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2/05 - NEW Many layoffs in NC in 2016 so far
2/05 - NEW State health plan to delay discussion of controversial cuts
2/05 - NEW Eastern Band of Cherokee will not display 'In God We Trust' on tribal building
2/05 - NEW Powell, Rice received sensitive info through private emails
2/04 - Coffee pod machine and pod sales decline as economy improves as tastes change
2/04 - Scientists in Germany take a major step toward controlled nuclear fusion
2/04 - Mark Meadows (R-NC, 11th District) endorses Ted Cruz
2/04 - Legionnaire's Disease in Flint linked to water supply problems
2/03 - Democrats seeking aid for Flint through bipartisan energy bill
2/03 - Diversity low among NC charter schools
2/03 - School accused of genetic discrimination after barring student for his DNA
2/03 - Generals say women should have to register for draft
2/02 - Duke Energy-funded 'advisory board' says ash basins are all low-risk, can be left in place
2/02 - WHO declares Zika virus global emergency
2/02 - Nigeria begins high-speed rail project; US still debating feasibility
2/02 - CDC unable to trace cause of outbreak at Chipotle
2/01 - Wind power increases substantially in 2015
2/01 - Koch brothers spent $400 million on right-wing political causes in 2015
2/01 - Controversial academic testifies for state in NC voter ID case
2/01 - Food stamp change concerns advocates for poor in NC
1/31 - NC Supreme Court rules that sheriffs can fire employees for not 'donating' to their campaigns
1/31 - Immune response during pregnancy linked to autism-like behavior
1/31 - News and Observer: What is White privilege?
1/31 - How the Koch brothers have transformed US politics
1/30 - NC environmental chief backs restrictions on solar, new nuclear plants
1/30 - Voting rights activists are challenging GOP gerrymandering in the South
1/30 - The Night Wolves: Putin's motorbiking militia
1/30 - Mystery illness strikes second American Airlines flight
1/29 - Little girls' reactions to 'curvy Barbie' show why the new toy was a good idea
1/29 - Michigan Court of Appeals rules state has 'no compelling reason' to provide quality education to children
1/29 - Nevada GOP lawmaker compares slain Bundy militiaman to Jesus and Moses
1/29 - No 10 percent raise for teachers, NC House speaker says
1/28 - State College of Florida scraps tenure
1/28 - Only female senators showed up for work after the big blizzard
1/28 - Confederate flag tattoo stops man from joining Marines
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