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Mission Statement

Community Supported Development (CSD) recognizes the natural beauty and unique character of the Asheville area and the threat that unchecked development poses. We seek to promote sustainable development throughout this area by means of broad-based involvement of its current residents in the decision-making process.

  1. CSD seeks to protect the opportunities for residents to participate in the planning and development decisions affecting their community.
  2. CSD advocates land use practices that preserve natural and historic resources, sustain regional identity and provide environmentally appropriate locations for new services and industry.
  3. CSD works to help educate and build a strong, active and diverse network of residents who understand the need for and support sustainable development practices.
  4. CSD encourages local citizens to work together to create a healthy community where living wage jobs are available, urban sprawl is contained, transportation is efficient, public services are accessible, historic resources are preserved and the natural beauty of our native forests, rivers and mountains is protected.