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7/23 - NEW Collapse of oyster farms off Pacific Northwest coast may be connected to ocean's increasing acidity
7/23 - NEW Non-profit group's analysis of sea levels indicates threats to coasts of the Carolinas
7/23 - NEW Illegal wildlife products rank as world's fifth most lucrative illicit market
7/23 - NEW U.S. consumers buy 5 times as much clothing as they did in 1980 and recycle or donate on 15 percent - the rest go to the landfills
7/22 - Noriega, former dictator of Panama, sues video games publisher of Call of Duty for use of likeness
7/22 - NAACP chapter may file lawsuit against Cleveland County Board of Elections over precinct consolidations
7/22 - Arizona State University's online education model competes with for-profit colleges
7/22 - The Paleo diet and its Paleo companions offer revision of humans' relationship to agriculture
7/21 - Solar farms taking root in North Carolina
7/21 - Rick Perry: If the Federal government won't secure the border, the state of Texas will
7/21 - Mayors tell Congress of fears that "Hobby Lobby" ruling may enable new anti-LGBT laws
7/21 - Animal rights group sues NC over new "possum drop" law
7/20 - Marijuana edibles entering mainstream as more states legalize medicinal pot
7/20 - Southern African-American voters may be key to outcome of midterm elections
7/20 - Conservative government in Australia repeals carbon tax
7/20 - Simple math shows that 90 percent of coal ash remains in Dan River after cleanup
7/19 - Media ignores science in service of petrochemical, large agricultural industies, research shows
7/19 - Marvel Comics announces that Thor will be a woman in new series
7/19 - Bolivia passes legislation to permit children at age 10 to work under parental supervision
7/19 - Indigenous-led research identifies new travel route of salmon-feeding grizzlies in British Columbia
7/19 - Nonconformist grande dame of Broadway passes, leaves legacy for U.S. performing arts
7/18 - Almond milk as alternative to dairy milk has substantive drawbacks
7/18 - First-ever map of global plastic in the oceans raises more questions and alarm
7/18 - Wilmington man receives prison sentence and must pay $21 million restitution for violation of Toxic Substances Act
7/18 - EPA temporarily halts coal ash cleanup of Dan River
7/17 - New gun culture movement for women - the growth in the number of armed women and marketing for them in the U.S. has risen
7/17 - CDC reports in its national survey 1.6% of Americans identify as gay.
7/17 - "Nordic Model" of Swedish regulation of legal prostitution adopted by other countries, but also criticized
7/17 - Asheville-based energy business in negotiations with Duke Energy for sale of solar energy in Montgomery County.
7/06 - Attempts at voter suppression may backfire in North Carolina for Republicans
7/06 - Oklahoma Tea Party candidate "doesn't have a problem" with death penalty for being gay
7/06 - Tom Steyer, major donor to green causes, is also major investor in coal projects, Keystone pipeline
7/06 - VA's chief medical inspector resigns after independent report
7/03 - Scientists call for ban on pesticides linked to bee deaths
7/03 - Maine's governor met "multiple times” with FBI 'domestic terrorist group' which discussed executing Democratic party leaders
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