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MAIN News Archives for June 2023

06/30 -  BCTDA adopts $27.5 million operating budget
06/30 -  Far-right Finnish minister resigns after 10 days over Nazi comments
06/30 -  Supreme Court strikes down affirmative action nationwide in lawsuit involving UNC
06/30 -  Travel forecast 'choppy' as Buncombe Co. TDA reports dwindling overnight tourism numbers
06/29 -  EU mulls levy on frozen Russian assets to support Ukraine reconstruction
06/29 -  Second night of violent protests in Paris suburb after police killing of teenager
06/29 -  Ban on gender-affirming care for transgender minors in NC heads to Gov. Cooper's desk
06/29 -  Man accused of 'slashing' another man's face with a box cutter, police say
06/28 -  Trump sues E Jean Carroll for defamation over rape comments
06/28 -  NC's new abortion ban facing first legal challenge in federal court
06/28 -  Supreme Court denies state legislatures the unchecked power to set election rules
06/28 -  Wanted man arrested on multiple charges in east Asheville, found with firearm and drugs
06/27 -  In an audio recording Donald Trump discusses a ‘highly confidential’ document with an interviewer
06/27 -  Current heatwave across US south made five times more likely by climate crisis
06/27 -  Big raises for woman who was dating NC House speaker
06/27 -  'Already turning away business:' Venue deals with fallout from decades old HVAC system
06/26 -  Biden will announce how billions of dollars for expanding broadband internet are being distributed
06/26 -  Rents fall nearly 3% from near record highs in Raleigh, says new report
06/26 -  Fire destroys section of building's roof near Asheville VA; hospital operations unaffected
06/26 -  Clemson University to launch SC's first college of veterinary medicine, following Board of Trustees' historic approval
06/25 -  When wealthy adventurers take huge risks, who should foot the bill for rescue attempts?
06/25 -  Prigozhin’s rockstar exit from Rostov shows public support for ‘traitor’
06/25 -  NC plan to expand private school vouchers rekindles debate over separation of church and state
06/25 -  'He was making gunpowder:' Man suffers severe injuries in middle-of-night home explosion
06/24 -  Kansas’ attorney general is moving to block trans people from changing their birth certificates
06/24 -  Wagner chief claims to have seized military sites in Rostov as Moscow implements anti-terror measures
06/24 -  Russian helicopters battle Wagner mercenaries rolling toward Moscow
06/24 -  HVAC issues at Thomas Wolfe Auditorium force Asheville Symphony to relocate shows
06/23 -  US honeybees suffer second deadliest season on record
06/23 -  After 5 killed on Titanic-bound submersible, authorities are trying to figure out how it imploded
06/23 -  Rabid cat found in Wake Forest neighborhood, five people exposed
06/23 -  Buncombe County Sheriff's deputy charged with solicitation of prostitute, terminated
06/22 -  When will Titanic tourist sub run out of air?
06/22 -  U.S. reading and math scores drop to lowest level in decades
06/22 -  Apology letter could be key evidence in alienation-of-affection case against NC House Speaker Tim Moore
06/22 -  NC attorney general's office details concerns in letter to HCA, citing staffing shortage
06/21 -  Samuel Alito did not declare gifts from billionaire with case before US supreme court
06/21 -  NC House speaker says relationship with separated woman was appropriate
06/21 -  New voting system approved in Buncombe County to improve voter experience, reduce waste
06/21 -  Mature American Chestnut trees found in Tribal Reserve
06/20 -  Fury and passion ignites over proposed social drinking district in Waynesville
06/20 -  Sudden heat increase in seas around UK and Ireland
06/20 -  New Orleans archdiocese concealed serial child molester for years
06/20 -  McDowell County braces for potential flash floods amid 6-inch rain forecast
06/19 -  Black children are more likely to have asthma, and a lot comes down to where they live
06/19 -  Well-funded Christian group behind US effort to roll back LGBTQ+ rights
06/19 -  NC House Speaker sued for alienation of affection
06/19 -  'Tough to see how young they are:' Juvenile suspect charged in downtown shooting
06/18 -  Both sides suffer heavy casualties as Ukraine strikes back against Russia, UK assessment says
06/18 -  ‘Anyone want to buy?’: Turkish lira falls as traders await uplift in economy
06/18 -  North Carolina governor vetoes limits on politics, race discussion in state workplaces
06/18 -  Shooting near Juneteenth celebration in downtown Asheville cancels Day 2 of event
06/17 -  Takeaways from the scathing report on Minneapolis police after George Floyd’s killing
06/17 -  US rightwing group planned $6m for anti-trans messaging in 2022 midterms
06/17 -  NC losing lead in solar growth, report shows
06/17 -  Anti-crime summit in Asheville sparks debate on lawbreaking, underlying issues in WNC
06/16 -  Trump’s promise of payback for prosecution follows years of attacking democratic traditions
06/16 -  UN nuclear chief says situation at Zaporizhzhia plant is ‘serious’ but it can operate safely for ‘some time’
06/16 -  Asheville firefighters roll out community responder team pilot
06/16 -  Leaders looking to reimagine millions of square feet in empty Charlotte office space
06/15 -  US supreme court upholds protections for Native American children
06/15 -  Suspect in mass shooting at Colorado gay nightclub expected to take plea deal
06/15 -  Frozen strawberries, fruit blends recalled over potential hepatitis A contamination
06/15 -  Fletcher Town Council approves $234,000 for police body and vehicle dash cameras
06/14 -  The Great Grift: How billions in COVID-19 relief aid was stolen or wasted
06/14 -  A silent and sullen Trump goes before judge in Miami – amid din outside
06/14 -  Gov. Cooper headed to Charlotte to sign sports betting bill
06/14 -  Shots fired at Canton Dollar General, authorities say
06/13 -  Promised downtown partnership between Asheville police and Buncombe deputies never happened
06/13 -  Trump finds no new lawyers in time for Mar-a-Lago documents arraignment
06/13 -  LGBT representation tied to greater economic prosperity, Wells Fargo economists find
06/13 -  Rutherford inmate hospitalized after being 'shackled and chained to the floor,' mom says
06/12 -  World Bank set to take on risk of insuring carbon credits amid market upheaval
06/12 -  Silvio Berlusconi, former Italian prime minister and mogul, dies
06/12 -  Section of heavily traveled I-95 collapses in Philadelphia after tanker truck catches fire
06/12 -  Mission Health clears up confusion surrounding cancer center claims
06/11 -  Is climate change fuelling Canada's wildfires?
