Graham County Emergency
911 Communications

Graham County E-911 Communications was formed in 1992, as a stand-alone department. The purpose of the department was to answer all emergency calls for Graham County, this included Fire, EMS and Law enforcement calls. The Emergency Services Director oversaw the department, with an advisory board with representation from Law Enforcement, EMS, Rescue and Fire services.


In late 1992 Graham County was operating fully E-911. The communications department is operating two fully functional answering points. Each answering points are equipped with, two 17" screens, with maps, CAD and DCI. The communication center is also equipped with DTN weather; NWS weather radio, T1 Internet capability and IFLOWS.

The department head is Terrell K. Slaughter Emergency Services Director.



Aileen Howell, Supervisor, Aileen is DCI, APCO and EMD certified.

Misty Hembree, Assistant Supervisor, Misty is DCI, APCO and EMD Certified



Jennifer Cody, Jennifer is DCI Certified



Jade Shiver, Jade is DCI Certified


Brian Johnson, Brian is DCI, EMD Certified, Brian is also an EMT-Intermediate

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