Graham County Emergency Medical Service


 Pictured from left to right; Chuck Jenkins, Billy Joe Grindstaff, Tim Creasman, Marlon Jackson, Russell Moody, Edward Cable, Andy Lynn, Mitch Colvard and Leon Allen.

Graham County Emergency Medical Service has served the citizens of Graham County since the early 1970s, initially with basic EMT's. Then in 1987 Graham County started its Advanced Life Support program with the EMT-Intermediate and EMT-Advanced Intermediate. Finally in 1992 Graham County established the first EMT-Paramedic program in North Carolina west of Haywood County. This was accomplished through many long hours of training that our original paramedics volunteered to do. We owe a very special thank you to William (Skip) Myers, for the training we received. If Skip had not driven from Asheville at the time there would not have been a Paramedic Program in Graham County.

Graham County EMS Employees

  Mitch Colvard: EMT-Paramedic Serving Since: November 1995. Mitch has 2 children and is currently single; Mitch enjoys time with his girls and their activities.
  Billy Joe Grindstaff: EMT-Paramedic Serving Since: February 1985, Hobbies and Interests: Billy Joe and his wife is Laura have 3 children. Billy Joe enjoys fishing and hunting, he also teaches EMT classes' part time. Billy Joe is also the assistant EMS Director, in charge of scheduling and Q&A.
  Larry Hembree: EMT-Paramedic Serving Since: October 1995 Hobbies and Interests: Larry has 5 children and his wife is Misty Lewis, Larry also enjoys fishing and hunting on his off days. Larry is the Assistant Emergency Management Coordinator. Larry is also part of the North Carolina Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 1.
  Chuck Jenkins: EMT-Paramedic Serving Since: August 1995, Hobbies and Interests: Chuck is married to Pam Williams; Chuck is an avid fisherman and enjoys hunting also.
  Marlon Jackson: EMT-Paramedic Serving Since: August 1986, Hobbies and Interests: Marlon has 1 child and his wife is Kathy Jackson. Marlon enjoys fishing and hunting, he also works part-time at a local saw mill and he works on several of the movies that have been filmed in Western North Carolina as set medic and extra. Marlon and his wife Kathy are also the proud grandparents of one grandchild Gracie.
  Anthony Lynn: email: EMT-Paramedic Serving Since: July 1995, Hobbies and Interests: Andy has one child at this time, his wife is Cheri Lynn, and Andy enjoys reloading and diving on his time off. Andy is serving our country in Iraq, serving with the NC National Guard.
  Russell Moody: EMT-Paramedic Serving Since: November 1996, Hobbies and Interests: Russell has one child and his wife is Teresa Moody, Russell and his wife have currently finished building a new home, Russell enjoys hunting during his off days.
  Tim Creasman: EMT-Paramedic Serving Since: December 1999, Hobbies and Interests: Tim has two children and his wife is Kim Farley Creasman, Tim works part-time on his off days with his own business as a contractor building and remodling, Tim is also Graham County EMS's Supplies Officer.
  Leon Allen: EMT-Paramedic Serving Since: July 1999, Hobbies and Interests: Leon is married to Aundrea Cable, they have two children. Leon enjoys fishing and hunting. Leon also teaches EMT classes part-time for Tri-County Community College. Leon is also part of the North Carolina Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 1.
  Brian Stevens: EMT-Paramedic Serving Since: January 2000, Brian is married to Kristyn Stewart, they have two children. Brian is serving Graham County EMS and our Training Officer. Brian enjoys hunting and fishing on his time off. Brian is also part of the North Carolina Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 1.
  Terry Slaughter: Email: EMT-Paramedic Serving Since: December 1977, Hobbies and Interests: Terry has 3 children and his wife is Sharon Slaughter, Terry is also the 911 coordinator and Emergency Management Coordinator for Graham County. Terry also teaches for Tri-County Community College as a Fire and EMS instructor.

Part-time Employees


Matthew Shiver: EMT-Paramedic, serving since 2002, Matt is married to Jade Watkins; Matt is serving full time while Andy Lynn is serving our country in Iraq. Matt is also part of the North Carolina Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 1.


Randall Lynn: EMT-Intermediate Serving Since: September 1997, Hobbies and Interests: Randy has 2 children and his wife is Pam Lynn, Randy enjoys fishing. Randy also works full time for Phillips & Jordan construction company.


James L. Hyde (Jimmy): EMT-Paramedic Serving since: 2002, Jimmy is married to Lela Trull, they have two children. Jimmy full-time job is with TVA Police where he is a Sergeant.
Brian Johnson: EMT, Serving Since: March 2000, Brian is single. Brian volunteers with the Snowbird Fire Department and the Graham County Rescue Squad. Brian is attending Tri-County Community College, where he is working on his EMT-Intermediate at this time, Brian intends on completing his EMT-Paramedic Certification.


Troy P. Grindstaff: EMT-Paramedic, serving since 1998, Troy is married to Marianne and they have two children. Troy works full-time with Stanley Furniture. Troy volunteers with the Graham County Fire and Rescue and is also part of the North Carolina Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 1.


James W. Hyde (Billy): EMT-Paramedic, serving since February 2004, Billy is currently single and has one child, Billy is a student at Tri-County Community College and is also part of the North Carolina Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 1.

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