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Community Based for Normal Living

PHFC's program is based on the children actively living in the Black Mountain Community with as normal a life as possible. This community helps our children heal the pain of family separation.


PHFC children:
• Attend Buncombe County Public Schools
• Belong to a caring church
• Are members of local recreation teams
• Work for local employers

Resiliency and Inner Control Nurtured
Our code of living is designed to help children work on positive behavior that comes from their own good values, not total external adult control. We are an open campus with places to play and think. We feel that adult affection and trust is the foundation for accepting moral guidance. We build on the natural resiliency of children.

Long Term Dreams Are Made Possible
Individualized Service Plan meetings help children and families set their goals. It make things happen. PHFC is especially fortunate to be able to offer long-term residents support beyond high school graduation. A special financial trust provides income to supplement college and technical school education needs.

Involuntary Discharges Minimized
Through increasingly better services, our dedicated staff - especially Houseparent Couples - and new facilities, we are working to break the cycle of unnecessary multiple placements. We want children who leave our program to have made the positive gains needed to support the next phase of their lives.



Included in our successful placements:

School Phobic Children have often had a poor history of school attendance because of family instability or their own fears. Adult and peer support in both study groups and daily living activities give needed emotional courage and modeling to attend school regularly and happily. Being part of a family (house) group that attends school in the community gives peer support.

School Underachievers of all abilities are supported by the services of two Educational Coordinators, Cynthia Smith and Mildred Wilson, both of whom have Special Education teaching experience and training. They works closely with the schools to get extra services our children often need both in and out of the classroom.

Sibling groups are generally placed in the same house. Special counseling and in-house experiences prepare siblings to support each other now and into their adult lives. We assist in family visits on and off campus in order to strengthen and preserve family ties.

High-activity or Hyperactive children can enjoy our full-size gymnasium and sturdy outdoor playground built for intense play for children of all sizes. The campus also includes well maintained baseball and soccer fields. Montreat College home games are played on these fields.

Legally Complicated Placements often make it uncertain if the child will need placement for just a few months or for multiple years. Our in-house family and juvenile attorney, Renee Kreisa, can help children understand the administrative and legal proceedings in their case.



Our residents can look forward to

Being Part of a Campus Community which is made up of four nine-resident houses. Each house has both boys and girls and a full range of ages. Each house has three bedroom suites with bath that accomodate three residents each of the same sex. The houses offer similar programs. Potential admissions are considered where openings of a particular sex occur.

Holiday Observances On Campus are important for those children in care with no where to go at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. We are open 365 days a year to residents. On the major holidays children and staff enjoy special meals with the kind of holiday foods and table settings that make these times memorable.

Birthdays, Graduations and other major milestones are commemorated. We sing, we cheer, we take pictures, and we remember that some things only happen once for a child.

Fun and Frivolous Culture is also part of our life at the Home. Staff and children compete in a three week annual NCAA basketball pick contest. Each house has a special weekend activity such as hiking, camping, skating or movies.

Family Visits can be special with picnic grounds for family gatherings. We have the capacity to take digital pictures that can mark the day. They have special memories when pictures are given to the family members that day.

Sometimes Our Kids Are Almost Spoiled from the number of church and community groups that remember individual birthdays and holidays, especially Christmas.


Director of Social Work, Peggy Hart, ACSW, and Social Workers Rena Myers, BS, and Robin McCleary, BSW, oversee our admission process. Placements are accepted from Department of Social Services (DSS) workers or Parents/Guardians.


Ages: We are licensed by the North Carolina Department of Human Resources to care for 36 children ages 5-21. We admit children who are in at least kindergarten up to youth who need two more years of high school.

Sex: We admit both boys and girls.

Geographic: All North Carolina counties.

Application Form: PHFC uses the standard North Carolina State Form. We can fax you an application.Limited Scholarships for fees are available for private placements after considering financial resources of both the child and family.Preplacement Activities include a 2-3 day on-campus stay by the child. These are usually on the weekend during the school year, and mid-week during summer vacations.



Children who cannot function in public schools
Children who are violent/school banned felons
Children expecting total emancipation soon
Persistent drug and alcohol abusers
Children with a history of being fire starters
Recent and persistent runaways
Children with recent suicide attempts not treated with psychiatric hospitalization
Private placements due to family conflict where the family is not in active joint counseling

To Visit , please Call: Phone:(828) 686-3451 Fax:(828) 686-7797