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I can't be more specific about the subjects because, well, I tend to... ramble.

The notes themselves don't have much in the way of photos to keep them easy to load, but there will be plenty of links to pictures and other sections of this site. Try clicking a few; it's easy to use the 'back' button on the browser to get back to my tangential thinking. The newest months are at the top of the list, even though the month pages themselves flow downward (1st - 31st).

APRIL 2000 - I soak up plant pictures like Bounty paper towels soaks up spilled colored liquid.

MARCH 2000 - I remembered i had a website that needed updating, and am glad to feel the soft breezes of returning spring.

DECEMBER 1999 - FEBRUARY 2000 - No entries due to work and sickness.

NOVEMBER 1999 - A fire at Graveyard Fields.

OCTOBER 1999 - Fall color; bring the plants in, and make some soup.

SEPTEMBER 1999 - Back into the swing of things, presage of fall to come.

AUGUST 1999 - No entries due to work. My fault, and i'm not that happy about it. Very few pictures taken other than friends and family.

JULY 1999 - A busy time for observation. Starts out with the social insects and includes mushrooms and all manner of nonsense..