06/11 -  9 people wounded in San Francisco mass shooting; 1 remains in critical condition
06/11 -  NC GOP votes to censure Republican U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis, citing his record on gay marriage, immigration
06/11 -  Hendersonville Pride holds 3rd annual 'Picnic for Pride' event
06/10 -  Pence, Trump expected to offer competing visions of leadership in NC speeches
06/10 -  Trump indictment is stress test for US democracy as Republicans rally round
06/10 -  Buncombe County Sheriff's Office report stresses need for increased police presence downtown
06/10 -  Asheville water crisis report reveals system deficiencies and communication failures
06/09 -  Trump indicted: What to know about the documents case and what’s next
06/09 -  Surprise US supreme court ruling could help Democrats take House in 2024
06/09 -  Ben Crump to respond to autopsy for Darryl Williams, who died in Raleigh police custody
06/09 -  Asheville City Schools announces second superintendent in one month span
06/08 -  Main suspect in 2005 disappearance of Natalee Holloway due to be extradited to US
06/08 -  Climate change is already making parts of America uninsurable
06/08 -  Independent review of Asheville's water crisis during holidays complete; report soon to be released
06/08 -  Incoming Asheville schools superintendent withdraws from job
06/07 -  New York City goes after Hyundai, Kia after security flaw leads to wave of social media fueled theft
06/07 -  Mega-donor faces new Senate subpoena threat over gifts to Clarence Thomas
06/07 -  NC Democrats want special elections for party-switchers like Rep. Tricia Cotham
06/07 -  Waste Pro contract up for discussion as Buncombe leaders consider extension
06/06 -  Carbon dioxide soars to a new record in Earth's atmosphere as climate change continues unabated
06/06 -  Harvard affirmative action challenge partly based on Holocaust denier’s work
06/06 -  Collapse of major dam in southern Ukraine triggers emergency as Moscow and Kyiv blame each other
06/06 -  'We saw the deceased's head sticking out from under a pile of clothes,' police say
06/05 -  Trump-era officials under fire as nuclear fund for Bikini islanders is squandered
06/05 -  After legislative setbacks, NC Democrats see opportunity in 2024
06/05 -  'Not one more life:' Mothers united by gun violence tragedy call for action, change
06/05 -  Man drowns in lake after attempting to help child in distress, officials say
06/04 -  Texas bans gender-affirming care for minors after governor signs bill
06/04 -  India train disaster: signal fault identified as cause, says minister
06/04 -  Smoke from Canadian wildfires prompts Air Quality Alert for parts of Carolinas
06/04 -  Fifth earthquake recorded near Canton in less than two weeks
06/03 -  Boeing’s astronaut capsule faces more launch delays after latest problems
06/03 -  Amazon and Google fund anti-abortion lawmakers through complex shell game
06/03 -  Man charged with setting fires outside Asheville City Hall
06/03 -  Borrower advocates press for Biden veto on ‘shameful’ student debt bill
06/02 -  How Biden and McCarthy struck a debt limit deal and staved off a catastrophe
06/02 -  Revealed: The secret push to bury a weedkiller’s link to Parkinson’s disease
06/02 -  Hicks, Sneed to face off in September general election
06/02 -  Political promises aside, residents need financial support, Canton mayor says
06/01 -  Hazardous air alerts are rising in unexpected places, thanks to climate change
06/01 -  US House passes bill to suspend debt ceiling just days before default
06/01 -  NC study discovers chemical in common sweetener damages DNA, can cause cancer
06/01 -  Suspect identified, on the run after robbing Hendersonville bank, police say