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1/21 - NEW People Interviewed Explain Why Affordable Care Act Is Better Than Obamacare
1/21 - NEW Canadians traveling to Women's March denied US entry after sharing plans
1/21 - NEW Trump's first act as president is to raise costs of mortgages
1/20 - FBI, five other agencies probe possible covert Kremlin aid to Trump
1/20 - McCrory ordered payouts to departing Cabinet heads
1/20 - WaPo: Donald Trump has assembled the worst Cabinet in American history
1/20 - Betsy DeVos claims she had no idea she’s been VP of an anti-gay foundation for 17 years
1/19 - Why statistics are having a harder time predicting world events
1/19 - Twenty-seven Jewish community centers evacuated across US in new wave of bomb threats
1/19 - A wild turkey is stopping traffic in an Arden neighborhood
1/19 - NC schools say they may cut arts, PE to meet new class size limits
1/18 - Should Rabbi Marvin Hier bless Trump at the inauguration?
1/18 - Erik Prince, 'Amerca's most notorious mercenary,' is advising Trump from the shadows
1/18 - Researchers plan to bring giant extinct tiger back from the dead
1/18 - With clemency for Chelsea Manning, attention turns to WikiLeaks head Julian Assange
1/17 - Search for missing Malaysia Airlines airliner ends without success
1/17 - GOP embarks on Obamacare repeal with no replacement
1/17 - Water could be unaffordable for more than 35% of U.S. households in 5 years
1/17 - Iraq war cost US more than $2 trillion, according to Reuters
1/16 - Trump revokes WaPo press credentials, calling the paper ‘dishonest’ and ‘phony’
1/16 - Hundreds march in downtown Asheville in support of Obamacare
1/16 - Here's why the Republicans can't find a replacement for Obamacare
1/16 - Central Florida Muslims open free health clinic, open to all
1/15 - After years of birther conspiracies, Trump aide claims GOP never questioned Obama’s legitimacy
1/15 - Judge temporarily halts NC Medicaid expansion effort
1/15 - Arizona Republicans move to ban social justice courses and events at schools
1/15 - Trump to meet Putin in first foreign trip as president: report
1/14 - Legislators announce federal lawsuit over Cooper’s efforts to expand Medicaid
1/14 - The Republican in charge of government oversight wants to prohibit criticism of Trump’s ethical violations
1/14 - Former MI6 agent Christopher Steele's frustration as FBI sat on Donald Trump Russia file for months
1/14 - US intel sources warn Israel against sharing secrets with Trump administration
1/13 - Sessions 'not sure' if secular Americans understand truth as well as religious Americans
1/13 - 200 buses have applied for city parking on Inauguration Day; 1,200 have applied for the Women’s March
1/13 - Forty percent of Durham charter school graduates didn’t have enough credits for diplomas
1/13 - NC legislators seek to shut down wind farm
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