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MAIN News Archives for August 2023

08/31 - McConnell’s frozen moment renews questions about America’s aged leaders politics/mitch-mcconnell-aging-us-leaders/index.html
08/31 -  Donald Trump allegedly inflated his net worth by as much as $2.2 billion in 2014
08/31 -  'Taking us back to Jim Crow': Black lawyers say NC Supreme Court investigation motivated by racism
08/31 -  Lightning strike hits trees, gas line before sending Brevard house up in flames
08/30 -  Duke Energy to begin work on temporary downtown substation next spring
08/30 -  China’s summer of climate destruction
08/30 -  Gabon officers declare military coup, President Ali Bongo detained
08/30 -  India lodges protest with China over map claiming border territory
08/29 -  ‘Off-the-charts records’: has humanity finally broken the climate?
08/29 -  UNC fatal shooting suspect is 34-year-old PhD student; remembered as 'quiet and nice'
08/29 -  'It's not just your life:' Candler residents plead for speed control after fatal crash
08/29 -  Saudi Arabia reportedly sentences man to death for criticizing government on social media
08/28 -  Former Navy SEAL who claims he killed Osama bin Laden arrested in North Texas, reports say
08/28 -  Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis booed at vigil as hundreds mourn more racist killings
08/28 -  Judge to hear arguments on Mark Meadows' request to move Georgia election case to federal court
08/28 -  'A way to bring a little history back:' Historic Waynesville arch making its comeback on Main Street
08/26 -  Is masking coming back? As new COVID variants emerge, here's what experts say.
08/26 -  Texas judge blocks ban on gender-affirming medical care for minors
08/26 -  More teens to be tried, treated as adults under new NC law
08/26 -  Duo's bogus scheme to arrest Haywood County officials leaves local leaders shaken
08/25 -  Ecuadorians reject Amazon oil drilling in historic referendum
08/25 -  Trump’s Tucker Carlson segment was bizarre and boring at the same time
08/25 -  Climate change, mental health and UFOs: Moments you may have missed from the 1st GOP primary debate
08/25 -  Haywood County woman sentenced to 2 years for sending threats to local elected officials
08/24 -  Putin boosted by Prigozhin’s apparent death, Wagner group future in doubt
08/24 -  Was Lucy Letby an unlikely serial killer? To most people, yes – but not psychologists
08/24 -  South Carolina’s all-male Supreme Court upholds 6-week abortion ban
08/24 -  'Promise after promise:' Business owner claims Catawba Brewing owes company more than $100K
08/23 -  Thousands of evacuees return home as Tenerife wildfire eases
08/23 -  Drone strikes Moscow building as region hit by sixth successive night of attacks
08/23 -  EPA: More drinking water systems across NC contain toxic 'forever chemicals'
08/23 -  Father of NFL cornerback Caleb Farley killed in explosion at North Carolina home
08/22 -  Climate change could threaten NC's wild turkey population. Here's how.
08/22 -  Large lake home collapses in Mooresville
08/22 -  The unbelievably bonkers conspiracy theorist running for governor of North Carolina
08/22 -  Region braces for record-breaking heatwave with temperatures soaring above 90s
08/21 -  Texas woman charged with threatening to kill judge overseeing Trump’s federal election interference case
08/21 -  Southern California prepares for more floods as post-Tropical Storm Hilary brings more rain
08/21 -  NC fentanyl victim families host fentanyl awareness and prevention rally in Raleigh
08/21 -  Parents not home as firefighters respond to fatal NC house fire that kills 2 children
08/20 -  Ron DeSantis calls Trump supporters ‘listless vessels’ in Republican broadside
08/20 -  Russia’s Luna-25 spacecraft crashes into the moon, ending its bid to reach the lunar south pole
08/20 -  Mark Meadows is everywhere and nowhere
08/20 -  Minor airlifted, 2 more hospitalized in golf cart crash, officials say
08/19 -  As Hurricane Hilary prepares to land, California and Mexico brace for impact
08/19 -  Libertarian candidate for NC governor arrested twice in one week on assault and marijuana charges
08/19 -  Suspects accused of stealing $34K in merchandise from Concord Mills jewelry store
08/19 -  Charge dismissed against second man in Asheville homicide investigation, attorney says
08/18 -  Denmark and the Netherlands say the US is allowing them to give F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine
08/18 -  Robinson's financial woes surface again in GOP primary. Will NC voters care?
