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You probably think i have an overinflated sense of myself or something to offer a 'best photo of the week,' but actually, it's the nature around me that hopefully makes it interesting, not my photographic skills (or lack thereof). Anyway, here's the shot that makes me the happiest for this week:

3-2-1 Houston, we have liftoff! Small (and sometimes large) spiders frequently use their own web as a means of transportation. It's called ballooning, and they spray out a very thin web to catch the wind. This little one had rolled out a couple of feet of web and the next shot was gone, man.


I'll hold on to the weeks previous shots until webspace starts growing thin for better things.


Description or comment

July 15, 2000

Another golden sunset from the Blue Ridge Parkway

June 18, 2000

Sunset and tree up on Buck Spring parking lot.

June 3, 2000

Local Fauna, a friendly dryad.

April 1, 2000

How a bee might see a coltsfoot flower. From Bee-Eye site

March 26, 2000

The beautiful Pearson's Falls of Polk County, NC (more info here)

March 17, 2000

Close up of Spring Beauty flower

March 8, 2000

Close-up of Oconee Bell flower (aka Shortia)

January 22, 2000

Looking Glass Falls after a snowstorm

January 5, 2000

Sunset shot from the Blue Ridge Parkway

December 21, 1999

Overlooking Tanassee Ridge from the Blue Ridge Parkway.

December 12, 1999

Sunset from near French Broad Overlook on Parkway. Mile marker 394

November 30, 1999

Evening Sky, Fingerprints of God... well sorta.

November 15, 1999

Graveyard Fields - after the fire which destroyed some 80 acres.

November 1, 1999

Middle Falls of Yellowstone Prong - below Graveyard Fields.

October 27, 1999

Bull Mountain near Craggy Gardens.

October 20, 1999

Courthouse Falls in autumn color.

October 10, 1999

Along the Blue Ridge Parkway, near Pisgah Ridge, with some fall color.

October 1, 1999

Mountain view from Craggy Gardens out across the north, i believe.





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