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Ashe County is located in the Northwestern corner of North Carolina atop the Blue Ridge mountains. Visitors come here for the serenity of mountain cabins and the spirit of shared community.   They come to hike the hills, canoe the New River, and fish trout from spring fed streams. If you're looking to find elbow room and a slower pace of life, night skies filled with a million stars instead of the glow of streetlights, and to hear the music of whippoorwill and hoot owl, then Ashe County awaits you!

Start Here In Our Community Quilt:   Daniel Boone in Ashe County! quilt square small Photo essay on building a local log cabin.and Log Cabin 2010quilt square small Photo essay on visiting the Ralph Stanley Memorial Bluegrass Festival in 2008 and a political commenatry on the trip Appalachian Blues on Hillbilly Highway. quilt square small And the Western North Carolina Postcard Collection has been updated. quilt square small High Country Webcams - Who's Driving Past the Cheese Plant? quilt square small Ashe Christmas Tree Association quilt square small A new page of Local Postcards quilt square small Riding the Virginia Creeper Train quilt square small The Devil in Ashe County? quilt square small Monte Weaver, Washington Senators Baseball quilt square small An Account of Paddling the New River quilt square small Let's See What Show's at the Parkway Theatre in the Early 1950's? quilt square small Our State magazine article from 1946 quilt square small The Pocahontas of West Jefferson quilt square small A survey of Calloway Cemetery in 1983 quilt square small Memories and West Jefferson Nears 100 years

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