08/18 -  Kansas paper raid shines light on rising anti-media rhetoric in US
08/18 -  3 hurt in State Street stabbings, Asheville police say
08/17 -  Campaign fundraiser for George Santos is indicted for impersonating top aide to House Speaker McCarthy
08/17 -  WHO aspartame safety panel linked to alleged Coca-Cola front group
08/17 -  North Carolina Republicans give final OK to legislation curbing appointment powers held by governor
08/17 -  Battle for the green: Etowah Valley residents rally against golf course development plans
08/16 -  Russia’s ruble hits its lowest level since early in the war; central bank plans to step in
08/16 -  Invasive yellow-legged hornet spotted in U.S. for first time
08/16 -  Man charged with second-degree murder in McKinney Road death investigation
08/16 -  China's economic woes mount as trust firm misses payments, home prices fall
08/15 -  Asheville Regional Airport expanding as demand increases
08/15 -  Trump and 18 allies charged in Georgia election meddling as former president faces 4th criminal case
08/15 -  Police seek public's help in identifying arsonist who set two patrol cars on fire
08/15 -  FOP president links anti-police sentiment to recent acts of vandalism, arson in Asheville
08/14 -  Russian warship fires warning shots at cargo ship in Black Sea
08/14 -  Maui fires live updates: Search for missing is the focus with death toll now 96
08/14 -  Council member says her tires were slashed hours after signing open letter on crime
08/14 -  A stunning possible fourth indictment looms over Trump and the 2024 election
08/11 -  Biden asks Congress for $40 billion to support Ukraine, replenish US disaster aid and bolster border
08/11 -  Devastating Hawaii fires made ‘much more dangerous’ by climate change
08/11 -  NC's openly gay health secretary celebrates new LGBTQ-friendly blood donation guidelines
08/11 -  Unidentified body discovered in Buncombe County woods: Sheriff's office seeks public's help
08/10 -  Hundreds of workers laid off in big NC furniture manufacturer shutdown
08/10 -  Candidate in Ecuador's presidential election Fernando Villavicencio shot dead
08/10 -  At least 36 killed on Maui as fires burn through Hawaii and thousands race to escape
08/10 -  NCDOT cautiously optimistic passenger train project could get major federal funding
08/09 -  Long-term drought and near-term heat wave take toll on Arizona's desert ecology
08/09 -  There’s far more scientific fraud than anyone wants to admit
08/09 -  'I thought I was going to have to fight a naked man,' woman says of man's bizarre rampage
08/09 -  Voters in Ohio reject GOP-backed proposal that would have made it tougher to protect abortion rights
08/08 -  Will talks between US officials and Taliban leaders bring Afghans hope?
08/08 -  New Orleans archbishop ignored board findings on clerics accused of abuse
08/08 -  State budget, other major issues still undecided as NC legislature lingers into summer
08/08 -  Naked man arrested for attempted break-ins & indecent exposure in Asheville neighborhood
08/07 -  Pence, Trump attorney clash over what Trump told his VP ahead of Jan. 6, 2021
08/07 -  Bear escapes from crate in plane’s cargo hold at Dubai airport
08/07 -  Young NC students making gains on reading skills
08/07 -  28-year-old charged in attempted robbery of convenience store
08/06 -  At least 30 killed, 67 injured after train derails in Pakistan
08/06 -  The EPA’s ambitious plan to cut auto emissions to slow climate change runs into skepticism
08/06 -  Racism at heart of US failure to tackle deadly heatwaves, expert warns
08/06 -  High-speed chase involving stolen vehicle ends with suspect fleeing on foot at park, arrested
08/05 -  Chinese zoo denies its sun bears are humans dressed in costumes
08/05 -  Ukraine hits Russian oil tanker with sea drone hours after attacking naval base
08/05 -  Armed man who tried to enter a Jewish school in Tennessee fired at a contractor, police say
08/05 -  High-speed chase involving stolen vehicle ends with suspect fleeing on foot at park, arrested
08/04 -  Trump allies who ‘orchestrated’ plan to tamper with voting machines face charges in Michigan
08/04 -  Trump is hoping his ‘free speech’ defense will work. It won’t
08/04 -  Asheville merchants, aware of 11% drop in tourism, report mixed bag in summer business
08/04 -  Mom in court Friday charged in baby's overdose, blunt force trauma death
08/03 -  Donald Trump due in court to face election 2020 charges
08/03 -  Three-quarters of Republicans prioritize the economy over climate change
08/03 -  Pittsburgh synagogue gunman will be sentenced to death for the nation’s deadliest antisemitic attack
08/03 -  From Asheville to Washington: Lawyer Sidney Powell implicated in Jan. 6 insurrection case
08/02 -  The judge assigned to Trump’s Jan. 6 case is a tough punisher of Capitol rioters
08/02 -  Donald Trump to appear in court over attempt to overturn 2020 US election
08/02 -  16 school districts in North Carolina defy state law, starting school year earlier than legally allowed
08/02 -  Asheville's pedestrian vs. vehicle crash rate linked to panhandling hot spots, stats show
08/01 -  Bin Salman vs bin Zayed: The battle for influence in the Middle East
08/01 -  Putin searches for more friends at Africa summit
08/01 -  Judge puts brakes on Mission Hospital's plans for free-standing ER in Arden
08/01 -  Waynesville locker room controversy sparks discussion on NC's bathroom laws, trans rights