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These are it. The sites i love to visit and respect nature in much the way i do. I enjoy plodding along thru them, savoring pictures (visual and mental). As you can tell, i don't issue awards on some sort of cyclic basis, but when the URL strikes me.



October 5, 1999

The Sonoran Desert Naturalist Homepage is a great collection of nature observing and personal expansion by desert-lover Michael J. Plagens. He organizes his journal entries into various subjects where they can be explored collectively, something i should learn to do. Interspersed are photos and links to photos. Where he doesn't take the pictures himself he gives proper credit and a link to wash it down. He has helpful hints to bring nature home to you and you to nature, all in his own direct style. A very friendly place to visit and think, especially if you love the Southwest desert and its spirit. A definite MULLEIN AWARD winning site!


October 8, 1999

One of the coolest and most fun fungal website is Tom Volk's Fungi, which is helped along by the Department of Biology and Microbiology at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Tom is verbose about the darling little things and even includes letters and questions about them, a fungus of the month area, and lots of information about his favorite, the incredible edible morel. He even has a special "Life cycle of the Morel" and various pieces of information that relates to eating various mushrooms. He has a gopher site that has pictures of every form imaginable... ok, well MANY forms. He also hosts the Mycological Society of America webpage. This site may be an educational site, but it is extremely personal and personable.


October 28, 1999

Even though it's a .com, Fiona's naturalist site 'Asheville Natural' isn't selling anything. In fact, she gives away great information about trails and hikes in the general Asheville area, quite a bit of it as a matter of fact. There's also a plant index that i'm envious of... not to mention information about where to buy native wildflowers and herbs, too. The real beauty of the site though is her journal - a naturalist's journal like i wanna grow up and be. Fiona reports what she see's and she's a great observer. I hadn't thought about the large amount of fireflies this year, nor suspected the plural of grouse might be grice. She is not only observant, and friendly, but the site is kept simple, and fits all the requirements of a Mullein Award winner... even *with* the animated graphic of the chipmunk sniffing.