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Welcome to MAIN!

Have you or someone you know wanted to switch to MAIN, but you thought it might be too much hassle to say goodbye to your commercial ISP? We can show you how to make the switch in a few easy steps. There is no need to install special software, and you are protected by our 60-day money back guarantee!

General instructions come first, then you'll find links to specific instructions related to other ISPs.

Note - The instructions below are for the general case; if you need assistance, please call the Help Desk at (828) 255-0282, or (866) 435-7517 (Tech support toll-free outside Buncombe County).

The whole process requires only a few easy steps:

  1. Sign up for M@IN!
  2. Set up your email
  3. Cancel your former service and
  4. Update your web browser

First, sign up with MAIN

All we need is a simple application and we'll be able to set up your MAIN account. Be sure to visit our account information page for details about our services and pricing.

When your application has been approved, you will receive an account information sheet with easy instructions for setting up your computer to access the Internet through MAIN. If you already have your username and password, etc., and need instructions now, please click here. After you click the link for your Operating System and print out the instructions, then click Back in your browser to come back here.

Next, set up your email.

Setting up Outlook Express or IncrediMail for Windows
Setting up other mail programs

Notifying others of your address change

Email everyone on your address list your new address.

Check mailing lists and other services you have subscribed to and update or unsubscribe/subscribe to your current address.

Update printed material with your email address, such as business cards, letterheads, etc.

Forwarding email from your old provider

You may be able to have your mail forwarded from your former provider for a period of time. Contact them to ask, and use the standard setup instructions once it has been set up.

If you need to use both your old provider and MAIN regularly (rather than just MAIN with the email forwarded from your old address) please contact the Help Desk for assistance.

Then, cancel your former service.

Changing your service to MAIN from some ISPs may require specific steps. If your current ISP is listed below, click on the link for more detailed information. If your ISP is not listed below, visit their Web page and look for instructions there. If you need additional help changing your account to MAIN, please call our Help Desk at (828) 255-0282, (866) 435-7517 (Tech support toll-free outside Buncombe County) or send an email to or click here to submit your question via a form.

Finally, update your Web Browser

Favorites/Bookmarks in browsers

Your favorites/bookmarks that you used previously will work with MAINís Internet service, except for "Favorite Places" from AOL.

Converting your AOL Favorite Places

They do not make it easy. There are two methods:

The simple but tedious method: You can convert your AOL favorite places by opening AOL and then Internet Explorer (or other browser) at the same time, go to each of your AOL Favorite Places in the AOL browser and copy the website address. Then switch into Explorer and paste it - go to that site - and then save it as a favorite place in Explorer.

You can also use the software available for download at URLORG.

At this writing, the program is a free demo for 30 days.

Setting your home page to MAIN:

If you have not already done so, set your homepage to MAIN. Later version Internet Explorer (version 4 and above) and Mozilla users may click here to automatically set your home page to MAIN.

To set your home page manually, use the directions here.


How do I get help if I cannot get connected using the instruction sheet?

Our Help Desk web page is at:

It has topics such as Email, Spam, Virus Info, Managing Your Account, information on setting up your web page and topics for different operating systems.

The Help Desk phone number is: (828) 255-0282 or (866) 435-7517 (Tech support toll-free outside Buncombe County).

Email: or click here to submit your question via a form.