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5/06 - NEW Nebraska woman sues all homosexuals
5/06 - NEW Just in time for summer swimming season -- ton and a half shark tracked on east coast
5/06 - NEW Study shows broad public support for unions
5/05 - NEW Water used to irrigate vast agricultural fields in Calif. tainted by oil fields
5/05 - NEW Scott Walker says he would crush what's left of unions if elected president
5/05 - NEW Article on income mobility shows Buncombe county among worst in US
5/05 - NEW Christian video-game developer launching game involving 'shooting' gays
5/04 - Mysterious 'post-Ebola' syndrome emerging in Africa
5/04 - Court OKs disallowing potential cops for having IQs that are too high
5/04 - 'Fifty Shades of Grey' author to publish writing guide
5/04 - Kansas GOP rep wants to criminalize 'harmful' books
5/01 - ALEC-tied politicians urge NC to gut its environmental protections
5/01 - Templeton, Pope funding 'Austrian-school' economics courses in colleges
5/01 - As state considers legalization, DEA warns Utah about stoned bunnies
5/01 - New GOP argument against gay marriage: "Look at Baltimore"
4/30 - Apodaca says corporal punishment is answer to problems in public schools
4/30 - Cruz: Obama has 'inflamed' racial tensions
4/29 - GOP senator from Alabama calls veteran's care unaffordable 'entitlement'
4/29 - Bernie Sanders expected to announce presidential run
4/29 - Vatican official calls for moral awakening on climate change
4/29 - Pesticides harm wild bees, too
4/28 - New NC bill could disallow mention in sex-ed classes of 'morning-after' pill
4/28 - Bogus science at UNC underlies anti-abortion legislation
4/28 - Images show double standard of reactions to riots in Baltimore
4/28 - Andrew Cuomo may face primary challenges from future presidential candidates
4/27 - Photojournalists detained by police in Baltimore protests
4/27 - Clinton family wealth intertwined with charities
4/27 - Angela Davis: There is an unbroken line of police violence against Blacks back to slavery
4/26 - NC environmental law under threat by GOP
4/26 - A cruise ship pollutes as much as 13 million cars in a day - and dumps raw sewage straight into the ocean
4/26 - Tom DeLay: America must remember that God, through the Bible, wrote US constitution
4/26 - Half of US fracking firms projected to go bankrupt this year
4/24 - New restrictive abortion rules reminder that far right still in charge in Raleigh
4/24 - NC Speaker of the House says "religious freedom" bill dead for this session
4/24 - Comcast - Time Warner merger is dead
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