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10/30 - Kay Hagan sign burned in Huntersville family's front yard
10/30 - Digital divide worsens financial inequality
10/30 - Netanyahu says relationship between Israel and US is still strong despite administration comments
10/30 - Democrats strongly outpacing Republicans in early voting in NC
10/29 - Asheville labeled 'the next Green tech town'
10/29 - Pope Francis says Big Bang theory is how universe was created
10/29 - NC now sending checks to victims of state's eugenics program
10/29 - 300,000 workers have dropped from work-force calculations since 2010 in NC
10/28 - Almost half of CA Muslim students report being bullied for their beliefs
10/28 - SC GOP congressional candidate describes same-sex marriage as 'pestilence'
10/28 - Research shows marijuana use not correlated with changes in IQ
10/28 - Director of state board of elections married to lawyer defending controversial voting reforms
10/27 - Brazil's Rousseff, candidate of the poor, reelected in narrow victory
10/27 - Some senior citizens still paying off student loans
10/27 - US federal court to hear arguments on whether marijuana is misclassified as dangerous drug
10/27 - Editorial: Quarantine of Africa is as sensible as quarantine of Texas
10/26 - Research: Abundant natural gas will not slow climate change
10/26 - Arizona Republican congressman says 'secular left' will bring down US
10/26 - NYT: Does Pope Francis put papal infallibility at risk?
10/26 - NC legislature injects partisan politics into NC supreme court races
10/25 - NC has largest number of negative political ads in nation
10/25 - Manufacturing moving from China to US in reversal of years-long trend
10/25 - Oldest human genome reveals that our ancestors interbred with Neanderthals
10/25 - Chicago Tribune: Why we link Ebola to movies like 'Contagion'
10/24 - Russian social network hosts "Miss Hitler" contest
10/24 - Decriminalization of marijuana leads to no adverse effects on teens, study shows
10/24 - Massachusetts most energy-efficient state; NC ranks 24th
10/24 - "Paper classes," widespread misconduct inflated athletes' grades at UNC
10/23 - New lax regulations in Brazil lead to spike in Amazon deforestation
10/23 - Chris Christie says he's 'tired' of hearing about the minimum wage
10/23 - Poll: Confidence in ability of gov't to handle Ebola drops
10/23 - Conservative group runs anti-Hagan ads on Hulu -- for stoners
10/22 - Research: Wind may provide 30 percent of world power by 2050
10/22 - Poll shows Hagan continuing to hold small lead
10/22 - Court of Appeals reopens ASU early voting site
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