Graham County Fire Departments

Graham County has two Fire Districts.

Chief Keith Eller heads the Graham County Fire Department. There are three stations. Station One is in Robbinsville. Robbinsville's Chief is Jeff Millsaps. Other officers are Assistant Chief, Rex Smith and Lieutenant Jeremy Odom. This station serves the six-mile district around Robbinsville including the town of Robbinsville and Lake Santeetlah. The station has two pumper/tankers, and a brush truck. Station Two is located at Snowbird. Snowbird's Chief is Hugh Atwell. Other officers are Assistant Chief Wendall Waldroup and Captain Billy Lewis. This station serves the six miles around the snowbird station. This station has three pumpers, one tanker, one brush truck, and a equipment truck. Station Three is located at Pine Ridge. Pine Ridge's Chief is Jerry Collins. The other officer is Assistant Chief Rex Waldroup. This station serves the six miles around Pine Ridge including the Town of Santeetlah. This station has, two tanker-pumpers.  
  Stecoah Fire Department serves the five miles in and around Stecoah and responds from Fontana to the Swain County line. Stecoah's Fire Chief is Lynn Cody. Other officers include: Tom Smith Deputy Chief; Clifford Williams Assistant Fire and Rescue Commander; Kyle Williams, Captain Fire and Rescue; William Myers, Training Officer; Alan Sampson, Lieutenant; Joyce Cody, Treasurer; Pam Williams, Secretary; and Randy Jenkins, Traffic Officer. Stecoah has a pumper, a tanker, a brush truck, an equipment truck, a mobile command post and an two ambulances.
All the Fire Departments in Graham County are operated entirely by volunteers. These volunteers must keep a minimum of thirty-six hours of annual training, but most maintain much more. Not only do they volunteer to fight fires, they also volunteer to raise money needed to operate the department..  training exercise, summer 1998

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