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Whoever receives one child like this in my name is receiving Me, and whoever receives Me is not receiving Me, but Him who sent me

For many of our children, family violence and abuse have been a familiar way of life. Some have been abandoned. Some have parents that are mentally ill or suffer from drug addiction that prevents them from caring for their children. Many of our children did not get their basic nutritional needs met at home and some were deprived of meals altogether. Some have had to gather meals out of dumpsters. Our children have been required to take care of themselves and others, their siblings or their parents, and because they are children, they don't have the emotional resources to cope with these responsibilities.

Peggy Hart, Director of the Social Work Department at the Home, states, "They appear brave and courageous, but inside they have a sense of fear and panic. They know that in some cases no one is in control of the family and that is absolutely scary." Peggy has over 36 years of experience in psychiatric work and says she has seen the needs of children change dramatically during this time. "The widespread use of drugs and alcohol has really been fundamental to the change in family life. Especially the availability of chemicals. Parents' use of chemicals, coupled with poor nutrition early in life, have created permanent disabilities in some of our children."

Whenever possible, our Home attempts to work in cooperation with the family. This gives the child and family the opportunity to develop long-term goals which realistically build on their strengths and adequately compensate for their weaknesses. If that fails, short-term care can become long-term without further disruption to the child.

We nurture children so that each young person can survive and thrive, leaving the Home with positive habits and attitudes and marketable skills that will hopefully...prayerfully... lead to productive vocations.

How You Can Help:

Pray for the children and the staff who cares for them

Volunteer your time

Make contributions to our gerneral fund or building campaign

Donate supplies or equipment

Tell others about the work we do

Get involved in local, state and national decision making that effects children