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A short hike along a ridge-top via an old logging road makes for an easy hike. This, and nearby Courthouse Falls can be hiked to and visited on a short day. In fact, because Courthouse is so close, this falls seems rarely visited, and can make for a great lunch or break spot without the throngs of people, kids and dogs that are sometimes skulking about Courthouse Falls.


Near Rosman, NC Route 215 winds its way north into Pisgah National Forest. Leaving Route 64, it's about 11 miles north to route140 (Gravel road). Or, if you're coming from the Blue Ridge Parkway it's about 7 miles south from Beech Gap. Travel up Route 140 for 2 miles and you will pass a hard switchback with a camping spot. After this, begin looking for the pulloff on the right in the next 1/2 mile. There is a gate to the logging road, please do not block it.


Following an old logging road thru Oak, Hawthorn, Locust and Sassafras (see above), you will stroll in sometimes open area bordered by Goldenrods, Asters, young Tulip Poplars, Gentian, Greenbriar and many others. About half-way (half-mile) you'll see an older logging road trailing off to the right, or you might miss it depending on the vegetation. In any case, keep on going, you'll go a mile before you get to the real crossroads. Here, an open area will reveal a split in the road, and you want to backtrack the road you came about 100 feet, looking for a trail leading down the west slope. You'll probably hear the falls, too. If for some odd reason you can't find this trail, or are unsure, continue down the left fork for 200 or so feet and you will definitely hear the falls. Cut into the woods towards the sound and you'll intersect with the path you missed. You'll be among rhododendrons and fallen logs, so take your time... you're almost there.


Chestnut Creek Falls is splashy and raucous. There's only a few spots to sit near the falls because of the rocks and everpresent rhododendrons, but downstream there's a nice little sitdown - have lunch - smoke'em peace pipe spot.

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