 -  Republicans squabble over abortion as 2024 primaries loom
01/21 -  Shooting at Hillcrest Apartments leads to major drug bust in West Asheville
01/20 -  Lake Mead water levels set to reach all time low in 2023
01/20 -  This is an era of plentiful, cheap, renewable energy, but the fossil fuel dinosaurs can’t admit it
01/20 -  First Black woman to serve in NC General Assembly dies, flags ordered to half-staff
01/20 -  Victim transported with injuries following Asheville shooting, police say
01/19 -  One of the world’s coldest places is now the warmest it’s been in 1,000 years, scientists say
01/19 -  Salisbury woman charged with murder of husband at motel in Maggie Valley
01/19 -  ‘All-natural’ Simply Orange Juice has high toxic PFAS levels, lawsuit alleges
01/19 -  Police release details on victim in city's first homicide, suspect search underway
01/18 -  Ukraine interior minister, others killed in helicopter crash
01/18 -  Trump ally Matt Schlapp sued by Herschel Walker aide over groping claim
01/18 -  Speaker Tim Moore's power grab
01/18 -  AG Josh Stein announces he is running for NC governor in 2024
01/17 -  Young storytellers to document Community Reparations Commission's progress
01/17 -  Trump turns on evangelical leaders for 'disloyalty' in angry new rant
01/17 -  Mass shooting at MLK Jr. Day event in Fort Pierce
01/17 -  China’s first population fall since 1961 creates ‘bleaker’ outlook for country
01/16 -  Aetna picked to operate North Carolina employee health plan
01/16 -  Germany’s defense minister resigns amid Ukraine criticism
01/16 -  How McCarthy’s speaker deals will cause ‘cannibalistic brawl among extremists’
01/16 -  Police seek information on suspects after break-in at Merrimon Avenue business
01/15 -  Wind generated a record amount of electricity in 2022
01/15 -  Facing opposition, feds shape future for popular NC forestland
01/15 -  There’s one winner in the Biden documents discovery: Donald Trump
01/15 -  Cawthorn claims he never heard from Edwards about data; Edwards responds with screenshots
01/14 -  Rep. Katie Porter’s Senate campaign conundrum
01/14 -  In Alabama, tornadoes rattle historic civil rights community
01/14 -  Tanks will help Kyiv break the deadlock. But its partners now face a fork in the road
01/14 -  Weather closes local libraries and delays opening of landfill and parks
01/13 -  Rifts in Russian military command seen amid Ukraine fighting
01/13 -  Poland to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine, if others do, too
01/13 -  Rightwing group pours millions in ‘dark money’ into US voter suppression bid
01/13 -  Investigation underway after Macon County school employee allegedly tapes student to desk
01/12 -  Accumulating snowfall likely for many around WNC Friday and into Saturday
01/12 -  How NOTAM caused widespread flight disruptions
01/12 -  ‘The nation’s executioners’: the US supreme court’s shift towards capital punishment
01/12 -  Suspect charged in string of business burglaries in West Asheville, River Arts District
01/11 -  Haiti left with no elected government officials as it spirals towards anarchy
01/11 -  Former UNC employee accused of embezzling $60,000
01/11 -  FAA lifts ground stop on flights following computer outage
01/11 -  Sex-trafficking trial involving high-ranking Asheville police officer begins in Virginia
01/10 -  What the rioters in Brazil learned from Americans
01/10 -  ‘What madness looks like’: Russia intensifies Bakhmut attack
01/10 -  House adopts new rules Democrats decry as a ‘ransom note to America’
01/10 -  Henderson County to start school year on Aug.14, two weeks earlier than state law allows
01/09 -  Biden proposes tougher limits on deadly soot pollution
01/09 -  Brazilian officials vow crackdown on pro-Bolsonaro rioters
01/09 -  Cellphones, cameras, DNA: how police caught Idaho student killings suspect
01/09 -  Authorities searching for vehicle in connection with multi-stabbing incident
01/06 -  Finally, some modest good news for abortion rights in America
01/06 -  South Carolina's death penalty in limbo as state's Supreme Court hears arguments
01/06 -  South Carolina Supreme Court strikes down state abortion ban
01/06 -  Alaska’s warming ocean is putting food and jobs at risk, scientists say
01/05 -  Feds say railroad must deliver grain to California chickens
01/05 -  House of Representatives: why is it taking so long to elect a speaker?
01/05 -  Buncombe prepares for trash collection fee increase
01/05 -  Suspect arrested after Black Mountain shooting incident
01/04 -  Welfare scandal sharpens contrasts in long-poor Mississippi
01/04 -  The right thrives on bullying ‘snowflakes’. But who will vote for it when they grow old?
01/04 -  Woman reported missing in Rutherford county found dead, authorities say
01/04 -  Some Western North Carolina hospitals are at or near capacity
01/03 -  New Congress to convene, but will McCarthy be House speaker?
01/03 -  Trump seems to have a large war chest – but is he struggling to raise money?
01/03 -  'They're just leaving us stranded out here:' a week without water
01/03 -  Death investigation underway, authorities say no threat to public & suspects in custody