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These may not be completely original thoughts, but they are mine - they're what i think. Some can seem like bumper-sticker answers to the complexities of life, others can seem like convoluted assessments of improbable distinctions.


On the Creationism / Evolution Debate

God created everything. We know that species evolve. Therefore, God created evolution.

You know it fascinates me that people who adopt a specific belief system, usually admit that the higher power to which they ascribe is incomprehensible on merely human terms. Why then do the most dogmatic of them insist that they know exactly what their god intends, or is 'thinking'? I wish they could explain how they have become spokespeople for the unfathomable.

Shouldn't we admit soundly that we cannot individually embrace 'God's plan'? And aren't scientists simply specialists in one tiny aspect of the universal (including cosmologists), so that none of us have, or can ever have, the full map of what's going on around us? I'm a bit confused why both groups consider each other to be threatening.

So cheer up, you bible literalists! There is no danger of scientists 'discovering' everything, when God is busy creating the universe, second by second, out of the end of his saxophone.


On Nature

Sometimes in an odd reflective moment, i have trouble focusing on an individual plant, or rock, or animal as being a distinct 'thing' at all; and if in the same moment, "i" am practically vaporous and shadowy, then i am one with the universe.


My Three Wishes

  1. To raise the consciousness of everyone to the highest degree possible.
  2. To give everybody the greatest amount of power possible, equally.
  3. A sandwich that doesn't leak.


Sometimes and Never

Sometimes i dislike the fact that i'm sloshing around on the web, looking for pretty baubles, wishing i could be outside, tasting the season's air. Never do i dislike the fact that i'm outside turning over dull rocks and exploring, wishing i could be online, armchair exploring.


Dogs and Cats

They say (whoever they are) that women are like cats and men are like dogs (or ARE dogs... say some), but i think the opposite is a better analogy. Women (here he goes generalizing again) have been found to me more able to function well in a group/cooperative environment, and, i think, better able to love unconditionally. This is the way dogs are. Men, on the other hand, are more competitive in nature, and tend to view love as a resource (or confuse it with sex-the-resource). Like cats, they are independent, they treat humans as a resource to be protected (against other cats). I wonder if the 'opposites attract' theory works with why many men have dogs and women cats.

When i pitched this to someone, they asked, "Well, why do gay women like Irish setters and gay men poodles?" I was flummoxed, besides being unconvinced that the statement is true.


Maybe They Suspect Something

Is there any correlation between the fact that we point guns at each other and the fact that all of the devices scanning the universe for intellegent life are pointed away from the Earth?


Loving Life

Several times every day a feeling washes over me. "I love my life!" i'll think. I'll be filled with a sense of thankfullness, sheer exhiliration and wonder. It can be because i'm on my way to another hike with things to explore; it can be because i heard my windchimes; it can be because i've gotten a delicious e-mail; it can be for no reason at all, which seems to be frequently of late. It's a great feeling... except it occurred to me that there's a danger in it. It may somehow impede my relinquishing of this life when it's time to do so. It may weigh on my spiritual being when i'm loosed from the bonds of being a man on the thin skin of this pretty planet. Since i want to balance my life, i may have to let go of those 'attachment' feelings as much as i've let go of the 'negative attachment' feelings such as 'dislike for a particular human being' or 'wondering if i'll have enough money for rent' and other binding contracts with the earth. As enjoyable as the feeling of loving life is, i guess it's just another attachment to living... and as such has to be relinquished along with the others. <sigh> I'll miss it though.


A Couple of Definition Poems

are merely the fingers of God
while believing ourselves apparently unique.
If we could only follow ourselves back up Our Own Arm
to true consciousness.

is a flying slurpee the size of new york city
with its whimsical tail sometimes ahead of itself
and sometimes behind
and sometimes sticking out
like a bizarre facial hair always shooting away from the sun.

A crow is a hole torn in the sky
It can be distinguished from other black birds
by its seven distinct calls -
all of which mean "dead thing."