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Let's not waste each other's time. You've read the award criteria and agree that you work on, or know of, a great nature site.

But first, why a "Mullein" as an award? Isn't that a weed?

I personally think it's appropriate. Mullein grows in difficult and man-disturbed environments. Along the stony margins of railroad tracks and roads of the internet, mullein is a soft, gorgeous and friendly plant. It is useful. Its soft leaves were used by Native Americans and early pioneers to line their shoes. It has medicinal properties. The flower stalk was dipped in tallow and used as torches to explore caves. It doesn't flower its first year. It has soul.

Ok, enough with the poetic waxings.

Fill out this form and then tap the submit button. Good luck! Remember, unless you are a Mullein Award Winner, you may not hear back from me, in which case, try again in a month or two (if you've made changes that is...)

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