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Ed insisted this was NOT a hike, but a stroll, and so we hiked all over creation before we got there. Either way, stroll or hike, it's a short leisurely one, and Courthouse Falls is well worth your time any time of year. During summer, and if you're willing to brave cold, frothy mountain water, bring your bathings suit, because there is a large pool where the water sploshes in and mists the immediate vicinity. Cooling even if you don't remove your shoes.


Near Rosman, NC Route 215 winds its way north into Pisgah National Forest. Leaving Route 64, it's about 11 miles north to route140 (Gravel road). Or, if you're coming from the Blue Ridge Parkway it's about 7 miles south from Beech Gap. Travel up Route 140 for 3 miles of winding mountain until you cross Courthouse Creek. On the other side of the bridge is the trailhead for Summey Cove. Park here and grab your daypack.


Likely as not there will be a car or two at the slim parking area on the other side of the bridge. Walk here, following Summey Cove Trail in a very moist environment with mosses and Galax. Very soon after starting you will hear Courthouse Falls. Go a bit past the roar to where Summey Cove Trail veers right (and away from the falls), and you will find the marked trail for Courthouse Falls. Wind your way down among Firs and Oaks, moss and nettles, to your reward.


This picture was taken in the fall after a pretty good rain. During summer, the falls can dry to the point of splitting between two separate and parallel water chutes. Even during the hottest summer months though, the cove is cool and refreshing.

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