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12/20 - NEW New EPA standards label toxic coal ash as 'non-hazardous waste'
12/20 - NEW US Supreme Court denies Florida request for stay of same-sex marriage ruling
12/20 - NEW Haaretz: Israel should welcome Palestinian UN bid seeking end to occupation
12/20 - NEW Today's lawmakers unprepared for interest rate hikes expected in 2015
12/19 - McCrory attacks AP after release of story about donations to him from online mortgage broker
12/19 - Chomsky: "America is not a pretty sight"
12/19 - Witness 40 in Michael Brown case has past as racist, fraudster
12/19 - Subprime lending has returned with a vengeance
12/18 - Greenwald: Clinton versus Bush tells you everything you need to know about US politics
12/18 - GOP lawmaker wants women to get permission of father to get an abortion
12/18 - AP: McCrory received huge donations from online mortgage broker accused of bilking clients
12/18 - Legal maneuvering absolves Duke of resposibility for coal ash dumps
12/17 - First African-American woman confirmed as lifetime appointed federal judge in NC
12/17 - NC Policy Watch: McCrory has failed to keep his word on almost every campaign promise
12/17 - Jeb Bush, now playing the moderate, has far-right legacy
12/17 - Young women love Elizabeth Warren
12/16 - BREAKING: "Frozen" director apologizes for "Let It Go" song
12/16 - Rick Perry says the Bible justifies Texas' poverty levels
12/16 - Sandy Hook families sue weaponmaker for gun made to goverment specifications for killing humans
12/16 - WaPo: Art Pope at heart of transformation of NC into conservative Mecca
12/16 - NC rep McHenry brags about slashing EPA budget
12/15 - UN members agree to deal at climate talks
12/15 - Greensboro husband and former police officer wife in deadly shootout
12/15 - Rove says Bush "intimately involved" with torture
12/15 - Kirk Cameron's apology for Christmas, 'Saving Christmas', now rated worst movie of all time
12/14 - Jeb Bush to GOP: Give up nostalgia for Ronnie
12/14 - CIA chief: What the CIA did was legally not torture
12/14 - Although the doctors responsible for torture are identified, it is unlikely they will be brought to justice
12/14 - Most important terror detainees not interviewed in report on US torture
12/13 - Hasidic organization must repay $850k of Homeland Security funds diverted to payroll, other uses
12/13 - By refusing to take sides, NPR gives torture deniers equal status with critics
12/13 - FBI to investigate hanging death of teenager in Bladenboro
12/13 - Ohio charter schools, on average, perform worse than public schools
12/12 - Bank of America ordered to pay family $1M for harassing them with 700 collection robocalls
12/12 - Scientists explore link between ALS and algae
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