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8/22 - NEW VA drafts revised marriage license in anticipation of same-sex marriage
8/22 - NEW Supreme Court delays ruling on VA same-sex marriage ban
8/22 - NEW NC coal ash legislation passes with broad majority
8/22 - NEW NC budget provision requires three judge panel to rule on any constitutional challenge to state law
8/21 - With little oversight, millions of dollars from Homeland Security given to US law enforcement for military-grade equipment since 9/11
8/21 - Little League player appears for first time on Sports Illustrated cover
8/21 - Birds burnt in midair by solar plant highlight fact that no energy source is without dangers
8/21 - McCrory violates campaign promise by signing new restrictions on abortion rights
8/21 - Companies illegally using diesel fuel in fracking compounds
8/21 - Ferguson courts harass poor and minority citizens, report shows
8/19 - Research explores how 'values voters' systematically distort information to suit their own biases
8/19 - New mental health act in Congress would encourage coercive state laws, says psychiatric association
8/19 - Protest, and working class-solidarity with indigenous people, on rise in Canada
8/19 - Despite Republican promises, business recruitment declines in NC
8/18 - Norway is world leader in converting trash into energy - and getting paid for it
8/18 - Leonard Pitts: In Ferguson, the whole world is watching
8/18 - NC tax credit that helped rescue historic businesses and homes faces likely extinction
8/18 - Racial profiling in Alamance County makes national news
8/17 - Documents reveal Charles Koch was a member of the John Birch Society
8/17 - Legally, any American can take any police officer's photo
8/17 - Ferguson police charged a man with destruction of property for bleeding on their uniforms after they beat him
8/17 - McCrory: "We haven't broken any rules" in sale of Duke Energy stock
8/16 - Growth hormone treatments linked to higher risk of stroke
8/16 - NAACP, coalition plan week of rallies in Raleigh
8/16 - Of nation's 50 largest cities, Charlotte has worst economic mobility
8/16 - Texas Governor Rick Perry indicted by grand jury
8/16 - Anonymous released incorrect name of shooter in Ferguson case
8/14 - AP staffers killed in violence in Gaza
8/14 - Mississippi continues legal battle to shut down state's only abortion clinic
8/14 - NC now has three-judge panel to rule on any challenge to constitutionality of rulings; only state in US with such shielding
8/13 - Marijuana legalization has not increased highway fatalities
8/13 - Nigeria's third death of Ebola confirmed
8/13 - Koch brothers and DC conservatives spending millions on nonpartisan state supreme court races
8/13 - NC's new charter school law bypasses oversight of state education commission
8/12 - Rioting erupts in Ferguson, Missouri, amid protests after law enforcement official shoots unarmed 18-year-old black male
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