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9/24 - NEW Charlotte police union official acknowledges he "didn't quote facts" in saying 70 percent of Charlotte protesters were from out of state
9/24 - NEW In baffling interview, McCrory compares videos of Charlotte shooting to football replays
9/24 - NEW Polling says nearly half of voters think Trump will detonate a nuclear weapon
9/24 - NEW Ted Cruz announces he's supporting Donald Trump
9/23 - McCrory well behind Cooper in polls
9/23 - ACLU sues Kim Davis and her county for $233k in legal fees
9/23 - NYC antique stores caught with $4.5 million of illegal elephant ivory
9/23 - Trump's campaign paid his businesses $8.2 million
9/22 - Charlotte protesters 'hate white people because they're more successful,' says GOP representative
9/22 - BREAKING: NC National Guard arrives in Charlotte; some downtown businesses looted
9/22 - ISIL launches suspected mustard gas attack on US and Iraqi troops
9/22 - Out of Africa thanks to climate change: Humans arrived in Europe up to 30,000 years earlier than believed
9/22 - Michigan drug testing program of welfare recipients failed to yield a single positive
9/22 - Principal urges vaccination for children after four confirmed cases of chickenpox in Buncombe County
9/21 - BREAKING: Person shot in protests in downtown Charlotte has died; shooting did not involve police
9/21 - BREAKING: One shot and seriously wounded during protests tonight in Charlotte
9/21 - China finally confirms their space station is crashing towards Earth
9/21 - Charlotte faces aftermath of protests ignited by police shooting; 12 officers injured
9/20 - HB2's social conservatism may turn some suburban districts Democratic
9/20 - Colonial Pipeline official says gasoline on way to North Carolina via second pipe
9/20 - Just three percent of Americans own half of its guns
9/20 - Trump offers an attitude, an aura of crude strength and machismo, that leads to disaster
9/19 - McCrory plants staffers in press conference to ask him softball questions
9/19 - HB2 is estimated to have cost NC $395 million -- so far
9/19 - Deliveries to local gas stations occurring, but emptying immediately
9/19 - Largest prison strike in US history enters second week
9/19 - NC Supreme Court election could change ideological tilt
9/18 - Reports say many gas stations in WNC out; long lines at others
9/18 - Roy Cooper warns of 'price gouging' amid gas shortage
9/18 - A lot of Donald Trump Jr.’s trail missteps seem to involve white nationalists and Nazis
9/18 - Krugman destroys media myth that Trump voters have economic anxiety: it's all about race
9/17 - Burr's political committees paid $200k over 16 years to in-laws for "administrative services"
9/17 - Bernie Sanders: ‘This is not the time for a protest vote’
9/17 - Trump said he’d give away $5 million for proof Obama was born in the US - will he pay it?
9/17 - Edward Albee, author of 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe,' dies at 88
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