The Update Page

Here's what has changed in these pages, and when. Boring stuff, i know, but mostly my record-keeping. Bookmark this page if you're interested in the egomentional evolution of this website. I probably won't mention when i've updated the nature notebook entries or thoughts, however, as i hope to update those as things happen.


Created a real endangered and threatened species page for WNC instead of just a list of all the vascular plants on the gov'ts endangered plant list. The idea is "get to know what you may soon lose."


Updated some portions of the Fungi pages to include more pictures and a better structure.


Deleted the 'Animals' section as it will be a long time before that part can be worked on. Working on the plant index by color and type first. Also joined The Rail's Outdoor Express and put their navigation rail at the bottom of my main page.

Updated the color/type index of plants to include a fancy-schmancy click-on-type image map to go directly to the type desired. May end up being more trouble than its worth.


Added the oberservation about fire about the 80-acre fire at Graveyard fields. Also made it Shot of the Week, for some odd reason.


Added a few hiking links and a brief weather page. The only normal way to get to the weather page is by clicking the weather link at the bottom of the main page.


Changed Links page to be an index of links rather than the whole list. Was gonna get unweildy, i could tell <Pointing to my head and saying "Not just a hat rack."> Also added a few details to hikes.


Added Chestnut Creek Falls hike, and a few pictures to the other hikes that i took recently.


Changed some basic HTML to allow older browsers to see the plant pages better. Created the little graphics to help describe hikes. Other administrative duties as assigned.


Added info and picture on Dwarf Dandelion Krigia virginica that i photographed.


Became the MAIN link of the week!!! <sound the trunkets!> Gave the counter a boost and several e-mails congratulating me on a good site, including this: " Here's to the best WNC site I've seen! Thanks for all your good work and for sharing a deep appreciation of natural beauty." - Anne Whitefield. Wow!


Changed the Awards page, because i created the "Mullein Award." Put the awards i won on a separate page. Also made minor changes to various sections.


Added an Awards page, because, well... I won some.


Put up the website and began asking friends and family for constructive critiques. Also took Fungi out of the 'Plant' category and gave them their own index. I decided that even they shouldn't be treated like mushrooms (kept in the dark and fed manure).


Created at least intro pages for all areas except Area Views, Maps, Expansion and Contact me. Not sure if i will keep these sections.


Got the approval from MAIN, the Mountain Area Information Network, to put these pages up with the idea that i am a part of the community network. Also began considering volunteering for them.