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Back to working for a living, and am looking for employment... double duty. I'm sure November will be light as far as observations.


Found out that 80 acres of the popular hiking area Graveyard Fields has burnt, probably due to a careless camper.


Created an observation about the fire after visiting it. Graveyard Fields has such an ancient feel to it. It is a moist boggy flat area in the 5,200 ft. area just south of (the now famous) Cold Mountain. It's very popular at least in part because it's easy to navigate (unlike the above Cold Mountain) and i'm sure others feel the antiquity of this place. You get the feeling you're being watched sometimes, and it's probable that Native-Americans were frequent visitors. You get the feeling there could be a buffalo wallow in there somewhere.


Took a beautiful trip to Virginia to visit Mom for Thanksgiving, and besides getting sick and eating like a bird (3 times my weight daily), i actually saw an American Bald Eagle in flight. Of course it was one of the few times i didn't have my camera with me. <sigh> Oh well... it was still thrilling. Back home and jobless, but once i'm feeling better will rectify that.

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