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Ahhh... No WAIT! BRRR!

Red sky in the morning, hiker take warning,
Red sky at night, hiker take flight,
Cows on the ground, rain will bring strife,
Cows in the sky, run for your life!

I guess i'm saying is that the weather around here is very changeable. The mountains of complex angles and heights and protected coves and such makes weather prediction anything but a sure bet. Assume that a squall or thunderburst could pop up on a cloudless day, and that it might be hot in a secluded south-facing alcove in the winter. Still, here's the local weather observations courtesy of Weather Underground and The Weather Channel.

Click for Asheville, North Carolina Forecast

While Weather Underground doesn't provide as much information on their banner, they include a lot of info at their site such as Sun Rise/Set and Moon Rise/Set times; or if you want to look at what the night sky is, or would be like, try WUnderground's Astronomy Page.

Here's also the weather according to The Weather Channel

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Weather from the Weather Channel